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Effective Link Building Methods Which Will Work in 2012

If your online marketing campaign this year has not turned out as anticipated so far, you definitely need help! A soothing thing in my view at this point of time is – approx. half glass is still filled, as we got five full months to go. So you can make it the most happening half of 2012 if you play the cards right and use link building resources optimally.

You can always be happy about your activities whatsoever in the initial two quarters, because those have anyways pulled the trigger. However, search engine optimization or online marketing is all about producing volumes of content and making link building methods to work effectively in your favor. From SEO experts to online marketers to successful bloggers, all know this secret and implement it into their campaigns. By walking over their footsteps, you can write your own success story. Simply go through these proven and effective link building methods and see how they become the traffic magnet, ranking you high over search engines.

1. Article Submission – Established Resource to Link Building

One thing – that keeps visitors attracted and eventually drags organic traffic to your blog or website is – good engaging content. But good content is less significant unless it goes live over variety of online places. Article submission directories are a phenomenal dais in that respect. Your content go live by way of these directories, which in turn enhances visibility of your website, business, brand, blog or whatever you are promoting. This is where you got an opportunity to build links back to the parent site.

Link building through content submission over directories is an established method and is going to facilitate in 2012 as well. While it is important that you use numerous directories, sensible it is to pick the right ones. With article directories such as ezinearticles, you ascertain that your links are getting promoted amongst quality loving gentry. Including this one, many directories offer submissions for free.

However so as to speed up your online marketing campaign and leverage better results in remaining six months, you should tap the potential in paid to submit directories as well. A directory as Submitedge empowers content with its range of packages. At a meager expense of $70, you send as high as 400 articles live in a matter of 20 days. You may also find other directories that charge an annual subscription or a onetime fee for back linking. In short, some bucks invested now definitely take your link building activities to the next level!

2. Social Media can Pioneer Link Building

One thing the keeps individuals creatively involved these days is – Social Media. Registering an online presence over popular social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook can create a brand image for you. But you can generate a fair deal of traffic using them as a platform for link building. Whether it is by way of micro-blogs over Twitter or lines written on Facebook wall, this can turn out to be a phenomenal tool for search engine optimization. Select your target keyword amid the short text created for micro-blog and hyperlink it; Twitter is a crowded portal already for social networking portal and hence can bring oodles of new visitors to your website.

Facebook disapproves any possible spamming led to through links. Therefore, you should be smart with link building here to reap benefits for SEO. LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, etc. are online networks where people post their profiles and connect with those coming from same or diverse professions. In a nutshell, I call social media a fabulous instrument for spreading a word about you and your business regularly. You can rely upon it in 2012 to build links and drive traffic to your site or blog.

3. Build Rapport and Get Links though Guest Blogging

Some of you must be amazed with why people submit content on others’ blogs when they have their own. I won’t be surprised even if many others figure it out as a source of income! If you too thought this way, it was time you changed your lookout. This is called guest blogging and it is another interesting yet awesome way to increased online visibility. To understand it better, if you own a blog or website in weight loss niche, you can search other blogs relevant to your subject. After seeking respective owners’ permission, you can post insightful content for blog’s audience. In turn, your name gets published in author’s byline as a guest blogger which gets you an identity and eventually space to build link.

A subtle advantage of guest blogging is that you open up prospects to network with other bloggers. Well that simply means more opportunities for you to build links for your site. If you haven’t leveraged this method yet, do it now! As you initiate guest blogging, you can hope to see your site’s popularity remarkably elevated in some months.

4. Tagline

Having gone through the wisdom I have shared above, it shouldn’t be hard to make out that you got yet enough online resources to be exploited. It is at the same time imperative to note that consistency in using every possible link building tool is the key to unlock doors in online marketing. Some bucks, likely to be spent now over hiring good writers or as subscription to article submissions, might be considered a short term investment. After all, they build links to influence lasting traffic as the crop you will go on harvesting for many years to come!

Link building is a vast subject to discuss though. Hence, I welcome you to share observations or raise points with various link building methods applied. That would be insightful for everyone out here!

This guest post was written by Anil Agarwal writes exclusively around blogging tips for beginners and link building tips and techniques for bloggers and website owners to help them drive maximum traffic from search engines.

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