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“Blogging Tips” a #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Last week was the pre-launch of my new book “Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger” and during the 48 “free” promotion, over 9,000 copies of the book were downloaded through Amazon.com. I was actually expecting a much lower number, but thanks to all of the praise from the book and many people sharing it around the promotion went quite well.

At the high point the book was the #4 best seller out of ALL free NON-FICTION titles on Amazon, and ranked #22 of all free books on Amazon.

After the 48 hour free promotion, the book is still doing well and ranked #1 in the “Web Marketing” category.

Launching is Book is a Fun Learning Process!

Writing my own book has been a very time consuming yet amazing and awesome experience. The process of working with Amazon to get your book created, listed, printed and launched is quite the learning experience. There are plenty of books and guides out that that walk you through the process, but the best way to learn is to experience the full process yourself by launching a book of your own.

Here are a few pros and cons to note when launching your first book through Amazon.

  • Con: Nearly everyone thinks they need to own a Kindle or iPad to read books from the “Kindle Store” on Amazon, but they don’t. All books can be read on any laptop or computer using the free Kindle Reader cloud app.
  • Con: It’s much harder to get Amazon book sales/downloads versus offering a free PDF through your site. This is because your readers need to have a real Amazon account, and their products aren’t offered to all countries, such as Africa. For these reason alone the 9,000 copies requested during the 48 free promotion was quite excellent!
  • Con: When offering a book through your own web site or blog, you might be building a mailing list by offering your book for free in exchange for an email. When using Amazon you don’t receive any customer / demographic information.
  • Pro: Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, so you get to piggy back off their online store and millions of customers. Create an author account on their site and sell through your store and you will gain valuable feedback and branding through their customer comments, ratings, recommendations and feedback.
  • Pro: Once you have launched and promoted your book on Amazon, you can sit back and let the consumers and reviews work for you. Amazon is the largest store in the world, with millions of customers and the Kindle/ebook market is only getting bigger. This means you will have plenty of sales to come down the road, with little to no marketing dollars required.
  • Pro: Even though you don’t get demographic and customer information, Amazon does provide you with a nice sales area through KDP which allows you to pull up real time reports 24 hours a day. This can be broken down by country and weekly/monthly reporting.

Right now the book is currently in the top #10 for the three categories that it was indexed in on Amazon.

If you’ve already grabbed a copy of the book, Thank you! If not, I’d love to get your thought on it. Please leave a review through Amazon.com.

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