10 Surefire Ways to Promote Your Blog Using Twitter

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  • Published on : May 20 2012

Twitter is awesome! You can meet new people, keep up to date with old friends, join in Twitter Chats, create your own hashtag, follow celebrities, network, share stories and promote your blog. To top it off, all of this is done in only 140 characters.

You may be thinking “What has Twitter got to do with my blog?” The answer is Twitter is one of your best promotional tools!

Here are 10 surefire ways to promote your blog using Twitter:

1. Make an Announcement – Announce your new blog post is live. It’s exciting your hard work is finally available for viewing. Let people know about it! Artem Altman always makes sure to let his followers know about his new posts as shown below.

Bonus Tip: Post links on other social media sites as well, to help drive traffic to your blog.

2. Quote Yourself – Grab an important or shocking part of the blog post and quote it in a tweet, provide a link to the post and schedule for later that day. You can share your blog link more than once!

3. From the Archives – Share old posts this will help drive traffic to your blog. Your old content was good when you wrote it chances are if it wasn’t time sensitive it is still good content. So share it again. Thom Rainer does a good job of this.

4. Show Off your Link – Have a link to your blog in the bio section on Twitter. This is good for SEO and every time people look at your bio they will be reminded of your blog.  Crosby Noricks, Founder of PR Couture sets a great example in her bio.

5. Retweet – When people mention or link to your blog post make sure you retweet them. This way not only will their followers see, but all of yours will as well. As you can see below, Nicole Glass retweeted my tweet stating that her new article was great.

6. Get Followed – The more followers you have the more people that will see your tweets and the link to your new blog posts. Focus on providing quality content and you will see the numbers of followers you have start to rise. Also, it helps if you thank people for following, this can be a good way to get the conversation going with new followers.

7. Let People Know – Mention people and companies who are in the article with a link to the post. Most people enjoy reading about themselves and will respond to the article.

8. Favorite – Utilize the favorite button. It’s a good idea to favorite tweets sent by other people that link to your blog post. It shows you appreciate them and it will then show up under the favorites tab. I made sure to favorite this tweet when Dudepins shared a link to my blog post.

9. Engage Your Audience – If you only tweet about your blog people will not find you engaging. Provide relevant material from other sources, it shouldn’t be all about you all the time.

10. Direct Message (DM) – Know the people you follow. If someone is interested in a specific niche  topic you just wrote about, feel free to send the a DM and recommend the post. You can even recommend posts that weren’t written by you to begin fostering a relationship. If you provide content that is interesting to them they will begin to trust you. Make sure you send on topic links.

We want to hear from you: Do you have other suggestions on how to promote your blog on Twitter? Do you currently use any of these suggestions? Do you know anyone who successfully implements these 10 tips?

This guest post was written by Jenny Kay Pollock, who is the social media specialist at Four51. She assists with social media for FanTools including updating @FanTools, Facebook, and the company blog. She likes classy things and clever words. Connect with her business accounts or her personal Twitter @Jennykaypollock or Pinterest either way, she’s happy to hear new ideas and feedback!

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  • http://speakingoflove.net sally brown

    Nice post. I am going to keep this bookmarked since I will want to refer back to it. I don't think I've utilized Twitter as much as I should and this helps. Thanks. Sally
    My recent post Finding Your Normal

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Hi Sally — Thanks for bookmarking my article! I hope it helps you while you are promoting your blogs. Utlizing Twitter can definatly make a difference. Let me know if you notice a difference after you start using it more.
      My recent post New Traditionalists – Using Pinterest as a Part of the Hiring Process

  • http://laserhairremovalmelbourne.net/ Becca

    What i did is follow those that are in the same niche and retweet their post that related to my
    product.That is an awesome post. You have really layed out your points in great detail.
    My recent post Cellulite Treatment

  • http://www.bookindiatrips.com India trip

    Yes i think without wastage of time all bloggers and other online marketers should join this amazing social media site because as we all know very well what all things we can do for our site/blog in less time.
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  • http://www.buysellwp.com/ Amanda

    Of course, we all must admit all benefits that Twitter offers its users, but still I can't say that I'm a big fan of this social network
    My recent post Business WordPress Themes

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Amanda – Thanks for your comment. I have noticed with Twitter it seems to be one of those things that people love or hate. Which social network do you prefer?

