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10 Experts Share Their SEO Tips on How to Reach Your Audience

One of the best ways to master the art of SEO is by learning through the success and failures of others. Since the world of online marketing and SEO is a very friendly and cooperating space to be in, we can appreciate the advice and experience of others.

Have you ever wanted to know what makes SEO influencers like Neil Patel and Brian Dean so successful and powerful? What SEO tactics and strategies do they use to reach their targets? What tools help them to increase their website performance?

Over the past few weeks I had the opportunity to interview ten experts about their best tips for those who just start out online business and want to drive more traffic to their websites, using the best SEO tactics and tools.

I got some fascinating answers to these questions and with that being said, let’s take a look at their tips and find out what you can do to improve your SEO skills in 2015.

Sue Anne Dunlevie

Sue Anne Dunlevie is the blogger and author of Successfulblogging.com.

What makes you so successful and powerful?

I'm very focused and determined. I work just like I had a job - 8 hours a day with just a break for lunch. I focus on income-producing activities for at least 2 hours a day and then delegate as much as I can.

What SEO tactics and strategies do you use to reach the target?

I use the free plug-in All In One SEO and make sure that is filled out for each blog post and page of my website. I use Google Analytics to see which pages and post perform the best so I can create more content on those topics. And I check my backlinks and positions on Google with SE Ranking.

What SEO tools help you to increase website performance?

I like All In One SEO and Yoast SEO plugin is also excellent. I track my website's rank on Majestic.com and Alexa.com and check banklinks on SERanking.com. I also use Google Analytics and Clicky.com to see how much traffic I'm getting from each page and post.

Pam Sallegue

Pam Sallegue is a great blogger and works for SEO Hacker.

What makes you so successful and powerful?

I'm not really sure if I'm already that "successful" - but I'm glad to say that I've accomplished so many things, thus, somehow making me successful in some aspect of marketing.

I will credit it to my company SEO Hacker. It molded me to who I am right now. The articles, books and also my drive to test and try things are also one of the many elements to my success.

What SEO tactics and strategies do you use to reach the target?

It's not purely SEO. Right now, I'm focused on Content Marketing - producing content that matters to our audience. I also reach out to people that's part of the industry, because I believe that building connection to those people is a lot (way, way, way) better than doing old school link building or SEO.

What SEO tools help you to increase website performance?

A lot actually. We have a toolbox for that. I love SE Ranking, Screaming Frog, BuzzStream and Qeryz.

Adam Connell

Adam Connell is the marketing director of Uklinkology.co.uk and a blogger of Blogging Wizard.

What makes you so successful and powerful?

I wouldn't really class myself as powerful and there are plenty that are more successful but there are a few things that have helped over the years:

The understanding that marketing is bigger than SEO. This isn't a secret but I think it's something that some people still don't want to face.

A big focus of mine has not been specifically on SEO, but on relationship building. This works best with industry influencers because they have a direct line to your target audience.

You can get all of the traffic you like but if your website doesn't convert, you're wasting time and money. Wouldn't you want to convert more visitors into leads with exactly the same amount of traffic?

What SEO tactics and strategies do you use to reach the target?

There are a bunch of tactics that I use, but one of the main ones is guest posting. I focus on popular blogs in my niche and most importantly, it's not about the SEO benefit here.

My goal is to increase my authority, create awareness for my blog and to build my email list.

Another tactic that I use has involved contributing to stories on large publications for journalists. I use a tool called HARO (HelpAReporterOut.com) for this, but there are others.

Just by answering a few queries for journalists I've been able to get quoted on publications such as HuffPost and CIO.com.

What SEO tools help you to increase website performance?

I use a lot of tools, but the main ones are:

SEMrush - This is my go-to tool for competitor research. It tells me what keywords my competitors rank for and estimates traffic. Plus it has a boat load of other helpful features.

BuzzSumo - Whenever I need to research industry influencers

SE Ranking - There are a lot of rank tracking tools on the market, but SE Ranking does everything I need it to.

