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The BIG List of Top Internet Marketing Blogs

Top Internet Marketing BlogsWhat does it take to make an awesome blog? Why are some better than others? In the end it all comes down to the quality of content and the message you are delivering. Blogs are all about creating trust and a reliable brand name that people come back to.

If you were to tell me six years ago that blogging would change my life and the way I do business online, I would be quite excited! That’s the thing about blogging… no matter what niche are focus you are going after, you are opening yourself to a whole new audience and world of opportunities.

Just from a blogging perspective, when you think about how many affiliate focused, internet marketing, social media and “blogging” blogs that are out there, it’s definitely quite overwhelming. What’s amazing and cool about the blogging space is that so many people are sharing really great information for free, which means there is really no need for anyone to buy a paid course or product if you actually just know where to look… but that is half the problem!

With so many blogs to choose from how are you supposed to know which are best. I’ve spent a good amount of time compiling some of the great “Top Marketing Blogs” lists from trusted web sites and have shared them all with you below. There are quite a few of them, so be sure to weed through the list and bookmark and subscribe to your favorites!

Affiliate Blog News Feeds

Before we jump into the top lists, I wanted to point out one of my favorite methods for keeping up with the latest news from affiliate marketing blogs, which is through affiliate news feed sites. I’ve showcased many of these sites on the blog already, but here is a recap of the best ones out right now - AffPosts.com, AffBuzz.com and AffDaily.com.

AffPosts Blog Feeds

In addition to these news feed sites there is still a whole world of other “blogging” and “marketing blogs” out there that are of high quality. Below we will start the recommended “top blogging lists” which cover over 1,000+ individuals marketing based blogs!

UnBounce Top 75 Marketing Blogs

UnBounce Top 75 Marketing BlogsComing up with a massive and quality list of recommended blogs is not easy, but UnBounce has done one of the best jobs out there. Their list has 75 of the top blogs out there and they break them down into categories such as “Blogging”, “Analytics”, “Content & Copywriting” and anything else you can think of. In addition to breaking the sites down into categories they’ve also written a nice short description for each. This is a must read list that was put together by Kristi Hines!

SocialMediaExaminer’s Top Social Media Blogs

Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2013When Social Media Examiner comes out with their lists of top ranked sites they definitely put a lot of work and research behind their recommendations. In their 2013 “Top Social Media Blogs” they had over 750 different nominations and broke it down to only 10. Social Fresh, Boom Social, Jeff Bullas, Danny Brown and Heidi Cohen were the top 5 recommended blogs on the list.

ProBlogger’s 15 Bloggers to Watch in 2013

ProBlogger Top Blogs ListsIt’s always good to see when big name sites consistently update their recommended blogging lists year after year and come up with reader’s choice list as well. ProBlogger.net has done a good job with their list of recommended blogs is always a good one to look out for. One of the names in the affiliate marketing space on the list is Tom Ewer from Leaving Work Behind, who actually created his own Top 100 Blogs List that propelled his site to quick success.

Affiliate Summit Top 25 Blogs of 2012

Though the list hasn’t been updated for 2013, the Affiliate Summit list of Top 25 Blogs for 2012 still has a great collection of resources. What’s also great about this list is that nearly all of the sites listed are attendees of Affiliate Summit events, which means the site owners are quite accessible and very familiar with the space. I’m happy to say that I’m featured among that list of Top 25 blogs which also includes AM Navigator, Dukeo, Finch, iPyxel, Luke PeerFly, John Chow, ShoeMoney and many others.

Zac Johnson Blogging Quote

The Top 50 Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2012

Another articles that provides a lot of value and resources is the Evan Carmichael list of Top 50 Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2012. One of the big reasons why these lists don’t seem to be updated on a yearly basis from many blogs is that they take so much time to put together and many of the blogs listed would be repeated year after year. A few of the popular names on this list include Search Engine Land, Seth Godin’s Blog, TrendHunter, Problogger, Get Rich Slowly, Marketing Pilgrim and others.


Marketo Big List of B3B Marketing Blogs

Top Marketo BlogsThe Marketo “Big List of B3B Marketing Blogs” is an older one from 2007 but it’s a massive list of over 300 blogs that includes some blogs that were started all the way back in 2002. Even though the list is a few years old it’s still a massive resource and they have a nice table setup that makes it easy to browse through the list and spot any names that you might not already be familiar with.

AdAge Power 150 List

One of the most well known and used metrics for measuring the top marketing blogs on the internet was the AdAge Power 150.Another list that I am proud to say this blog is featured on, but at the same time I’m sad to say that the list is no longer being updated. As of July 2013 the Power 150 stopped updating their stats and the current ranking of sites on the list forever stand where they are at. The Power 150 list was great because it used not ony the search rankings and branding of sites, but also metrics such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Alexa, Yahoo and Todd Points to come up with their scores for ranking sites on their list.

AdAge Power 150

Technorati Top 100 Blogs

One of the most comprehensive lists which is updated daily is the Technorati Top 100 List, which is based off their Technorati Authority Ranking system. Many of the names on the list you will already be familiar with, but what I like about Technorati is that they also provide Top 100 lists for smaller categories such as Entertainment, Celebrity, Living, Politics, Gadgets and much more. It’s also cool to check out their list and see which sites are moving up and down on the list on a daily basis.

Technorati Top 100 Blogs List

BuyerZone Best of Best Blogs

The BuyerZone list of Best Blogs highlights some of the best blogs across the internet and separates them into different categories such as “Business Branding Blogs”, “Best Technology Blogs” and “Entrepreneurial Blogs” to name a few. This is a great resource for finding business blogs that don’t appear on many of the other lists are they are not technically affiliate or marketing related blogs.

BuyerZone Best Blogs

The 2013 Inc. 5000 List

Last but not leads, while this list may not be targeted towards blogging, it still is certainly important. The Inc. 5000 list is full of great companies that you can find a lot of valuable information on such as how many employees they have, where they are located and what their business and annual revenue numbers are. This is a great way to find some new companies that might be under the radar and also to locate their company and marketing blogs.

The 2013 Inc 5000 List

As you can see, this is quite the list of resources. Not counting the Inc. 5000 list, there is well over 1,000+ different affiliate marketing, social media and make money online blogs for you to benefit from. Please be sure to share this list around and help others discover all of the amazing content that is out there.

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Thought of sharing my idea here: These lists can be more than just learning sources. Remember people said blogging is a two-way thingy? Lists like these are great time-saver for JV partner search or guest posting prospects. I always keep a few of top-X blogger lists (Unbounce Top 75 is a great one!) in my bookmark and the listed bloggers are always the first batch I contact whenever I have new blogging/marketing ideas.
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Wow such a great list of blogs, I am really impressed by the list. Techcrunch is best for me
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It's a deep and broad roundup for keeping up with the latest news on internet marketing. Thanks Zac for curating this!

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A one stop pool of great masters
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