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4 Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Anyone who’s familiar with public speaking already knows the dreadful feeling that can come with a presentation. The feeling of being put under a microscope, every single person in the room looking you dead in the eye while you attempt to communicate a concept, idea or plain knowledge on a given topic. It’s a lot. […]

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How to Create an Awesome Office Space for Your Business

One of the many perks of running your own business or being an entrepreneur is that you actually get to work from the comfort of your own home. Even if you aren’t working from home, you probably still have an awesome office that was set up to your liking. Since I first started making money online […]

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5 Ways to Implement Automation and Technology into Your Business

As entrepreneurs, bloggers and small businesses we are continually tasked with various day-to-day operations that many large organizations  also have to deal with. No matter if you are large or small, such tasks still need to be taken care of. At the end of the day, the client doesn’t care if you have one employee […]

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The #1 Affiliate Product That Will Make You The Most Commissions

It’s ok, I know you’re tired… we all are. Because it’s no secret that blogging is hard (especially when you are also holding down a full time job!). I mean, do you get to stumble home from work to be welcomed by TV and pizza? No… You have: Posts to write Comments to make Relationships […]

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A Brief History of Affiliate Marketing – (1989-2015)

The history of affiliate marketing is a fun and exciting one — especially if you were around in the mid-90s to experience it first hand. I first started making money online in 1995 and it’s always funny to hear people say they are veterans in online marketing when they just only have a few years […]

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How to Make Money Promoting Games through Shark Games

The gaming market is huge and it’s recent growth really has no end in sight. Back in the day, gaming was all about consoles like Nintendo, SEGA and Playstation — now it’s all about playing games online and through our mobile devices. Since there is no longer a need for physical items and software to […]

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Win a Trip to Paris in the Avangate Heroes of Digital Marketing Contest

Do you have what it takes to compete amongst the best affiliate marketers in the world and to call yourself a “Hero of Digital Marketing“? That is exactly the opportunity you will have when you take part in Avangates six month promotional contest for both new and existing affiliates to their network. Avangate is one […]

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