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10 Steps to Being the Worst Blogger-Affiliate on the Planet

Being the best at something is highly overrated. And too mainstream, actually. Why not trying to be the worst, right? But hold on, being the worst at something won’t necessarily be any easier than going the opposite direction … and that’s why I’m writing this guide. So here goes, 10 steps to being the worst […]

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Why Infographics are Brilliant for Viral Traffic and Business

When is the last time that you got an email from some stat report that offered you a text email to read or even a pdf document? Whenever it was, there is probably a good chance that you read the headline, maybe skimmed through the email… then deleted it! Now ask yourself the same question […]

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Professionally Written Content for Your Blog & Completely Free

Lately I’ve been stressing the importance of quality blog content and getting your name out there through the use of guest blogging. Since Google is now on the prowl and looking to smack sites right out of their search engine for any unethical link building, guest blogging has quickly climbed up the charts as one […]

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Self Publishing vs. Finding a Publisher – Which is Right for Your Book?

It seems like everyone has a book out today. If not in the bookshelves of your local store, then at least a pdf version online. I even have a few books of my own that I’ve written and released over the years. However, with more and more people moving towards digital readers and the demand […]

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Did Google Use Their Privacy Policy Changes To Find and De-Index Private Blog Networks?

Recent changes to Google’s privacy policy were the talk of the town recently could they have anything to do with the de-indexing of many large sites recently? Getting Google to notice your website is a lot of hard work at the best of times and a little like trying to get that enigmatic girl across […]

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Guest Blogging Secrets and Must Use Strategies

You can tell people how to start a blog, create an ad campaign or even provide them with a step by step business plan… but in the end, how many people will actually follow through? The answer is, NOT MANY. The majority of people are just too lazy or give up way too fast. Yes, […]

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How I Increased My Klout Score by 30% and How You Can Too!

For anyone who is active in the online media and social networking world, you probably already know about Klout. In the world of online marketing, having a social media presence and sense of branding and authority around your name is everything. I’ve never been one to take a huge advantage of social media and using […]

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