  • http://www.glandigovalue.de Roger

    Wow great tip that's really awesome the idea it's great i never thought that but it's simply and really great
    My recent post Trauringe sind ein Zeichen der ewigen Liebe

  • Jay

    Good tips Zac I like to create a tweet that peaks curiousity to get the click thru's and I usually ask for a retweet, some people will retweet your tweets for you if they offer some sort of value.
    My recent post How To Make Money With Clickbank And Other Top Affiliate Programs For 2012

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Hi Jay – Asking for retweets is a great way to promote your blog. Thanks for your comment!

  • http://teach-yourself-guide.com/p/home.html mbelk

    Twitter has its place but the bottom line is that social media can be time consuming.
    My recent post What happened to promotion by merit?

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Hi Mbelk – Yes, social media can be time consuming! Check out my blog post on that topic for tips on how to save time:
      My recent post Social Media Best Practices: Twitter Edition

  • http://mytimemattersblog.com Vitaly Tennant

    Just signed up – will give it a whirl. Thanks for this helpful info Zac.
    My recent post Tons of traffic in multiple niches from one blog – is that possible?

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Vitaly – Let us know if you notice a difference in your blog traffic after trying out these tips! Thanks for the comment!
      My recent post Social Media Best Practices: Twitter Edition

  • http://www.allthingspondered.com david

    I've found that a lot of times someone will tweet and I have the perfect post for either their question or their inquiry. That makes it simple. I like questions and when people ask you questions on twitter it is great because other people are bound to see all or part of that conversation with your @
    My recent post Quality Blog Comments With Examples

  • http://www.lukepeerfly.com Affiliate Manager

    I use Tweet Old Post (WP Plugin) to automatically post from my blog archive on my Twitter every 48 hours or so. Really is a great tool! You can find it at: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tweet-old-pos
    My recent post Facebook’s AdSense – The Next Great Traffic Source

  • http://www.passivecashflowclub.com shaunling

    Great piece of tips!

  • http://yourbeginnerguitarlessons.net/ John

    I always knew Twitter was a great way to promote your blog, but I didn't know there were so many different ways to do it. Like I never thought of utilizing the favorite button to favorite tweets sent by other people. I'll definitely be using some of these tips mentioned here. Thank you Jenny.
    My recent post How To Hold Your Guitar Properly

  • http://moneytobemade.blinkweb.com/mtbm-blog.html Maketta

    I am going to have to try this techniques because I am having no luck with twitter. Maybe this will help me. Thanks.
    My recent post Are You Ready To Make Money Selling Your Used Books Online?

  • http://www.clickasiasummit.com/ Sandra Jones

    Surefire indeed! A simple yet helpful post, especially for newbie bloggers. You can be a great writer, but that doesn't make any difference unless you have people reading what you have written. Using social tools to draw in more audience to your blog site is an effective practice. But when doing so, you need to know the correct procedure. Even an unintentional error can injure the reputation of your blog. So you got to be careful. I must give credit to the author for creating such an informative piece. Got this bookmarked. Cheers!

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Hi Sandra – Thanks so much for your comment, I am glad you liked the post. I agree with what you said about being a great writer, it dose not matter unless people are reading your content. I hope these tips help you in promoting your blog! – Cheers!
      My recent post Social Media Best Practices: Twitter Edition

  • http://thejourney2success.com Gerald

    I have been using Twitter for quite a while and cannot say that I have had any significant traffic to my blog from it. Perhaps by implementing some of the tips in this post I will see an improvement. Definintely worth a try. Thanks for sharing.
    My recent post The Journey

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Hi Gerald – Good luck. Please let me know if you see an increase in blog traffic after implementing some of these tips. Thank you for your comment. Have a good weekend!
      My recent post Social Media Best Practices: Twitter Edition

  • http://www.pheromoneessentials.com/ Andre

    First thing I did was to bookmark this article! Really good tips to steer me in the right direction on Twitter, thanks for the expertise.
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  • http://twitter.com/Easy_retweet @Easy_retweet

    Great tips, Jenny.
    Some bloggers are yet to discover the inbuilt traffic power of Twitter. One powerful component you mentioned is 'retweet'. Properly used, this will take your blog to the next level
    My recent post Best Paypal Alternative: Coupon code for free 2checkout account

  • http://www.imjustsharing.com Mitch Mitchell

    There are two things you mentioned that I personally have an issue with and one that I don't fully understand.

    The first is thanking people for following them. I hate that because most people who do that to me are using automated software, and I'd rather not deal with the insincerity. That also leads to my next issue, the direct message route, mainly because the same thing happens. If I don't like it aimed at me, I won't do it towards anyone else.

