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I get questions all the time about landing pages and what are the best ways to create them. Instead of writing a post on what you should focus on, I will simply take an existing ad campaign from MarketLeverage, and made a real landing page out of. I also made the base template design for the landing page, so you can save it and use it for any future campaigns you want to test. The campaign that this landing page is going to focus on, is for NiteTrim, which is currently paying $25 per lead through NeverBlue, and you get paid on the user paying for shipping and handling.

Landing Page Template

First, let look at the default template and what we are going to do with it (below). What I did was create a default landing page that can be used for almost any offer you want to promote. All you need to do is rewrite the text to make it apply to the actual offer.

Now that we have a base design, all we need to do is modify the design to match the NiteTrim offer and make it appeal to the visitor. After adding a new “targeted” picture and content, you will see the custom landing page template now looks like a full dedicated offer landing page for NiteTrim. Play around with colors and wording for the best visual effects.

Golden Tips for Testing Landing Pages

Rotate & Test Images: Right now I have an image of a girl measuring her waist on the landing page. After I would go live with this ad campaign, it would be smart to build several other landing pages with a different picture of images. Possibilities include, actual product, other weight loss pictures, different girls and more.

Add Testimonials or Legitimacy to Your Campaigns: On the landing page created for NiteTrim, you will also see that I created an image to show the product was features on several well known tv shows and new sources. To stress the product even further, I added a full testimonial and before/after pictures.

Call to Action: Probably the most important feature of your landing page, is the “Call to Action“. What text are you going to use to convince your users to click further and hopefully convert them into a sale. “Lose Up to 10lbs. in Just 7 Days” is an excellent header right in their face. Then the “Claim 1 Month FREE Supply Now!” and the “Try It Free Today” are stressing the point even further.

I already showed you how to make an awesome landing page out of a template design, now it’s your turn. Click here and download/save my custom default template and create your own landing page.

Also included in the download is my NiteTrim landing page. I’m also going to extend this landing page post, by allowing you to use the “NiteTrim” landing page that I created, to promote the campaign yourself. If you aren’t already an affiliate with NeverBlue, join now, then grab any affiliate offer and start promoting the program using the landing page I created, or change it up and test what different image and text changes can improve your campaign performance.

Article Links:
Join NeverBlue to Promote Affiliate Offers
– Download my Custom Landing Pages ZIP File

Zac Johnson
My name is Zac Johnson and I have been an online entrepreneur for the past 18 years and blogger since 2007. This is my personal blog and I welcome you to the site. In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that I am benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website.
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  • internet business da

    excellent post, very useful. i'm going to download the template now. more affiliate bloggers should offer stuff like this!

  • Binary Ant

    Great Zac! It is better one picture than 1000 words and having a real and visible landing page is the most solid base to start designing our own ones. I don't know other people but I'm not going to use it as it comes, I'll use it as a starting point :)


  • internet business da

    yea, definitely want to just use this as a template.

  • team ray

    thanks zac

    i learn alot here

    but one question i have is since google doesnt want just a one page landing page they want "about page, contact us etc…"

    how would i offer more pages to please google to not get dlisted?

    • Zac Johnson

      You can create all of these sub pages with information, but you can also add a blog to your landing page as well. Link up the categories of the blog on the bottom of the landing page and it will appear as more content. Additionally, if you build up the blog with related posts, you may get some free search engine traffic and listings as well.

      • internet business da

        you mean you can add a fresh blog to the LP URL? or do you mean if you already have an existing blog you can link it?

        • Zac Johnson

          Create a new domain for the landing page and setup a blog with it. I would do this after some initial testing, so you don't put forth too much effort or spend any extra money with the domain/hosting.

          • Not John Chow

            Verly clever. I too will down load the template.

  • internet business da

    well…since there's plenty of room for text on the homepage, i think you should be ok. but just to make sure, all you need to do is create pop out pages (target="_blank") with simple header text and a short description of each seciton (about, TOS, contact etc). you dont even need any images on those pages, just text.

