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Do Not Auto Renew Domains with GoDaddy

Don’t get me wrong, GoDaddy is awesome and I use them for all of my domain purchases. However, when it comes to renewing your domains, you can save a decent amount if you take some time to renew them yourself vs. setting up the auto renewal feature. If you’re super lazy and will probably forget about renewing your domains, it’s probably not worth it… but if you have a decent amount of domain names, you could be saving yourself a couple hundred bucks over the course of the year.

As mentioned, I have a lot of domains at GoDaddy, so I get these auto renew notifications (above) all the time through email. I’m also a member of their “Domain Discount Club“, which means I only have to pay $7.29 per domain (and annual renewal), vs. their public rate of $10.69. The domain discount club costs $70-$80 per year, depending on how many years you subscribe. The savings on domain name renewals at 30%, so it makes it worthwhile to be a member. Depending on how many domains you currently have, it may or may not be worth joining.

GoDaddy Domain Discount Club Rates & Domain Prices

Either way, if you are part of the DDC club or not, you still have the option to place “Auto Renewal” on your domains in your account. This is an excellent feature because you don’t have to worry about every losing an expired domain again. It’s also great for GoDaddy, as it brings them renewal business every day.

Here’s where you can save by NOT auto renewing. It’s easy enough to setup your auto renewal and sit back and let your cc get auto-billed, but instead, you should renew your expiring domain names in advance, before they are auto renewed. With GoDaddy coupons available from sites like FatWallet, you can pay in the low $7 range per renewal, instead of $10. For example, code “emma9” = any .com domain for $7.49 (works on new domains and renewals). Instead of letting your 10 domains (for example) go on autorenewal, you can save an extra $30 by doing it yourself. If you have over 100, just think about the savings… You can still leave auto-renewal on in your account, just bulk renew before their expiry date.

In addition to renewal coupons, you can also pick up new domain names for only $1.99 with the coupon code “199BUYCOM“. Be sure to check out the latest “GoDaddy Coupons” page on FatWallet for the latest coupons and special offers.

Feel free to list any other helpful hints or coupon codes relating to GoDaddy.

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Crazy Oldie says

thanks for the coupon codes buddy! I got a few sites that I need to renew. I made a mistake of auto renew in the past and got raped on the fees compared to what should have paid with promo codes.

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Steve says

Good advice. It amazes me that GoDaddy allows their promo codes to be used for years by 100s of different users. But it's great for their customers that know how to find them.

<abbr>Steve’s last blog post..June 2009 Free Acai Berry Trials</abbr>

Stocks on Wall Stree says

What do you think about the Go Daddy feature to purchase other domains?

<abbr>Stocks on Wall Street’s last blog post..London, Here I Come</abbr>

Darin Carter says

Great Advice Zac, you done went and told everyone the secret! … LOL


Kyle says

Ever use 1&1? They offer even better prices, 2 years for just $12.

Mike says

Great article!

La Digue says

Hmmmm….interesting post. Thanks for sharing this useful information and also for the coupon code. I have some friends who possess a dozen of domain names and probably don't know about how to save money from auto renewal. Will pass on the message to them!

hanji - money-code says

Zac great tips. I do auto-renew. I also have a lot of domains there.. and I'm not in the DDC. I'll do the math today to see if it'll be worth it.. I already think it will.

Thanks for the tip!


<abbr>hanji – money-code’s last blog post..Hub Blogs Strategy</abbr>

Jesse says

Thanks for the new coupon codes, I often times just "forget" to check for them at renewal time. I have just under 100 domains, so it's not a huge amount but every dollar counts I suppose.

I've never done auto renewal just because I don't like the idea, I prefer to have control over what/when I renew. And it also encourages me to look into the domain if for example I have had it for 2 years and haven't done anything with it, I'll do the "should I renew, develop or sell it" decision.

<abbr>Jesse’s last blog post..Why I Have Been So Busy Lately, Say Hi To Mya Elizabeth Distad</abbr>

Zac Johnson says

<a class="replyTo" href="#comment-109738" rel="nofollow">@Jesse:

30% off on 100 domain renewals is definitely a nice chunk of savings. I always feel screwed if I can't find some type of coupon code for online purchases. Just too easy to save money.

used tires says

I've always used the coupons online to save some major money on the domain purchases, I've never really been a big fan of the DDC, anyways about 1-2 years ago, they used to be cheaper, and you could pretty much get it for about 7 bux or so after tax with the coupons, but since they've raised the price that's no longer an option, but still though… I am more than happy to purchase the domain renewals for $7.49

Till then,


fas says

What I don't like about godaddy is that they offer 2.19 (including ican fees) domains only for new users.

