Are Paid Link Directories Worth the Money?

  • Published on : Apr 21 2009

I was just reading an article on how to start a linking building plan for new web sites. One of the main points was to invest in the general directories. Over the past several years, a lot of things have changed with SEO and even how web sites get listed in search engines. You no longer have to actually go to a search engine and “submit” your web site for inclusion… now they just happen to find your web site, and index it themselves.

The main directories that are continually mentioned to submit your old/new web sites to, are DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, Best of the Web! and However, these directory submissions will not come without a cost. Take a look at the chart below to see what it will cost to have your web site added to their directory.

As you can see, the prices ranges heavily… from FREE to $299 a year. The most popular paid link directory is Yahoo of course and BOTW and right below.

But is it worth it for you to spend up to $299 a year for a link listing? Many sites have suggested that you do research and see if your competitor’s web sites are placed in these directories, and if they are… you should do the same. This sounds like an easy answer… but almost everyone has competitors, and we aren’t all big corporations that can easily swing an extra $1,000 on directory submissions.

I’ve had a few sites in the past that I’ve done paid placement for, specifically getting them listed in the Yahoo Directory and the Best of the Web directory… but I never saw any dramatic results that I feel were a result of being listed in these directories. As always, this can swing heavily based on what your web site and market is in.

More than anything else, if I was to recommend listing your web site in any of these paid link directories… I would focus on submitting new sites which you are looking to establish and grow over time. Once listed in these directories, it can help your overall exposure and being picked up by other engines and directories.

What are your thoughts on paid link directories and have you ever purchased a paid placement?

Zac Johnson
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