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Create Killer Landing Pages – Free Template

I get questions all the time about landing pages and what are the best ways to create them. Instead of writing a post on what you should focus on, I will simply take an existing ad campaign from MarketLeverage, and made a real landing page out of. I also made the base template design for the landing page, so you can save it and use it for any future campaigns you want to test. The campaign that this landing page is going to focus on, is for NiteTrim, which is currently paying $25 per lead through NeverBlue, and you get paid on the user paying for shipping and handling.

Landing Page Template

First, let look at the default template and what we are going to do with it (below). What I did was create a default landing page that can be used for almost any offer you want to promote. All you need to do is rewrite the text to make it apply to the actual offer.

Now that we have a base design, all we need to do is modify the design to match the NiteTrim offer and make it appeal to the visitor. After adding a new “targeted” picture and content, you will see the custom landing page template now looks like a full dedicated offer landing page for NiteTrim. Play around with colors and wording for the best visual effects.

Golden Tips for Testing Landing Pages

Rotate & Test Images: Right now I have an image of a girl measuring her waist on the landing page. After I would go live with this ad campaign, it would be smart to build several other landing pages with a different picture of images. Possibilities include, actual product, other weight loss pictures, different girls and more.

Add Testimonials or Legitimacy to Your Campaigns: On the landing page created for NiteTrim, you will also see that I created an image to show the product was features on several well known tv shows and new sources. To stress the product even further, I added a full testimonial and before/after pictures.

Call to Action: Probably the most important feature of your landing page, is the “Call to Action“. What text are you going to use to convince your users to click further and hopefully convert them into a sale. “Lose Up to 10lbs. in Just 7 Days” is an excellent header right in their face. Then the “Claim 1 Month FREE Supply Now!” and the “Try It Free Today” are stressing the point even further.

I already showed you how to make an awesome landing page out of a template design, now it’s your turn. Click here and download/save my custom default template and create your own landing page.

Also included in the download is my NiteTrim landing page. I’m also going to extend this landing page post, by allowing you to use the “NiteTrim” landing page that I created, to promote the campaign yourself. If you aren’t already an affiliate with NeverBlue, join now, then grab any affiliate offer and start promoting the program using the landing page I created, or change it up and test what different image and text changes can improve your campaign performance.

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