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As Seen on TV Products

I’ve been noticing a lot of new “As Seen on TV” offers coming available on a bunch of networks lately. What’s great about these offers, is that the branding and advertising has already been done for you. You just need to make sure that when people go online to search for reviews or deals on these products, that you get to them first. Almost everyone has seen the “ShamWow” commercials and “Gold for Cash“… in fact, we’ve probably seen them so many times now, that the actual commercials are branded into our minds.

Here are just a few of the latest “As Seen on TV” products I have come across on networks lately.

The ever popular Shamwow offer is now available through HydraNetwork. Affiliates earn $8.00 per lead, which is a $19.95 and $7.95 shipping purchase.

This one is rapidly growing in size and being seen across more TV stations then ever before. Currently available on MarketLeverage, affiliates earn $12.00 per lead, on a $19.99 and $7.99 shipping purchase.

The Pocket Fisherman offer isn’t seen as often on TV, but it does provide for the perfect opportunity for you to target to an already established market, which is fisherman & fishing. In addition to ppc marketing, you can also target towards people interest in fishing through social networks and site placement ads on Google Adwords. Through HydraNetwork, affiliates are paid $12.00 per lead and all $29.95 and $9.95 shipping purchases.

Something I really like about these offers, are that most of them have the actual video commercials that you see on TV, on their landing page. The best way to go about creating sites or campaigns for these offers, is to setup a reviews or comparison web site, then try and target the product directly and any competitor/related search terms. The majority of people looking for information on these products, are usually ready to buy. Make sure you make the process easy for them to get to the actual offer page, so they can place their order.

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