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2011 New Years Resolutions

What does New Years mean to you? For most of the world it means a fresh new start and celebration. For marketers it means busting your butt and cashing in on New Years resolutions. Nearly everyone jumps into the new year with some crazy resolution which usually lasts a few days to a few weeks. How long these resolutions last isn’t what matters, but instead how excited everyone is to make a change and start fresh, which simply means opening their wallets and buying everything in sight to help them get started.

Here are the top three New Years Resolutions for 2011 and how you can start banking mad money.


Every year it’s number one, and it’s probably the most repeated resolution as well. Everything from weight loss plans, exercise equipment and diet pills… nearly all products and services in the weight loss niche will see a huge jump in sales during Dec/Jan. The rebill market is still thriving with weight loss offers, and there will always be a buying market for weight loss products, it’s up to you to find the best ways to hit your audience and relate to them personally with your ad copy.


2011 has been a horrible year for many individuals and losing their jobs, losing money in their retirements or even getting taken off unemployment. No matter the situation, rich or poor… every wants to make more money, and the majority of people hate their jobs. “Make Money Online” and “Education” offers are a great way to tap into this resolution. The majority of the make money rebill offers are low end trash, but they are still big business. If pushing rebill type of offers aren’t for you, you can always take the education route, which can still earn you a $10-$30 payout per lead.


Who ever would have thought that you could legally sell a product that says “THIS PRODUCT IS HARMFUL AND WILL KILL YOU“, and billions of people would use it daily… and pay a ton for it as well! As addicting as smoking is, the annual resolution to “quit smoking” always comes into play. The most obvious way to push a product to this audience, is with the e cigarette type offers. You also have the option to promote ebooks and other consulting type services to help others from their addiction of smoking.

Other resolutions to make the Top 10 list include:

4.) Spending more time with the family
5.) Giving back to others
6.) Getting in better shape
7.) Working on spirituality and faith
8.) Going back to school or take online classes
9.) Getting out of debt
10.) Making a clear path and solid outlook plan for the coming year.

If you haven’t already, build out new campaigns and landing pages that are focused on the new years and “creating a new you for 2011”. Relate to your audience, while promoting a quality product and you should see some great numbers over the next few weeks.

You can find offers for each of these resolution topics, but I highly recommend taking a look at EWA / BlamAds (Biz Opp, Weightloss/Teeth) , Peerfly for Zip submits on these topics and Neverblue, who also has all niches covered. Three exciting networks I’m thrilled to continue working with through the new year.

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