Coupon Sites are Cash Cows

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  • Published on : May 22 2009

How easy is it to save an instant 15% or get free shipping when you buy something online? Just head over to google, type in your favorite shopping site and the word “coupon”. It happens millions of times daily. The only thing better than getting some free money saving coupons, is to actually have and run one of these big coupon sites. For nearly every person that visits their site, grabs the code and clicks through to buy, they are generating a commission.

The Big Coupon Sites
If you’ve done any coupon searching, you’re probably already familiar with a few of the top coupon sites out there. FatWallet (over 2,400 partnered retailers), RetailMeNot (400,000+ visitors per day!) , CouponSurfer and CouponCraze are usually among the first on Google search results when looking for individual site coupons. FatWallet has built a massively huge community around their site, while RetailMeNot has a continually growing list of coupon codes that users can submit, along with stats on how often they are successful. Believe it or not, some of these huge sites were started out (and still are), single man operations.

Want to Run Your Own Coupon Site?
Sure, now that you see a ton of money is being made, who wouldn’t want to run their own coupon site. Going forward you have a few options. You can have your own site created and programmed, which will cost you some money… but will also give you better management down the road. The simple and free route is to just start a blog and throw coupon codes and articles up on your site whenever you see them. Another option, possible most effective and most efficient, is a newer solution called ForMeToCoupon, which provides you will all of the datafeeds and coupon codes you need to successfully run a coupon site. Depending on the package you would like to run, you are looking at prices from $500 to $1495 a month. If you are just toying with the idea and want to give it a whirl, throwing a coupon blog together is your best option. If it gains any traction, pull your earnings toward a better site and solution.

While many niche markets are tapped and super saturated, there is always room in the coupon industry. While the big players focus on covering all sites and coupons, you can succeed with a smaller niche coupon site that targets to specific products like clothes, games or electronics. Take some time to scope out the competition and see if you can do it better!

Zac Johnson
My name is Zac Johnson and I have been an online entrepreneur for the past 18 years and blogger since 2007. This is my personal blog and I welcome you to the site. In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that I am benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website.
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  • Bradley Nordstrom

    Hello Zac.That was a great post :)

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  • The Bad Blogger

    Woo… that's something new, I never thought we could run a coupon site, since I always think it will cost dearly to set one up, thanks for the information and links to the site !

    <abbr>The Bad Blogger’s last blog post..Why Blogspot Blogger Fail To Make Good Money ?</abbr>

    • Kara

      The only cost I imagine is the initial cost for the coupon script like zac recommneded. Otherwise, of course there would be an investment of time, but we have that to exchange on all of our websites. I imagine the conversion rates are much higher with coupon sites though because people searching for a coupon code are ready to buy, not just browsing.
      My recent post Bouncing Bear Botanicals Coupon

  • SlimJim

    Bottom line is FREE makes money (no joke)!

    I know a guy that's at $1.8 million last year, I won't say what the niche is (not coupons), I will say it's legal, & everyone has/needs them on their PC/Mac.

  • Roseli A. Bakar

    Running a coupon site is awesome idea !!

    Need to check up ForMeToCoupon..

    <abbr>Roseli A. Bakar’s last blog post..Money-Making Niche Blogging</abbr>

  • Free Webmaster SEO T

    This is a great niche, but I agree with you that smaller long tail niches within the big one of coupons is a better route, as it is highly competitive.

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  • low cost online adve

    its actually a great idea.. but looking at the investment i should put in.. i feel i'll need to wait a little more before i have that much.

  • Goran Web Design

    OK, the bottom has just fallen out of the coupon market….heheheheh…..jokes aside, it does make good sense to pursue this model in a suitably unique niche.

  • Matt

    Great Post! I have always played with the coupon site idea, but didn't want all the work involved. I guess it is more doable that previously thought!



    <abbr>Matt’s last blog post..Bizzle Review – Commission Blueprint Monthly</abbr>

  • Crazy Oldie

    great post…I have an idea for a coupon site but was going to be specific to a certain area, I think this broader idea is better. Gonna head over and check out the site for some direction.

