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Leanne Lowe 3/2/11
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“Congratulations to Zac on reaching the $10k affiliate referral commission mark with Neverblue this month!! To date Zac has sent approximately 1400 affiliates to Neverblue and the number keeps increasing. It is awesome to see that Zac’s referral have made over $500,000 in revenue with us. We are excited to keep growing with the affiliates and help Super Affiliates like Zac reach the $1 MILLION milestone!”
Tina Chien 3/26/09
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“Congratulations Zac on surpassing the $1 million dollar milestone! The Marketing department at Neverblue is always thrilled to see the number of referred Affiliates Zac provides us with. To date Zac has been responsible for delivering over $1,000,000 in referred earnings to Neverblue! I am looking forward to seeing the quality Zac can continue to bring to our Affiliate referral program”
Breanne Storey 11/25/09
Marketing and Communications Specialist, Neverblue

“Advertising on Zac’s blog has paid for itself ten-fold. The amount of quality affiliates we continue to receive from his site has not only enabled us to continue advertising there, but to also increase our ad spend year after year. Zac’s hard work, in-depth knowledge, and passion for the industry continues to generate more and more loyal readers to his blog everyday, which makes advertising on his site a no brainer.”
Eric Schechter 3/4/10
Social Media Managert Manager, ClickBooth

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