  • Jim Kukral

    Now that's what I call helpful. Great work Zac, and thanks.

  • Markus

    Good to see, that my las landing page looks very similar.

  • DotDriven

    This is why your blog kicks ass Zac ;). Great post.

    This is pretty much where I saw the value of the lpwhiz memership…to basically use their disigns/layouts but then change them to offers that don't have a ton of new competition. But you giving out a pretty decent template takes away even that need for a lot of people.

    Hope you do some more landing page specific post in the future!

  • James Seligman

    As usual you nailed it Zac!

    People fail to give their users a reason why they need to sign-up or join an offer. People just think if they stick some nice images and an article, they have it made. Although this does work some of the time, giving the users reasons why they need to join/sign-up is the best thing to can do.

    Great post!

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  • Abdalla Ahmed

    Thanks mate!

  • Zak Show

    Great post and great service, Thanks Zac for sharing this.


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  • ibusinesstalk

    Thanks for great stuff man…I am already testing out..if it make me some money, beers on me..

  • Edgar

    this nice and usefull thanks Zac,

    You are a true Super Affiliated

  • Work Plus Faith

    Thanks, Zac! This is excellent information.


  • Eric Itzkowitz

    Zac, have you heard of or read the book, "Landing Page Optimization – The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions?" It's authored by Tim Ash. Good stuff!

  • Ben

    Hey, thanks for the great post. If I'm promoting an email submit with a poll related landing page, how would I add legitimacy/testimonials?

  • internet business daily

    i made a landing page from this template yesterday, it looks great. thanks.

  • Jonathan Volk

    Although the page is basic, it should work well since the call to action is soooooo BAM in your face. :D

    Good job.

  • Ruthie

    Wow! Am I dreaming??? What I said the other day on a previous post….

    You DO Rock!!! :)

    Thanks so much!

  • MyStore

    Good info…will download the templates for some of my sites.

    Good articles.

  • Instantaffiliatecash

    Thank you for the free template! I'm looking forward to start using it.

  • Epiphany

    Thanks so much for this, Zac! I find your guidance so helpful and having a landing page template to work with is going to be very useful for me. I'm not the best at landing page design, so now I have something to work with! BTW-I just signed up with Market Leverage thru your link and got approved last week! Now I'm excited to get moving! :-)

  • Polly

    This the first free landing page service I know. Thanks!

  • thePa

    not bad. not bad at all. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nicole Price

    The way you have explained the creation process from a template is worth its weight in gold. Very informative and useful post. Thank you.

  • internet business da

    i noticed that there is no contact, about, TOS etc on this template. do you suggest having these?

    • Zac Johnson

      Yes, I would set these up with any landing page. The actual download contains these links.

      • internet business da

        i dont see these links anywhere…am i blind?

      • Luke

        I didn’t see them either. Do you know any good resources for writing Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy pages? Or do your included links contain sample info? I really have no idea what goes into them… Thanks, Man!

  • Warenwirtschaft

    Great post.

    How much text do you use normally on a landing page? Your sample seems quite short (of course). Do you use longer text in reality? I know many offers that use 10-15 pages of text where you have to scroll down.

    • Zac Johnson

      I don't like long landing (sales) pages. I like to get them to click to the offer.

  • Luke

    Also, forgot to ask: can you recommend a good program for building landing pages in? Do you use something like dreamweaver or photoshop (and then converting to CSS) or do you know of any freeware editor that is really great?

    Thanks for all the awesome, useful stuff!

  • Tonny

    Thanks Zac, a free stuff but quality stuff, I could paid you easy 5 bucks or more for this, but thanks for your generosity and the quality easy template. It will help me in the CPA offers..good day

  • Affiliate Drama

    I really like the layout. I have been using something similar for other products.

    I will definitely use this layout for weight loss but I would change the models picture as I think it doesnt connect with the customer. Now thats just me talking :)

    Thanks Zac

  • azzam

    Cool, thanks for the template. will put it to use.

  • Start Blogging

    Hey, thanks for that! Very helpful for those who are a bit new to the game.

