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Access 40,000+ PowerPoint Presentations at PoweredTemplate

Powerpoint slides and presentations… love them or hate them, most of us need them. As entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, speakers and even bloggers, we often find ourselves in situations where we are going to have to talk to a group or large audience. For times like these, it’s important to have a great set of […]

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ROTE 083: Danny Iny Shares How to Teach and Grow Rich

Anyone can start a website, a blog or even an online business — but not everyone can turn it into a high traffic site that make money, let alone a real business. The startup costs are minimal and the opportunity is there, so why do so many people fail? More than anything else, it usually […]

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3 Effective Ways to Increase Site Traffic and Brand Loyalty

Having a website or blog with content simply isn’t enough. If you are creating “great content” for your site… congratulations, so are millions of other sites. The big question is, what are you doing to actually get people to come to your site to find your great content? With over a billion active sites on […]

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10 Industry Stats that Prove You Need to Google Yourself

We use the internet on a daily basis to connect with friends, buy stuff, update the world on our daily activities and much more. However, did you ever take a moment to stop and think about how this might affect how others see you online? For example… how often do you Google yourself? If you […]

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Changing Data and Technology Business Trends in 2016

Having been in the world of online marketing and business for roughly 20 years now, I’ve experienced many of the drastic changes and transitions over the years. Everything from back when the internet was a world of straight HTML and dead simple… to the new and interactive social platform it is today. Along with these […]

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ROTE 082: Rick Mulready and the Art of Paid Traffic

Facebook wasn’t the first social network, but it’s definitely become the most successful! With over a billion active users on their site and the release of the self-serve advertising platform, their site has become a marketers dream come true. Want to target only single men, living in California, who loves Dogs and football? Done! It’s really that […]

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Access 7,000 Professional PowerPoint Slides with SlideModel

When delivering a speech to an audience, you need to not only have a powerful message, but also empower it with a professional look and feel. It’s amazing how many speakers will still go up on a stage and use the basic templates that Microsoft has to offer. Even more surprising is when they use […]

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