<abbr>fas’s last blog post..Easy Ways To Earn Money From Google</abbr>

netbook deals online says

I love godaddy and all their coupons! I have probably 700 or so domains there and saving those few dollars using the coupon codes can save a ton throughout the year.

Godaddy can be annoying to navigate with their insane amount of addons and upgrades and sales pitches while you are trying to check out but once you know the process it's only a few clicks and you avoid all that.

That compared to something like namecheap…which I really really want to like more. But I can't get past feeling ripped off/screwed every time I renew a domain there. They taunt you with that little coupon code box but never offer any renewal coupons. I don't care how user friendly their domain manager might be, how little ads and upsells they have, if they can't figure out how to offer coupons for renewals then it doesn't make sense for me to keep my domains with them. And they don't seem to care so their loss I guess. Any domains I buy from people that are at namecheap, or any other regristrar, end up getting moved over to godaddy mostly because of the few bucks savings.

I'm not really "cheap" but it just doesn't make sense paying a few extra bucks for hundreds and hundreds of domains when godaddy has no problem offering coupons for current customers. Companies like namecheap are probably missing out on a ton of extra business because of the way they do it.

Zac Johnson says

<a class="replyTo" href="#comment-109742" rel="nofollow">@Jeff:

Why spend $8.81 on a domain when you can get them for $7.49 through GoDaddy? I didn't write this post to try and make money off GoDaddy, but to inform others and help them save.

godaddy coupons says

great list of coupons

Yoga Mat Review says

Thanks for the coupons. Also, I'd go check all Registrars and see how many domains I've got in store. If it's worth joining the Domain Discount Club, i'd go for it! Good Post! thanks.

Discount Gift Cards says

about the saving on auto renewals..i found out that too late. Won't be doing that next time.

Minnesota Attorney says

I've had nothing but trouble with 1and1. Thanks for the tip about GoDaddy. I'm going to checkout GoDaddy and Moniker.

<abbr>Minnesota Attorney’s last blog post..Minnesota Small Business Attorney</abbr>

Custom Essay says

How to stop auto renew feature. They already have my credit card stored in their system.


Dimas says

Zac, great tips. I use GoDaddy for all my domains also. thx.

thatedeguy says

I keep them all on autorenew because I don't want to forget to renew them, but they send a renewal notice a couple of months before they renew and then I can go in and manually renew them with a coupon code and still save the money without worrying about losing the domain or paying the high re-reg costs.

Sulumits Retsambew says

GoDaddy is not on my recommend. They are sucks. I always registering any new domain name on internetbs.net They work fast. Any domain name will active instantly after payment by paypal.

Goran Web Design says

The costs start adding up real quick if you got a portfolio of domains, and good management can save you a good amount of cash. But some people will just be lazy people, and they count on this with their auto-renewals.

Ricky Peterson says

Thanks Zac for sharing some important information. Especially coupon code and also informing they charge more for auto renewing domains.

Domainbörse says

Thank you for information!



nakliyat says

good sharing

thanks for info

YogaMatReview.Org says

I wish Godaddy would simply their interface, it's a nightmare, especially when you have a lot of domains to manage. What do people use for hosting? I use GoDaddy for some of my domains, because I was convenient to have everything in one spot, but I'm beginning to have doubts.

More Youtube Views says

Go daddy is great, but I agree about the auto renew. Man do I have a lot to learn.

Des says

Godaddy Autorenew is true Internet Fraud and have fooled many people. They are misusing your trust of sharing credit card information or payment methods. My hosting expired and was not interested in autorenew so I had deliberately disabled it. Then I see one day suddenly I am charged 59 USD for no reason. They say that I have set it to autorenew, which I haven't. After one month email communication, they have refunded partial amount saying that we can only refund partial amount as you have used services till now. Damn! One month communication is all my waste efforts and they are charging again back to me. DO NOT BUY ANY SERVICES FROM GODADDY.COM. They will dupe you this or that way. Also they are all expensive services. There are many brands which are cheap do not do this kind of autorenew without your permissions.

More Youtube Views says

Host gator has some good hosting. But I have to admit that I have some with godaddy also.

Security guard says

I always transfer them to namecheap after the first year… one time they did the automatic renewal and hit me with $300 on godaddy.

No thanks… lol

@Human_Stupidity says

Godaddy sucks: I got slapped with several domains auto-renewing for 87 dollars each. FOUR YEARS with Private registration.

I called in, they refused to scale it back to one year renewal.

They don't care about customers, I told them several times I will remove all 50 domains from them, they don't care.
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pappu says

please tell ho to renew my domain in godaddy

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