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Keyword Spying on the Competition…

Every day I get emails from people asking me how to make money online? It’s an easy question, with a difficult answer. Many people will read blogs from internet marketers and think we are either lucky or just making easy money. The honest truth is, around 90% of people will fail when trying to make […]

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6 Free Tools for Advanced Affiliate Marketers

When it comes to advanced affiliate marketing there are some tools and services you can use without having to shell out big bucks. If you want to do things like check how many backlinks you have, find out what page rank your site is or see if that new article you wrote is enough characters […]

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Twitter’s New Ad Platform: And the Future of Sponsored Tweets?

How exciting! It’s time for a new social advertising platform to go live. First we had Facebook, then MySpace and PlentyOfFish all opening up their networks with killer advertising platforms. With amazing demographic targeting we haven’t really seen before, it opened a whole new world for affiliate marketers. With another platform being released, we are […]

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Yahoo Closes the Door on Publisher Network

It seems not many people take Yahoo that seriously these days. Yahoo apparently wants to be taken even less seriously by releasing a press release on the eve of April Fool’s Day. A company the size of Yahoo is not in a situation to fool around… with that said, today it was announced that the […]

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How to Remove Site Distractions and Increase Conversions

It’s an obvious concept. Get a visitor to your web site and have them take action. What may seem like a simple task, is anything but for many sites. The majority of designers and product creators out there always want to put as much information and options in the face of customers as possible. Instead […]

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Intro to Affiliate Marketing with “Affiliate Marketing 101”

Want to learn the secrets of affiliate marketing? Sure, we all do… but do you already have a grasp on the basics? Many affiliates are starting out in the industry quickly find themselves overwhelmed with too much information, and trying too many methods of advertising without properly understanding them. Are you already mastered in the […]

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My Blog Readers have Earned Over ONE MILLION with Neverblue

Over the past decade I’ve had the task of working with many different affiliate networks. Some thrived, died, went out of business and a few also went on to be acquired and become parts of larger companies. One of the few successful and very profitable networks I’ve had the joy of working with, has been […]

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