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All Eyes on Link Building and Blog Networks as Google Cracks Down

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of activity and talk about the latest Google updates and algorithm changes. Just like Google went after the article directories and content farms last year, now they are going after the link building and blog networks hard!

Last week one of the largest and most success link building services and blog networks, BuildMyRank had to completely shut down their business and service. For those of you that don’t know already, BuildMyRank was a link building service where people could pay a monthly rate to subscribe to their service and submit 150+ word articles. Once these articles were submitted to the site, they would then be placed on one of the high page ranking sites in the network. Once Google came around and de-indexed all of BuildMyRank’s blog networks, they pretty much made them useless. BuildMyRank came out with an announcement last week that they had to close the service down due to the mass indexing of their site.

So what does this mean for linking building and blog networks?

There are still plenty of BuildMyRank alternatives out there, and many people feel they are next on Google’s radar, if not already. Once a complete blog network like BuildMyRank is shut down and de-indexed, it pretty much kills any web sites that were relying on this one platform for generating links to their site. Getting top ranking listings through services like these for long tail keywords was quite successful. Unfortunately too many sites were self reliant on just using BuildMyRank and not making use of other legitimate link building methods such as guest blog posting, article marketing, press releases, social bookmarking and more.

It will be interesting to see how these other link building networks continue to operate over the coming weeks and monthly. Many of them have already had some form of de-indexing happening to their networks, as Google continues to crack down on link selling across the board.

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