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Top Blogs and Their CPM Advertising Rates

What makes the cost of advertising on one blog $500 when another blog will charge you $5,000 for the same amount of traffic? Of course the blogs we are hypothetically talking about are going to be in the same niche, and most likely have some of the same people visiting both sites. The difference between […]

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How Branding Affects Online Advertising Costs

Have you ever thought about how much of a difference “BRANDING” makes when someone is buying advertising online? What makes Google the best search engine for pay per click marketing? Yahoo and Bing are still getting BILLIONS of search results every month through their sites, but Google advertising comes at a much higher premium. Go […]

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Yelp Reviews – Good or Bad for Your Business?

Yelp reviews are great for customers… but they are probably bad for businesses. Think about it… Yelp is a massive site that is accessed by millions of people every day, yet they have complete control over all of the content and reviews on their site. Why should local and offline businesses want to send their […]

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Using Negative Reviews on Yelp to Improve Your Business

Yelp is one of the largest and most important sites on the internet when it comes to businesses and customer reviews. If you aren’t currently listed on Yelp, then you should be. Yelp isn’t just about reviews, it’s also a quick resource for people who are looking for local restaurants and businesses while they are on travel […]

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