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10 Surefire Ways to Promote Your Blog Using Twitter

Twitter is awesome! You can meet new people, keep up to date with old friends, join in Twitter Chats, create your own hashtag, follow celebrities, network, share stories and promote your blog. To top it off, all of this is done in only 140 characters.

You may be thinking “What has Twitter got to do with my blog?” The answer is Twitter is one of your best promotional tools!

Here are 10 surefire ways to promote your blog using Twitter:

1. Make an Announcement – Announce your new blog post is live. It’s exciting your hard work is finally available for viewing. Let people know about it! Artem Altman always makes sure to let his followers know about his new posts as shown below.

Bonus Tip: Post links on other social media sites as well, to help drive traffic to your blog.

2. Quote Yourself – Grab an important or shocking part of the blog post and quote it in a tweet, provide a link to the post and schedule for later that day. You can share your blog link more than once!

3. From the Archives – Share old posts this will help drive traffic to your blog. Your old content was good when you wrote it chances are if it wasn’t time sensitive it is still good content. So share it again. Thom Rainer does a good job of this.

4. Show Off your Link – Have a link to your blog in the bio section on Twitter. This is good for SEO and every time people look at your bio they will be reminded of your blog.  Crosby Noricks, Founder of PR Couture sets a great example in her bio.

5. Retweet – When people mention or link to your blog post make sure you retweet them. This way not only will their followers see, but all of yours will as well. As you can see below, Nicole Glass retweeted my tweet stating that her new article was great.

6. Get Followed – The more followers you have the more people that will see your tweets and the link to your new blog posts. Focus on providing quality content and you will see the numbers of followers you have start to rise. Also, it helps if you thank people for following, this can be a good way to get the conversation going with new followers.

7. Let People Know – Mention people and companies who are in the article with a link to the post. Most people enjoy reading about themselves and will respond to the article.

8. Favorite – Utilize the favorite button. It’s a good idea to favorite tweets sent by other people that link to your blog post. It shows you appreciate them and it will then show up under the favorites tab. I made sure to favorite this tweet when Dudepins shared a link to my blog post.

9. Engage Your Audience – If you only tweet about your blog people will not find you engaging. Provide relevant material from other sources, it shouldn’t be all about you all the time.

10. Direct Message (DM) – Know the people you follow. If someone is interested in a specific niche  topic you just wrote about, feel free to send the a DM and recommend the post. You can even recommend posts that weren’t written by you to begin fostering a relationship. If you provide content that is interesting to them they will begin to trust you. Make sure you send on topic links.

We want to hear from you: Do you have other suggestions on how to promote your blog on Twitter? Do you currently use any of these suggestions? Do you know anyone who successfully implements these 10 tips?

This guest post was written by Jenny Kay Pollock, who is the social media specialist at Four51. She assists with social media for FanTools including updating @FanTools, Facebook, and the company blog. She likes classy things and clever words. Connect with her business accounts or her personal Twitter @Jennykaypollock or Pinterest either way, she’s happy to hear new ideas and feedback!

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