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Affiliate Bloggers Releasing Their Own Products

It’s been a very busy past several weeks for affiliate bloggers and the releasing of their own products. The affiliate world is changing and so are the affiliate marketers who live in it. With search engines, ad platforms and social networks cracking down on what they are allowing with affiliate related offers, we are seeing more affiliates come up with their own products instead of relying solely on arbitrage with the networks.

Heck, I even came out with my own product last month too! While many are focusing on the sale or membership concept, I went with a different approach and focused on building a free product I can continually update in coming months (new update coming next week), while building a larger readership. With so much focus on affiliate marketing, I tried something different and combined the power of affiliate marketing and blogging, and created “Six Figure Affiliate Blogging“.

Let’s take a look the a few other well known affiliate bloggers and their program launches over the past few weeks.

Jonathan Volk’s Facebook Ads Guide
Volk has been on a rampage lately. First with his free 101 Affiliate Guide, then building his blog readership to over 30,000… which rightfully led to the release of his Facebook Ads Guide and Forum. One of my favorite features of Jon’s guide and forum area, is the focus on real case studies and whats working. (Price: $99.95)

– Ian Fernando’s InfiniteFB
Ian also released his own Facebook marketing guide and learning program, which promises to teach you the ins and outs of Facebook advertising within 30 days. Once again, it’s all about case studies and sharing the knowledge these top affiliates have already learned while making their money through Facebook advertising. (Price: $37)

John Chow’s Blog Profit Camp
As one of the fastest and more profitable make money bloggers out there, it was only a matter of time before John Chow came out with his own product. Right now John is in the beginning launch phases of his Blog Profit Camp by giving away a free guide on how to make money through blogging. In a few days this program will launch into a full training program with limited seats, and it’s goal is to help you become a full time blogger. (Price: Free Guide, TBD)

– Carl Ocab’s Ultimate Blog Theme
Well over a year ago Carl created the Ultimate Blog Theme and since writing my first review on it, I’ve had several people order the theme through the blog. I even use the theme on several of my blogs. Load up the latest UBT 3.0 and you will have a fully customizable site in minutes. The most improved features are the ability to change around the site design so you don’t look anything like other UBT users, and never having to touch any code, all customization and options are now in the WordPress admin area. (Price: $97)

Super Affiliate Twin’s Internet University
There is a whole world out there that has no idea how to make money online, or even what affiliate marketing is. The Super Affiliate Twins created Internet University to be a knowledge base for everything internet marketing. Really, they do cover everything, just look over their first few sales pages for the program! For beginners or anyone looking to improve their money making game, the Super Affiliate Twins have put together a membership site offering everything you need including videos, coaching, hosting packages, software and more. (Price: $99.95)

What do all of these affiliate / internet marketers have in common? Not only are they successful at what they do, and launched their own learning programs based off what they are good at, but they also have created their own branding and following through their blogs. If you haven’t started your own blog and may want to launch your own product in the future, you should start working on your trust, following and branding now.

Every day we are sent a ton of emails on the latest ways to get around Google, or make millions of dollars on local search marketing. What do you make of the increase in affiliates creating their own products? It’s nice to see some of the lesser known marketers coming out with their own products.

When’s the last time you shelled out a few bucks for a program, membership or guide? Have you tried any of these?

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