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Do Not Auto Renew Domains with GoDaddy

Don’t get me wrong, GoDaddy is awesome and I use them for all of my domain purchases. However, when it comes to renewing your domains, you can save a decent amount if you take some time to renew them yourself vs. setting up the auto renewal feature. If you’re super lazy and will probably forget about renewing your domains, it’s probably not worth it… but if you have a decent amount of domain names, you could be saving yourself a couple hundred bucks over the course of the year.

As mentioned, I have a lot of domains at GoDaddy, so I get these auto renew notifications (above) all the time through email. I’m also a member of their “Domain Discount Club“, which means I only have to pay $7.29 per domain (and annual renewal), vs. their public rate of $10.69. The domain discount club costs $70-$80 per year, depending on how many years you subscribe. The savings on domain name renewals at 30%, so it makes it worthwhile to be a member. Depending on how many domains you currently have, it may or may not be worth joining.

GoDaddy Domain Discount Club Rates & Domain Prices

Either way, if you are part of the DDC club or not, you still have the option to place “Auto Renewal” on your domains in your account. This is an excellent feature because you don’t have to worry about every losing an expired domain again. It’s also great for GoDaddy, as it brings them renewal business every day.

Here’s where you can save by NOT auto renewing. It’s easy enough to setup your auto renewal and sit back and let your cc get auto-billed, but instead, you should renew your expiring domain names in advance, before they are auto renewed. With GoDaddy coupons available from sites like FatWallet, you can pay in the low $7 range per renewal, instead of $10. For example, code “emma9” = any .com domain for $7.49 (works on new domains and renewals). Instead of letting your 10 domains (for example) go on autorenewal, you can save an extra $30 by doing it yourself. If you have over 100, just think about the savings… You can still leave auto-renewal on in your account, just bulk renew before their expiry date.

In addition to renewal coupons, you can also pick up new domain names for only $1.99 with the coupon code “199BUYCOM“. Be sure to check out the latest “GoDaddy Coupons” page on FatWallet for the latest coupons and special offers.

Feel free to list any other helpful hints or coupon codes relating to GoDaddy.

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