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Yahoo Closes the Door on Publisher Network

It seems not many people take Yahoo that seriously these days. Yahoo apparently wants to be taken even less seriously by releasing a press release on the eve of April Fool’s Day. A company the size of Yahoo is not in a situation to fool around… with that said, today it was announced that the […]

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How to Remove Site Distractions and Increase Conversions

It’s an obvious concept. Get a visitor to your web site and have them take action. What may seem like a simple task, is anything but for many sites. The majority of designers and product creators out there always want to put as much information and options in the face of customers as possible. Instead […]

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Intro to Affiliate Marketing with “Affiliate Marketing 101”

Want to learn the secrets of affiliate marketing? Sure, we all do… but do you already have a grasp on the basics? Many affiliates are starting out in the industry quickly find themselves overwhelmed with too much information, and trying too many methods of advertising without properly understanding them. Are you already mastered in the […]

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My Blog Readers have Earned Over ONE MILLION with Neverblue

Over the past decade I’ve had the task of working with many different affiliate networks. Some thrived, died, went out of business and a few also went on to be acquired and become parts of larger companies. One of the few successful and very profitable networks I’ve had the joy of working with, has been […]

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$1000 in Facebook Ads Coupon Codes

Last week at AdTech, Facebook had a booth and they were giving away $50 free trial coupon codes. I swung by the booth and managed to pick up around 20 of their Facebook Ads Free Trial business cards. I went back to grab more later, but they didn’t have any more out. I knew I […]

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Breakdown of a Profitable Facebook Ads Campaign

With the latest backlash of articles coming up on TechCrunch about deceptive and scammy ways to make money on Facebook, I wanted to provide you with a full breakdown on how to create a successful CPA Facebook ads campaign. Step and step details on a campaign I had running months ago. The best way to […]

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In a Relationship with Your Dating Offers? You should be!

As long as there has been internet… there has been online. With the amount of promotion online dating offers get, you would think they convert poorly and there is no money to be made. Fortunately, it’s the complete opposite! With such a demand for online dating, new networks are popping up every month, and all […]

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