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  • Jay

    Wow Zac, you are the man!!! I know you probably get that a lot but I figured I'd give my two cents, "you're the man!" lol… man, I've been slightly struggling with getting a good landing page so thanks for this, definitely appreciate it!

    I'll be visiting a lot more than once a week now!


  • Hugo Santos

    Great post. i have been thinking in using landing pages. and im sure i will use this template. thanks zac

  • matthew berman

    hey zac,

    i made a landing page, and it looks great. but i put the campaign live and almost immediately my QS jumped to POOR and my CPC's jumped to $10/click. Obviously this doesnt work. I am not sure quite what i did wrong. Any suggestions?

    • Jay

      Well, I'm sure TONS of people just created a landing page for the same exact product… so you're probably having LOTS of competition, that's why your CPC's went to $10/click…

      I think? lol


      • internet business da

        no, i dont think so. i looked around and no one else is promoting this deal that I can see. but, the last CPA deal i promoted had TONS of competition and my QS was high, so i dont think that was it.

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    On June 9 is my birthday. Thank you so much for your present. ;-)

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    awesome blog post. (found on google: "landing page template")

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    Hi Zac, thank you for the template and info. I will definitely try it out on my next site. Landing pages are so important.

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    Actually, this information can be sold but I'm glad you share here as an opening report. Nice, mate. I'll try to implement it at my project.

  • RIP

    Zac stealing newbies landing page ? What a rip off !

  • Will

    Very good post! Love it when the free stuff is 10x better then the so call guru crap that's out there. Also, some folks would think you are creating your own competition but, a super affiliate never worries about that.

    Keep up the GREAT post!

  • Chris Guthrie

    Yes, why don't you address this?


  • Jason

    I read that Nicky Cakes ripped off his blog template and removed the backlinks in it. Zac steals some guys landing page. Moral of story? – some marketers have none…

    • nickycakes

      Nothing was ripped off. The template is licensed under GPL which means i can do whatever i want with it.

  • Geiger

    Any body have their own example of customizing this?

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    It looks good but dont people get tired of the same old pages that all look the same but sale different things?

  • BlogRevenue

    Thanks..I will use that. it's reallyyyyyy helpful..

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    Really nice. Thanks for sharing the theme pages free. It usually costs money to get something half as decent going.

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    Love it when the free stuff is better then the so called experts stuff.

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  • kotagede

    Love it….very very usefull

    Thks a lot Zac…

  • Mark Sierra at MeAnd

    I really do appreciate you taking the time to offer your landing page, Zac. This is a real time-saver. Thanks!

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  • Luis

    The web is a multi-lingual environment.

    By translating your landing page and conversion tunnel, you are making your company product and services accessible to customers around the globe.


    1. Over 65% of Internet users speak a native language other than English

    2. People are three times more likely to buy a product available to them in their native language

    3. Google provides Multilingual Platforms and crawls Web Pages in more than 30 Languages

    4. Online foreign language markets are growing at a faster pace than the English speaking ones.

    5. More than 20% of Americans Browse and Search in the Internet using Non-English Languages

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    Nice set of landing pages…. very useful for people looking to sell products and services!!! :D

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    Good explanation and outline of basic LP structure. Very helpful. Thanks.

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    Didn't know of you until today…and I must say I am quite impressed.

    Great content, and thanks for the zip of the template.

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    This is a great post. Lots of affiliates will need to read this. Lots of good information and like how you explained it.

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  • Mark

    I just came across this post tonight and really enjoyed it until I read the post by NickyCakes (tonight is the first time I have ever heard of either of you).

    I notice there wasn't a response and really curious if there is a legit explanation?


    • Mark

      Also curious where the testimonials and before and after picts came from? If made up then I can only say that is bogus. I hope I am wrong.

  • computer training

    thanks man just downloaded the zip file, great post.

  • Debt Quick Fixes

    What You Suggest For Not Lonsing Traffic Between PPC and The Affiliate Landing Page If You Use Your Own Landing Page. Thanks A++

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    It's verry nice to give us a free landing page. Thanks verry much!

