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Five Great Ways to Increase Fans to Your Facebook Page

It’s no surprise that the major social networks are taking over our lives and changing the way people use the internet. This also means that more people are finding their preferred content through Facebook directly instead of visiting some of their favorite web sites. This is one of the major reasons why it’s important to focus your efforts on growing a massive Facebook following. It’s way too easy to keep focusing on your web site or blog content and forget to look at the nearly one billion users on Facebook.

In this post we are going to cover a few different ways for you to kick start your Facebook Fan Pages into over drive and how to get more people to like your pages and brands, and hopefully getting them back to your site where you can monetize your traffic even more.

Create a Viral Facebook Contest

One of the best ways to bring buzz and attraction to your Facebook Fan page is by offering a contest or promotion. Usually this is as simple as setting up a contest wordpress plugin on your site, then allowing people to share with their friends on Facebook, or simply “Liking” your fan page. No matter what method you take, make sure you have something in place to track your results and are making it extremely easy for people to “Like” your page and enter your contest, while also sharing and recommending it to their friends.

Simply Buy New Facebook Fans

As mentioned, there are nearly 1 billion users now on Facebook. Getting the attention of just the smallest fraction of a percentage could result in a huge following for your brand or web site. One method that people are using to grow their fan pages following very fast is to use a service which can bring you a lot of targeted and un-targeted users for a price. Buying Facebook Fans won’t get you the most loyal followers, but it will get you an audience that you can test your traffic with and maybe even pull them over to your site where you can get them signed up for your mailing list. Packages start as low as $36 for 1,000 followers, and you can choose what country you would like your Facebook Fans to come from.

Offer Premium Content and Bonuses

An excellent way to build up a nice following of Facebook users is to offer them an exclusive coupon, bonus or guide for becoming a fan of your Facebook page. We see this a lot with the major brands like Old Navy and other retailers. Once a Facebook users “likes” their Fan Page, they will have instant access to a coupon that they can use on their web site or sometime even print out and bring to the store. No matter what niche you are in, there is always something that you can offer for free and give as a bonus to increase Fan Page followers.

Adding Your Facebook Fans Page Badge to Your Site

For web sites and blogs with high traffic, an easy and free way to get people to join your Facebook fan page is by simply adding the Facebook badge to your page. Since most people are already signed into Facebook at all times of the day, should they visit your site and see your badge, all they would need to do is click “Like” and they will become a fan. The badge will also display other people who are Fans and there is a good chance they will see some of their friends faces on there as well, which will further entice them to become a fan as well.

Advertise Through Facebook Ads

Possibly one of the most effective ways to grow your Facebook fan page audience is through the use of the Facebook Ads platform. It doesn’t matter what the niche or concept of your brand or web site is, you can pretty much pin point your audience through Facebook Ads’ demographic targeting. If you have a celebrity based web site, you can target users who like certain celebrities… same for any brands, tv shows, interests or anything else you can think of. If you are really great at targeting and creating high end ad copy, you may be able to get new Facebook Fans for just a few pennies.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to grow your audience through Facebook and building up your Fan Page following. Try each of these methods discussed and see which works best for your. Don’t forget to look around and see what some of the top brands and your competitors are doing to increase their Facebook following.

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