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In a Relationship with Your Dating Offers? You should be!

As long as there has been internet… there has been online. With the amount of promotion online dating offers get, you would think they convert poorly and there is no money to be made. Fortunately, it’s the complete opposite! With such a demand for online dating, new networks are popping up every month, and all […]

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How to Start Your Own Affiliate Network

A decade ago it was quite a task to start your own affiliate network. First you needed a business model, probably a full staff and most importantly, your own network platform. Then DirectTrack became available, and everyone under the sun was creating their own network…. this time, all you needed was around $10,000! Now lets […]

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Ten Lessons Learned from Flogs & ReBill Offers

Every couple of years there is a new marketing craze that just takes over, and is marketed every where. Years ago it was banner ads with games, to make the user click. Then it was email submits… now it’s the flog craze. A “flog” is a fake blog that is created to sell a product […]

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Top Affiliates Pushing Volume on VistaPrint & Bidz with Direct Agents

Last month I first wrote about the Direct Agents & Vista Print Dream Getaway. I thought this was a really creative contest because it leveled out the playing field for affiliates looking to win a great prize. No longer would you have to focus on competing against the monster affiliates on the network, but only […]

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Make Money with Affiliate.com Affiliate Network

The competition for affiliate networks is now bigger than ever. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for Affiliate.com (formerly CPA Empire, now part of Media Breakaway), as they have been in the game since 2001. Media Breakaway is actually a lot more than just an affiliate network, they literally have their hands in everything, […]

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Make Killer Landing Pages with “Affiliate Theme” for WordPress

I’ve been working with Unique Blog Designs for a couple years now, and am very excited about their latest work, the Affiliate Theme. After talking with Nate and the rest of the team, they’ve been telling me about the “Affiliate Theme” for quite a while now, and I’ve anxiously been awaiting to get my hands […]

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The Promise of Weight Loss & Free Government Money… but at what cost?

It’s no surprise that millions upon millions of dollars have been made off of the latest acai berry craze. No matter where you go online, you see those “One Simple Rule: OBEY” ads and the weight loss banners that are wide spread across nearly all sites. If nothing else, this in itself just proves how […]

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