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    I tried this with my first ppc campaign and it actually didn't work too well. as it turns out the niche i was in had to have a different layout – but this is still a great post.

  • kris


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  • goofblogger

    Thanks for providing the template. I started a series of posts outlining my first PPC campaign. I came across your template and it is great.

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    Thanks for this great share. At least I can learn from a pro with zero cost.

    Appreciate the hard work!

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    Thanks for your great template, and hope I can make a great online earning just like you do

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  • Kuber

    Thanks Zac for the offer, after the download I am sure I will find this page very useful, just one question..if I create a blog and would like to write an article about losing weight to support my landing page, any idea where I can get free articles for editing without the copyright problems.
    Thanks again.

  • Flipping Websites

    I've been searching all week for landing pages and splash pages. thank you for this offer.


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    thanks so much for this! gives me something to work with.

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    Thanks for the idea, nice landing page template. I've posted 10 or so on my latest post, check it out.

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    Nice & good info! Keep u'r good works…

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  • Darrell

    Hey Zac…thanks for the template. I have a question…

    What are the best landing pages to create and when?

    Is it better to create:

    Side-by-side comparison reviews?

    Single user experience reviews?

    Single review as a perceived authority or expert?

    Which is best and under what conditions?

    Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated and of value to all of us.


  • 12v Products

    Nice article! A worth read.

  • Ty Brown

    This is great stuff. I'm kind of an idiot, though. Does anyone have any advice for how to import the template into dreamweaver so I can edit it?


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    Interesting point of view

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    After I download this how do I actually go in and edit and apply this template for my campaigns if anybody has an answer it would be much appreciated thanks!

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    Thanks for the template, Zac. I will put this to good use!

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    any landing pages again ? just 3 or more

  • Aiptek

    Great post.

    How much text do you use normally on a landing page? Your sample seems quite short (of course). Do you use longer text in reality? I know many offers that use 10-15 pages of text where you have to scroll down.

  • landing page templat

    You don't need that much text on it.

  • PS3

    Nice post, i will implement this on my site and see how it goes! Will let you know.

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    Great template. This is something that I really need to work on. I have a bad habit of presenting products ineffectively. After working for ecommerce websites for so long, I got into the practice of just putting products up on a website catalogue style. Obviously that won't convert the most customers though.

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    Thanks so much for the template… as Jonathon Volk mentioned (over a year ago) it's fairly basic… but I think that's what I like most about it. You don't have to be fancy to drive sales- I promise.

    I'm going to get a campaign going with it tonight. Two thumbs up!

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    I must thank you for this very amazing post that shows exactly the elements of a successful landing page.

    You have covered the top 3 features of a killer landing page. What I mostly emphasize is the "Call To Action" part.

    This segment can be seen in many spots of a landing page, in the Headline, in the Image and even in the "Call To Action" button.

    The psychological effect of this wonderful part of a landing page is so important that if we miss it out, we would not be able to convert. Another point we should always consider is relevancy.

    The "Call To Action" part should be relevant to the offer and also the promoting message before the landing page. It could be an AdWords ad or a text on a blog referring to this landing page. Remember that repetition works well if done well.

    Thank you again for sharing your valuable tips and tricks on designing landing pages.

    All the Best!

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    Wondering if it's cool to re-use this in our landing page creator?



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    yes, it seems easy to create a landing page, and indeed it is! I see that more and more IM gurus are going for CPAs instead of PPC or selling a product… is CPA (with the right landing pages) the next frontier of IM?

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    It would also be my first attempt at landing pages.

    Many thanks for sharing.

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    The landing page you've created is good, but its only good depending upon the product you're trying to sell. We're an ecommerce bathroom supplier, so we have to do things a little differently, as its a function-based sale rather than a features-based, like your template seems to reflect.

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    I've created a few ads using your template and they seem to be converting quite well.

    Thanks again.

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    man i just run into you everywhere!

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