    The one I don't fully understand is the "favorite" thing. I've never seen a favored tweet show up in any streams on Twitter, though I do get notification whenever anyone favors a tweet of mine. Where does it reside, and how come no one sees it? Or if they do, where?
    My recent post Social Media And Your Familial Obligations

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Hi Mitch,

      I see your point. I think that thanking people for following and using DMs are a great way to promote yourself if it is not automated. I agree that automated thank you posts and DMs can get annoying. However, when done personally it can be a nice touch. All though like with all social media it's up to your personal preferences.

      You are correct that favorited tweets don't show up in the home stream on Twitter. They actually have their own section. If you go to any user's profile on the left there will be a list: Tweets, Following, Followers, Favorites, Lists, and Recent Images. You can click on the Favorites tab which will show all of the tweets that individual has favorited. They also show up in the Interactions section of person who sent the original tweet.

      Thanks for your comment!
      My recent post Social Media Best Practices: Twitter Edition

  • http://gd4k.com Kids Dentist

    Twitter is a great way to get your content viral and noticeable, I must say, it's better than Facebook. Engagement and getting followers is the best technique except for the valuable content of course. RT and following people that is relevant to your niche is a good step.

  • http://www.scorpiongodlair.com Shyam @ScorpionGod

    Hey really unique post. I'm using Twitter since 2010 and I never used it as a tight promoting source. Only thing I did sharing links to my blog posts. But you have done here a great job. I never thought about twitter in this manner. Anyway I learned many points like tips 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10. Thanks!

    My recent post Do You Know Follow-to-Follow Twitter Followers aren’t Rocks at All?

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      @ScorpionGod – Thanks so much for your comment. I am glad you learned some new ways to promote your blog on Twitter!
      My recent post Social Media Best Practices: Twitter Edition

  • timsminions

    Excellent post, I have a great WordPress plugin that Tweets old and past posts every now and again so they keep getting read, it is pretty cool also I am trying to get more words in front of people without them leaving Twitter by creating pictures with articles in them. I like to try something different: -)


    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Hi Andi – What a great idea to get past post automatically tweeted. What is the name of that WordPress plugin? I like the pictures with words in that's a great idea. Thanks for your comment!
      My recent post Social Media Best Practices: Twitter Edition

  • betjohn

    It is really good to see that there are so many ways one can use from Twitter to promote your blog. I wasn't aware of the all ways stated here.

  • http://www.itechcode.com Amit Shaw

    Thanks for this tips. I am very much active on twitter and following everything from beginning. Thats way Twitter is my 3rd Best Ref Sources.
    My recent post 5 Underground Secrets You Don’t Know About Blogging

  • http://twitter.com/FreebiexAddict @FreebiexAddict

    I am not a big twitter user to relate to people on a more personable level, since its so hard to communicate in 140 characters or less. I do, however, always tweet my posts, but maybe I need to start looking to at it in a different perspective.
    My recent post FREE Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce at Target or Walmart

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    There are really a lot of ways to promote your blog and one of it is through campaign form Social Media sites. It really helps a lot to increase traffic on your site.

  • http://www.avineon.com/it-service-management Mark Weyland

    Surefire indeed! A simple yet helpful post, especially for newbie bloggers. You can be a great writer, but that doesn't make any difference unless you have people reading what you have written. Using social tools to draw in more audience to your blog site is an effective practice. But when doing so, you need to know the correct procedure. Even an unintentional error can injure the reputation of your blog. So you got to be careful. I must give credit to the author for creating such an informative piece. Got this bookmarked. Cheers!

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Thank you Mark! You are correct an unintentional error can do damage to a blog!

  • http://twitter.com/MalharBarai @MalharBarai

    Great post, though Twitter is just one of the social medium to share & I guess it would be worthwhile to look at those other places too. Nonetheless, these are great ways to promote your blog on twitter.

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Thanks. I agree there are many other social mediums that you can use to promote your blog. I also use Facebook and Pinterest. What are your favorite social media tools to use for blog promotion?

  • http://www.thetechnomag.com TheTechnoMAG

    I have recently launched my blog and promoting it on Facebook and Twitter. But I don't know why I have found user response on twitter is way less than facebook!

    Really looking for some good guide to kick start on twitter! :S

    • http://twitter.com/jennykaypollock @jennykaypollock

      Congrats on launching your blog! It may be dependent upon your Twitter followers and posting times. Try posing in the morning around 8am CST! Good luck promoting your blog!