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Create Plenty of Ads with Plenty of Fish Ads Manager

Are you already killing it with Facebook Ads? Or maybe you are just getting killed and not making any money at all!? Another excellent source for driving traffic to your affiliate offers is the free dating social network, PlentyOfFish.com. Think Facebook… but focused towards online dating.

Plenty of Fish is one of the largest free dating sites in the world, and as a marketer, I can tell you they also have an amazing back end for advertising on their network. Facebook has a ton of demographic targeting, but Plenty of Fish really drills down on personal preference, education, occupation and income levels. If you have successfully made a profit on running dating campaigns with Facebook, you should be able to do the same, if not better with Plenty of Fish.

Obvious dating offers are one of the hottest and easiest offers to promote and see results. The majority of users on Plenty of Fish are already single and looking for online dating, so hitting them with a new dating site is just what they want. However, more than regular ad campaigns, you will really need to drill down on what ad creatives pull in the best results and click through rates.

If you have an affiliate or product offer and know what the demographics are of the average buyer, then Plenty of Fish is a great network for testing and marketing to your direct audience. Dating on Plenty of Fish is always going to be saturated since it’s the focus of the network, so think outside of the box to find a new campaigns that isn’t being heavily pushed.

Just like advertising on Facebook Ads, the process of manually adding new ad campaigns one at a time is a tedious and frustrating task. Lucky for us, Mr. Green has created the Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader. Just like the 4 Hour Affiliate plugin, I’ve been using Mr. Green’s Ad Uploader for months now.

How much is your time worth? You can keep manually uploading campaigns one at a time, or invest in the Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader for only $100 and start focusing on what matters most, your ROI and CTR.

Read a full review on how the Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader works and how it can drastically improve your roi, time management and ad campaigns for Plenty of Fish advertising.

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