    <abbr>Crazy Oldie’s last blog post..Elmo’s Lost Audition Tape</abbr>

  • mkellenberger

    great idea…you inspired me to greate a coupon-site for the swiss-market. i doesn't exist something similar just for swiss shops..and who cares about german-coupons!^^

    <abbr>mkellenberger’s last blog post..Neues Liveshopping-Portal</abbr>

  • CouponZebra

    I agree completely and this is why I have started to build my coupon site CouponZebra

    Unfinished, but on its way…

  • used tires

    Geez… 400,000+ that's unreal! lol I would be SUPER happy with that kinda of traffic level per month, hehe.

  • Free iMac

    This is more of a US thing. My UK stores dont do online coupons etc, so its kinda difficult to get any discounts without there being a sale :(

  • Justin

    Never heard about coupon site before. Thank you for useful information.

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  • Virtual Family

    is there any good coupon sites online that i can print out?

    i dont want to do online buying

  • Mark


    I have started this coupon site ,check it out .

  • CouponHubby

    Great post! It is completely doable, at times it can be a bit discouraging, but like any website, you have to keep plugging along. Like my site it’s new, but it’s been worth the time spent.

  • Internet marking tip

    nice post.. these cash coupons seem to be a nice idea of earning cash.. never thought about dis before.. cool post..

  • liz @ Ideas For Self

    Thanks Zac for the info.

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  • games

    is there any good coupon sites online that i can print out?

  • Oxbargain

    Running a coupons/ deals site is not easy. You have to be dedicated and spend long hours on the site at the initial stage. There is an overwhelming amount of data to be entered and published accurately. Its not for th the faint hearted but the rewards seem worth it. is my contribution to the deals and coupon market. ;)

  • Free Xbox 360

    Retailmenot's visitor number are just crazy – just think what you could do with all that traffic. If starting out I fear that it would be such a huge task to try and take on the more established sites. Good luck to those who try though.

  • Cigar Reviews

    This is definitely the easiest way to save money on online purchases. I have also found that they have a lot of printable coupons for stores, but not all will accept internet coupons. Another really good way is to subscribe to your favorite restaurants email subscriptions. They are free and (generally) just for signing up they'll give you a free appetizer, AND they send you a coupon for a free meal on your birthday!

  • Guildford

    ForMeToCoupon,, is there something better than this one.

  • Frank DeBlasi

    Great article, and yes coupon sites do very well, especially in a down economy. I started a coupon/cash back website in March of 2009. Fox News got wind of it and did a nationwide story on it.

  • Roger

    Coupon sites can be great as many websites are. Having a successful site just as with coupon sites depends upon many things including a willingness to succeed, traffic, and a unique approach. Anyone can put up a site, but if they don't stick with it and give it fresh new content then the site won't have a chance either. My suggestion is for anyone who wants to profit from coupons or any other area whether it be affiliate marketing, magazines, or clothing is to not give up and bring in a uniqueness to what your doing. For us coupons are fun!

  • bob sold for around 90 million was earning about 30 million a year not bad

  • Mark

    I've never tried ForMeToCoupon, but instead build my own site and backend to power Best Coupons and Codes.

  • Aaslin

    No,It is tough to run a coupon website.Particularly with lot of google updates coming out and thousands of competitors.I too failed with a coupon website with couponpress

  • Kevin Linkie

    This is something I am seriously considering. There are ton's of sites YUP.. but always room for plenty more.

    Deals are all the rage.

    GREAT post thanks for sharing.

  • johndealsdiscount

    These sites has done remarkably well and have lot of hard work behind this big name.

  • Edible

    That is informative. I am really not able to join adsense with my site and nothing else is paying me well. Rankings are good. Can anyone suggest me a suitable affiliate/PPC program for my coupons site?

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    I am about to launch my coupon web site back in Brazil, there are lot of opportunities in the country Código de desconto’