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Top 5 Secrets of Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing may not be as easy it appears from outside. You won’t be able to customize the campaign to reap maximum conversion until you are really knee-deep into it and have experienced yourself what actually works and what doesn’t. Though marketing via email is a powerful means of promoting your products and services, it […]

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Five Proven Banner Advertising Techniques in Media Buying

After much thinking, I’ve decided to share some of the banner arbitrage techniques that allowed me to create some of the most successful performance based banner campaigns ever. For almost 60 weeks I had the same banners up on advertising networks, day after day making ridiculous amounts of money. During that period I bought probably […]

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How to Get Higher Affiliate Payout Rates

I commonly hear from affiliates the same thing: that they need better payouts and more importantly, why they aren’t getting a better payout. In this industry, affiliates have become damn smart and with that a little more demanding than say 12 years ago when I started in this industry. Let me tell you a little […]

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My Blog Readers have Earned Over TWO MILLION with Neverblue

Yes, you read it right… readers of ZacJohnson.com that have joined Neverblue through this blog have resulted in over $2 million dollars in affiliate earnings. What does this mean exactly? In short, it means a new affiliate read about Neverblue on this blog, then joined their network and made money… collectively among the affiliates referred […]

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How to Find Hidden Niche Markets

You must be wondering how some internet entrepreneurs become so successful at earning money online. Sure, they must have a good affiliate program that pays well, and they must have an effective landing page that persuades customers to buy. But you’re forgetting something. Traffic is perhaps the most important factor in keeping your online business […]

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Should You Feel Guilty Pushing Slightly Shady Affiliate Offers?

One of the many decisions you will have to make as an affiliate is what type of offers you will run to make money. The good thing is you literally have a limitless supply of offers to choose from. Offers range from anything as simple as entering a sweepstakes, completing a free trial offer or […]

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How to Jump Higher… and Earn $75,000 a Month in the Process!

It sounds cliche, but it’s true… do what you love and are passionate about and the money will follow. That is exactly what Jacob Hiller did with his “The Jump Manual“, and teaching others how to train and reach the ultimate goal of “jumping higher“. Once I heard about this story I just had to […]

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