Raven Tools - This is one of the most helpful tools I've ever used. It contains a suite of marketing/seo tools with a focus on reporting. Inside you'll find a CRM, task management, link management, site auditor and more.

Simon Kloostra

Simon Kloostra is a web designer, Joomla SEO specialist and the author of Joomla SEO.

What makes you so successful and powerful?

I mainly love to blog and write about SEO, particularly related to the Joomla! CMS. Writing and talking about the subject forces you to investigate the matters you discuss in detail, which increases your knowledge more and more.

Helping others build SEO friendly sites and investigating troublesome sites makes my experience grow more and more over time. Also I’m simply curious and love to try out tools and strategies.

What SEO tactics and strategies do you use to reach the target?

Basically I simply try to follow Google’s guidelines as much as I can, avoiding anything that smells like tricking Google. This makes my sites true and reliable, without the risk of being marked as spammy. Even tactics that work today, but still feel fishy should be avoided, as they may fire back in the future.

What SEO tools help you to increase website performance?

I use quite a few tools, also because I like to experiment with them. My favorite tool above all is Google Webmaster Tools, it is amazing how much you can learn from this and interact with Google.

Then for full SEO analyses I of course use SEO Screaming Frog SEO Spider, but also SemRush and WebCEO. For rank-tracking I use SERanking.com and for link-analysis WebCEO (which uses Ahrefs data), sometimes combined with Cognitive SEO and Link Detox. And finally of course Google Analytics.

John Rampton

John Rampton is an entrepreneur, online Influencer, writer and the author of JohnRampton.com (Listen to John's podcast interview)

What makes you so successful and powerful?

I’m real.

What SEO tactics and strategies do you use to reach the target?

I put together content that people love and want to read. This content is good for SEO but more important, it’s good for the customer.

What SEO tools help you to increase website performance?

I always use Searchmetrics. They help me to optimize my site and figure out what content I should be writing.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is the blogger, community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas and the owner of MyblogU.

What makes you so successful and powerful?

The reason of why I've been successful so far is that I've actually always wanted to help people. It does sound like a cliche in our world, but if you look at any of my projects, you'll see one thing they have in common: They provide tools for anyone to grow their web presence.

And if you look at any of my articles, you'll see that I always strive to provide actionable advice to implement right away.

What SEO tactics and strategies do you use to reach the target?

1. Long tail keyword research using this tool. I also make sure to research synonyms and neighboring concepts to expand my reach. Here's the tools and process I am using.

2. Expert interviews and round-up to generate natural citations and visibility from niche influencers. It's well explained in this article. Basically, I invite niche experts to provide quotes on any topic I am working on and make sure I am citing them in the article. Those influencers are much more willing to include my article in round-ups and share it on social media. I also participate in other bloggers' expert interviews as well and this grows my influence and brand.

What SEO tools help you to increase website performance?

I am using MyBlogU.com to generate my content and help me build citations (Disclaimer: I am founder).

I am using Spyfu to spy on my competitors' rankings.

I am using Majestic for backlink audits and also for analyzing what my competitors are doing to build citations

I am also using SE Ranking to track my site rankings and it seems pretty cool! (Disclaimer: I have a free demo account there!)

Tom Shivers

Tom Shivers is the SEO consultant, business owner, entrepreneur and the owner of Capture Commerce.

What makes you so successful and powerful?

I believe in creating results; I believe in earning respect. The way I create results is by outlining strategy, managing the implementation and measuring progress. I just happen to be great at online marketing and SEO with over 15 years of experience under my belt.

Many of my clients are referred to me from web developers and marketers who have clients that have been burned by taking short cuts, ignorance or algorithms and now see the value of working with a pro.

What SEO tactics and strategies do you use to reach the target?

My tactics and strategies depend on the client, their specific problems and opportunities - there are no cookie cutter SEO solutions today. Yet, I have found that even after a SEO evaluation, these steps tend to reveal even more:

  1. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) and track, report and make recommendations based on them
  2. Identify keyword gaps and opportunities
  3. Evaluate landing pages that impact KPIs and improve engagement from organic search
  4. Evaluate conversion optimization opportunities and plug up the leaky step in the marketing funnel

What SEO tools help you to increase website performance?

