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Click2Sell Merchant & Affiliate Network

Lately I’ve been writing posts on how you can make money in niche marketing, along with methods for selecting which niche market is best for you. In keeping with the topic of niche marketing, I want to high an up and coming network called Click2Sell.EU. Unlike most other large affiliate networks, Click2Sell.EU is setup with a ClickBank feel. As an affiliate you can log into the system and find a various amount of niche products, services and ebooks to sell. Unlike most other networks, you can also login to Click2Sell as a merchant and easily manage your campaigns or setup a new program. Here is a run through of the network and how you can benefit as either an affiliate or merchant.

Navigation & Ease of Network
Once you signup and are logged into the network, you will see an admin area like below. When you are logged in you are sent directly to the “Reports” page, but with the easy navigation toolbar on top you can easily move around the site. The “For Merchants” tab is for setting up your own affiliate program and adding products, while the “For Affiliate” tab is for grabbing affiliate offers and existing campaigns. All other menu tabs are pretty self explanatory.

An Overview of Your Network Stats is Your Main Login Page

The MarketPlace
The main area and purpose of Click2Sell is their “MarketPlace”, where you can search and find all existing offers on the network. Right now they have 558 offers available, spread over 11 different categories. One of the features I like about the marketplace is that you can search on several different methods, such as Rank, Earning % and Conversions. The stats are really nice to have and it’s very easy to understand. Even with over 500 offers on the network, I wasn’t too thrilled with the conversion on most of these offers. Most of the offers are listed at converting 1% or below.

Top 5 Ranked Offers on Click2Sell Network

Selection of Affiliate Offers
Almost all of the offers listed on Click2Sell are ebook/information based, and have long sales pages. If you are currently doing well in the ebook promotion niche, you can probably find a few offers to promote and might find success. I was searching the network for a few niche terms from “comics” or “basketball“, but no search results came out. In my previous post, “Picking the Right Niche Market“, I wrote about focusing on basketball terms and “increasing your vertical leap“. Oddly enough, I did come across an ebook which focused on helping to improve your jumping and sports skills. There are some offers/ebooks on the network that could make money when targeted to correctly, you just have to search around for them.

Your Selected Campaigns will be listed in your “My Campaigns” Affiliate tab.

Promotion of Offers
Once you select an offer from the marketplace, it will then be listed in your “For Affiliate” tab where you can grab links and marketing creative. Unfortunately, I found that most of the products on the network did not have any marketing material and simply provide you with just a link. I know most affiliate marketers want a few banners and at least some email creative or ideas for writing content, so this would be a turn off to most affiliates. On the other hand, with a network full of offers with no marketing creative, those affiliates who take the time to create their own marketing material and landing pages could benefit that much more. If you put the time in to create a mini site based around of these ebooks/campaigns, you could have a winner. I can only imagine 90% of affiliates are turned off when they don’t see any marketing creative available.

Affiliate Marketers Want Marketing Creative, It Shouldn’t be a Mission.

Range of Commissions
The network offers on Click2Sell heavily vary. You will find products that cost $7.00 per sale, then pay 95% commission… while others cost $22.97 and pay only 5% commission. In addition the huge difference in commissions per program, the targeting and products of each offer varies as well. If you are going to promote an offer on the network, take the time to compare and make sure you are running the best offer.

Form of Payment
Click2Sell does not send out affiliate payments through checks, you must have either a Paypal account or a MoneyBookers account. When setting up your account, you will select your preferred method of payment and can check off what type of advertisers you want to work with, based on their payment method. Merchants on Click2Sell can pay in Euro and US dollars.

Using Click2Sell as a Merchant
I already covered most of the points to use Click2Sell as an affiliate, but using the network as a Merchant is also just as important. The first of the three screenshots below (click for full view), shows what your general stats look like from all of your affiliates and their sales. The second screenshot is a listing of all affiliates within your program and the last screenshot is a breakdown of your affiliate stats. The merchant setup looks like it would work really well for any sites looking to bill customers on a monthly basis as well. If you are unsure of what network or tracking system to use, you can always join Click2Sell as a merchant and recruit your own affiliates.

The Backend of a Merchant Account is Very Detailed, Yet Easy to Manage

Merchant Fee Structure
I think the best selling point for Click2Sell, is the very low cost for merchants to sell a push their products through the system. While most other affiliate networks charge a signup fee, then take 20-35% of each transaction (payment to an affiliate), Click2Sell has a very simple fee structure. No matter how expensive your product is, the most you will pay per lead acquired, is $3 (in addition to any cc/merchant processing charges if applies). If you sell a product that costs $50, you only have to pay a $3 fee to Click2Sell each time an affiliate makes a sale… on most other networks you would have to pay 30%, which comes out to $15 per lead acquired.

Final Review
I would like to see what Click2Sell becomes with time and how they will improve their network. ClickBank has been an amazing success for people over the years and Click2Sell, being based off that same idea could make a lot of people money as well. For now I think Click2Sell needs to focus on a selling point or something to break them apart from other networks to make them stand out. I would rather see a network with less offers and focus only on the higher quality campaigns. I do not want to go through 500+ campaigns and hope to find one that works, especially when most of them only have direct linking with no creative.

Though I have broken down the network and pointed out a few of the pros and cons, I still think it might be worth your time to join the network and see what type of offers are available. There might be something that already targets to your niche market, or a competitor that is doing something better.

Join Click2Sell Network

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Chetan says

Great review Zac 🙂

I had heard about them in some other affiliate site too, but now going to try them too.

Payment by paypal impresses me!

Daniel says

I loved the Detailed Review. Now I'm gonna give it a shot! 🙂

GolfSpy X says

Looks much better then ClickBank, wish either of them had more products for my niche though. Thanks for the info Zac.

Bibokz says

I like your post, i guess the advertiser is much happy.

Sandy M says

Just signed up. Thanks for explaining it all.

Ray says

Thanks for the review Zac. I just signed up with them and found a niche product to promote.

XLOR says

Zac, you wrote that Paypal can pay in Euro and US dollars.

What money according to financial crisis do you use?

Hosting says

Are this affiliate is really good? Anyone have tried them?

Zak Show says

Souds good, I'll give them a try to see how it will perform.

Isyaias says

Thanks for all of you in this section. It’s a great conversation here. Full of good info.

I just start with C2S since CB doesn’t available in my country; Indonesia. I consider to make it as my main business beside blogs.

be blessed….

Bart C. says

That's a great system.

I am with them for quite a long time and never was dissapointed.

John reviews1199 says

Glad I found this article. Great responses as well. Indeed, C2S gives satisfaction to all sides. As an affiliate I agree with both the publisher and the comments about their experience being the member of C2S. I found myself as well satisfied with C2S, especially that the C2S Autopilot Marketplace making it easier for me. Having an automated system runs on my site is really awesome.

Steve Hippel says

I have been using click2sell as a vendor and affiliate for 2 years now. I read a few negative comments about them before I joined. These were mainly from die hard Clickbank fans so I decided to give them a try.

I have never had a problem and think they are leaps and bounds better than Clickbank (who I also use).

For my smaller affiliate they are just great. They get paid when they make a sale. No cheques, no minimum payout and no loosing your money to the network.

I highly recommend them.
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