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Advertising on Twitter

This month I’ve talked a lot about advertising on Twitter and using Sponsored Tweets. From both a publisher and an advertiser, the program as done well. With the massive increase in exposure and usage of Twitter, the advertising game is just starting to grow. Here are a few options you have for trying your hand at advertising on Twitter.

Sponsored Tweets
Of all the Twitter advertising solutions, I’m most familiar with Sponsored Tweets. I already wrote a full review from the publisher side, and the advertiser side. Be sure to check them out out.

Just having gone live last week, Ad.ly looks to have a lot of potential. It looks like they are banking most of their future on the concept of having big name advertisers and celebrities using their service. It also looks like Sponsored Tweets and Ad.ly share a lot of the same paid “tweeters”. Last week I signed up as both a publisher (no paid tweet requests yet) and an advertiser, but haven’t heard from them about setting up my advertiser account. (After leaving a comment on Shoe’s post about Ad.ly, I was contacted by Sean Rad, CEO of Ad.ly about setting my advertiser account up, and will talk with them more this week. Sean said the reason for the delay was because of the massive and quick signups to their network. Props to Sean for getting in touch with me about the problem.)

Be a Magpie
One of the first advertising solutions for Twitter, Be a Magpie has been around longer, but not one of my favorites. I signed up as advertiser, but wasn’t as happy with the setup over at Sponsored Tweets. The cpm minimum is $1 and raises once you start adding more limitations or targetting to your campaigns.

These are just a few of the main Twitter advertising solutions available. Right now it looks like SponsoredTweets and Ad.ly have what it takes to be the main players in this market place. The winner will be decided on who can make the best market place and bring in the most sales for Tweeters, while offering the lowest ad rates for advertisers.

I’m sure a lot more will pop up in 2010 and a few may even be acquired by stronger brands to help them grow. Please leave any comments on if you’ve tried any of these solutions, or where you think Twitter advertising is headed.

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PancakeBlake says

Takes 4 months to get sponsored, but twitter is spitter. I talk about how I call twitter "Spitter" on my blog http://www.blogtoilet.com


Two Voices going Blog Crazy

Crazy Oldie says

Some cool ways to make some money off twitter…I did not know about the middle one. When Magpie first came out, I had to unfollow a lot of the tweets because it was sheer overkill on the spam.

Troy says

We have been on Sponsored Tweets for 4 months with different accounts with different amount of followers, and never got 1 offer to Tweet. Ad.ly seems like it has potential, but will it have more offers then Sponsored Tweets, remains to be seen.

Warning: Shameless Plug

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Internet Marketing B says

I have read about the Sponsored Tweets and that was really very amazing review..

Im still trying to understand things about that,.

Steve says

I read about SponsoredTweets and Ad.ly from Chow and Shoe but the Magpie is something new for me. Ad.ly seemed receptive to my accounts while SponsoredTweets wanted eight more followers or a longer history.

Zac Johnson says

When I was buying sponsored tweets, I bought over 300, from over 100 different tweeters. It’s likely that your CPM rate is too high. I wouldn’t pay over $2 cpm for any none celebrity / prominent voice in the industry.

hanji - money-code says

I just started playing with creating my own 'ad networks' of sorts to promote offers on various Twitter accounts, and I'm really seeing great potential with Twitter. I haven't participated with general Twitter ad networks.. seems like I can use my Tweets to promote my own offers and get larger earnings, but I should check it out. Us usually.. great post!

Diabetis says

Advertising on Twitter seems to be the newest and best way to get some visitors to your site. Just remember that you must select where to advertise your site well.

List Building Course says

I am still searching more information with regards on sponsoring with twitter. Many people have been into it, and I'm also interested to get some ideas about this. To have effective strategies of advertising with the use of twitter.

Uniquely Cool says

I think most of these companies are borderline bogus. I’ve signed up on two of them and they don’t even return emails. They are also assuming they won’t get booted by Twitter. If anyone is going to sell ads on Twitter, it’s going to be Twitter and not some third party. I dunno… take this with a grain of salt.

Money-Era says

Yes, I have been interested in monetizing Twitter as well and have a separate category on my blog for that: http://www.money-era.com/category/monetizing-twit…. Please visit and comment if you wish

Lee Ka Hoong says

I've been using SponsoredTweets for weeks and I set the price as low as $3 per tweet, but I've yet to receive an advertiser. Between, I've not tried to be an advertiser on SponsoredTweets as well, I don't how well is the result I would get. Anyway, I'll be reading your previous post about the experience as an Advertiser before moving on.



Goran Web Design says

A couple of months ago I was still battling to "get" twittter, but I am over that now. The ingenuity of the human monkey never ceases to amze me, and the innovative and novel uses of something as simple as twitter is truly astounding. Here's to evolution! And making money of twittering!

PPCpimps says

We have not checked out ad.ly yet. Gotten some advertisers from Sponsored Tweets. I

oes tsetnoc says

advertising on twitter is just useless i have 2000+ followers and i got 0 visitors from twitter

Ben Pei says

@Lee Ka Hoong:

Should work quite well with popular tweeters..

EarningStep says

ad.ly … i am familiar with this … i wonder where i ever listen this word

aansa says

@oes tsetnoc:

The number of followers means almost nothing if they are just following you so you follow them back. The twitter advertising is only effective if you have the ability to influence your followers.

ejakulasi dini says

I will study more this program, thanks again


work at home says

Twitter is one of the good advertising platform. I like twitter for making money. I like John Cow who is making lots of money by sponsored tweets.

Web Marketing Tips says

Everyone is just wanted to have a bite of twitter and this is another example of this.

Joseph Condsron says

This a highly interesting concept. I have heard about Be A Magpie before, but I haven't heard of the others. Perhaps paying someone to advertise your site on Twitter is a good idea if they are well connected or famous. I may consider it for my own site.

Thanks for posting.
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