Screaming Frog, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Mozbar, Google Developers Page Speed Test, Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool, SEMrush, Open Site Explorer.

Most of these I use often, but there are even more tools I use depending on the specific problem or opportunity I am pursuing.

Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi is the owner and Founder of Blogging Cage, blogger and writer.

What makes you so successful and powerful?

I love to talk about the things which I have personally tried and tested. In my blog you'll see all the articles related to my personal experience, I recommend a tool only and only if I have used it for few days and understood it completely.

By writing articles/tutorials/reviews as per your personal experience, you make a strong bonding with your readers, which ultimately bring more sales from your blog.

What SEO tactics and strategies do you use to reach the target?

I am a big fan of social media. I try my best to share my articles on my FB wall posts, share it on my page, and tweet from my profile. By doing this, I try to get more social signals, because human interaction on your blog post is the ultimate goal.

For doing perfect SEO for my blog posts I always try to include good keywords which have atleast 1000 searches per month, further I try to find some of the good related keywords from Google keyword planner which I can use in my blog posts as LSI keywords.

What SEO tools help you to increase website performance?

I am a big fan of Long Tail Pro 3.0, SEMRush and ahrefs.

Sean Si

Sean Si is the CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker and Qeryz.

What makes you so successful and powerful?

Search is still the #1 activity in the web. Whether we choose to face the music or not, the fact of the matter is, search is a lifestyle. It is one of the ways to satisfy one of our strongest longings as a human being - to know. The best thing about search is that it drives perpetual, relevant and free traffic to those who can utilize it for their own benefit.

What SEO tactics and strategies do you use to reach the target?

Basics. Yep. That's really what you need to stick to in SEO. Too much advanced stuff and you're on your way to the gray lane - and somewhere you may falter into the 'dark side' of things. SEO is really about doing all the little things right and serving the users and search engines as best as you can. Some of the things I stick to are:

On site optimization

  • Microdata implementation
  • Site speed
  • Internal linking
  • Meta title and description optimization (for CTR)
  • Meta OG tags optimization (for social shares)
  • Image optimization URL optimization

Off site optimization

  • Link outreach
  • Link monitoring
  • Social media marketing
  • Participating in Interviews and feature articles (like this one!)
  • Branding (can't beat user brand + keyword search activity)

What SEO tools help you to increase website performance?

I use a long combination of SEO tools to rank my target keywords on the first page. The shortlist consists of:

Edwin Dearborn

Edwin Dearborn is the blogger and the author of PowerBrandingSecrets.com.

What makes you so successful and powerful?

Constant learning. I do not believe that one can gain power without a commitment to always educating themselves in how business and life work. I noted early on that successful people are well-read and continue to educate themselves through books, seminars, coaches and all avenues of learning. Power is derived from understanding.

What SEO tactics and strategies do you use to reach the target?

The big opportunity these days for SEO lies in creating videos and well-written blog posts that go after long-tail keywords and phrases. Because there is so much competition, it requires one to go above and beyond on some critical points. First of all, you need to go after long-tail keywords. Secondly, your blog posts need to be 1,200+ words, as well as being well-written and full of "how to" information. Third, these same long-tail keywords need to be gone after with great videos that have their SEO well-crafted within YouTube's best practices. Lastly, one has to spend as much time ensuring that this content is shared. Email is crucial, and more and more work will need to be done to leverage Twitter and Reddit to drive traffic to your content.

What SEO tools help you to increase website performance?

My tools are simple. Number one, I am a big believer in WordPress for my blogging. Then, having the Yoast plug-in is my next top performer for SEO strategies. One must conduct good research into what your target audience is talking about and how they are searching online with long-tail keywords and phrases. But having good keywords is simply the start. Without really amazing, detailed content, no will read it or share it. However, the real killer to anyone's SEO is not ensuring that they content is distributed. The idea that having good content "waiting to be found" on its own merits is silly. Good content has to be distributed on an active basis.

Did these experts miss any seo tips? Leave a comments below with your thoughts.

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