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Zac Gets a Call from SpiderMan

I was on my way to my girlfriend’s house yesterday and was about to give her a call. I then realized I had a missed call and they had left a voice mail. Dialed up my voicemail and was surprised to hear "Hey, it’s your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, its web slinger weekend!"… so my first […]

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Sony VAIO VGC-LS25E Desktop PC Review

It was that time of year again for me. My computer was slowing down and already gunked up from all the massive files and hard labor put into the machine over the past year. It was time for me to get a new computer! Usually I will pick up one of the latest eMachines packages […]

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How to Get a Free 42″ Sony Plasma TV!

As an affiliate of many networks, I get to see all the zip code and email address offers being push all over the place. I decided to finally try one of them and see if they are scams, or if you actually get what they are promising. I came across a nice offer from www.MyPremiumRewards.com […]

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My Goal: Dunk By the Summer

I love basketball and I play around 3-6 hours every other day at my local LA Fitness gym. For the longest time now I have been promising myself to get into better shape and train to be able to dunk. Right now I’m 5"11 and 190lbs. I still need to add around 8-12 inches to […]

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Congratulation to Me! I won a New Sony Playstation 3!

I awoke to a nice surprise this morning. I was lucky enough to be awarded with a Sony Playstation 3 system from MySpacePros.com. I had just recently found out about this forum earlier last week when Jeremy Schoemoney had made a post about the site on his blog. MySpacePros.com is a forum dedicated to MySpace […]

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Happy St.Patrick’s Day, We are Live!

First off I’d like to say Happy St.Patrick’s Day! In addition to the holiday, it’s time we celebrate ZacJohnson.com going live. Time sure has flown by fast, but it sure has been fun. I can’t beleive it has now been nearly 10 years since I first started making money online. I’m happy to say over […]

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