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Affiliate Networks Using Twitter

I previously wrote about how to find people in the affiliate industry through AIM Instant Messaging and their Twitter accounts. While many individuals are listed, the vast majority aren’t. I wanted to pull together a list for you of some of the more well known Affiliate Networks that are currently using Twitter.

Whether they use twitter to just post announcements on new offers to the network, or actually provide some useful information, you never know when you might need another resource to contact these guys.

Advaliant (Twitter)
Convert2Media (Twitter)
Motive Interactive (Twitter)
Market Leverage (Twitter)
Clickbooth (Twitter)
Buy.at (Twitter)
Neverblue (Twitter)
Rextopia (Twitter)
MaxBounty (Twitter)
Linkshare  (Twitter)
Affiliate.com (Twitter)
PepperJam (Twitter)
XY7 (Twitter)
Shareasale (Twitter)
AmpedMedia (Twitter)

If you know of any other useful affiliate networks using Twitter, feel free to list them in the comments section and I will have them added to the list.

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Yebot says


Rich says

Twitter's been a heck of a learning curve, but I'm getting the hang of it a little. I'm really digging following everyone – I found this post through nb's home… following… thingy. Anyone else find that it's hard to send a message back to people without restoring to DMing – I guess that's what I'm gonna have to learn next – that @nick shorthand is hard to decipher if you can't see the other side of the conversation. anyway… thanks for the shouts and keep tweeting the blog posts.

MLDina says

Thanks for listing us Zac. Hope to find some new friends and affiliates in the Twitterverse!

Bryn Youngblut says

What a nice surprise! A post without affiliate links…oh wait never mind.

Greg shuey says


Empyre Media uses twitter! Great way to connect and get quick messages to affiliates and other followers!


Digitalwebtalk says

hey.. thanks for the cool list.. its easier to contact them on twitter better than anything else! clickbooth is the most useful to me! 🙂

thanks a lot!

Donny Gamble says

Seems like everyone is jumping abroad this Whole Twitter craze. I wonder how long it will actually last

Nicholas Chase says


Thanks for the list. There were some networks I was not aware of in your list.

Was contacted by a rep at Facebook this week by email and phone, (ie please join us!).

Not sure I'm ready for all the approval grief, 0.5% ROI etc and need some day job income to pay for the clicks, even though I don't have a day job…


Nicholas Chase

Jeremy Waller says

What? No Azoogle? Anyone know if they're on twitter?

brendan smith says

nice list Zac! Yeah Motive has a twitter and b/c of you were are now using it way more. I had kind of left it for a while but always keep mine live http://www.twitter.com/brendansmith so anyone interested should check it out..

Yannick says

Nice list man 🙂 I think i will do this for german networks too 🙂

Funny Crap says

It's interesting how many companies and networks use twitter now. Thanks for the list though, great to have another way of contacting them.

Minnesota Attorney says

It's interesting how Twitter is getting to the point where it is becoming another form of communication. I wonder if someday Twitter will become like email, fax, or IM. For some, it seems like that day has already arrived.

Diana Freedman says

Yeah, it's really interesting how many companies and brands are on twitter. Thanks for this list!

Tara K Aiken says

PerformLine is on Twitter as well:



Karin says

CX Digital Media is also on Twitter,


Andrew Rosolino says

Another program that will revolutionize the Affiliate Marketing industry is http://twitter.com/proxstop

FlexOffersAndy says

Hi Zac – FlexOffers is also on Twitter. Feel free to add us!

Gentjan AL says

the best is http://www.gentjan.com

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