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How to Create Redirects and Landing Pages for Facebook Ads

After releasing my 253% ROI Facebook Ads Case Study article went live a few days ago I’ve been getting a decent amount of emails and questions about how to setup redirects and landing pages when promoting offers through Facebook Ads. This post should clear up some of the confusion and help those out who are just […]

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Quick Tips to Grow Your Social Media Following

Everyone wants to have a mega list of loyal followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google. How you get them is going to be the big question! Google is now giving more evidence than ever that social followings and authority is going to play a big role in the world of SEO and search ranking in […]

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Famous Bloggers and Internet Marketers Facebook Timeline Images

With the latest Facebook Timeline changes now in effect, I thought it would be a cool idea to feature some of the top names in the industry and see what pictures they are using for their Facebook accounts. As you will see, the majority of images are quite personable, while some are used for branding […]

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Ten Most “Liked” Music Artists on Facebook

The ability to target an audience based on their demographic data, but also their “interests“, makes Facebook Ads still one of the best ad platforms out there, if not the best. Through “interest” targeting, you can build campaigns that are focused on exactly what the user is interested in, which leads to a higher click […]

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Juice Up Your Facebook Ads Campaigns by Targeting Top TV Shows

With Facebook Ads cracking down on affiliate offers and limiting what they are approving, it’s important to always come up with new ways to promote offers. One of the largest groups of “interests” in Facebook, is television shows and movies. What’s also great about this target audience, is that if you are going to post […]

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Facebook Ads versus Google AdWords

We run campaigns on both systems, often copying from one to the other. There’s no simple import utility that will copy campaigns between systems, like you can from Google to Yahoo. There likely never will be– since the traffic is so different. Some key differences: Google has keywords– millions of them. Facebook has profile variables– […]

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