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The Simple 5-Step Formula to Affiliate Marketing Success



“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” – Warren Buffett.

Buffet is so right. Poor people work for money while rich people find ways to make money work for them.

Did you know the surest way to make money while you sleep working online?

It’s affiliate marketing.

Most people say it’s easier to make money from affiliate marketing but it’s not true. In fact, it takes years of consistent efforts and dedication to make money while you sleep from affiliate marketing.

Bloggers like Jeremy Schoemaker, Neil Patel, John Chow are making millions of dollars from affiliate marketing and they know how to make more sales without pitching much. So what can you do to become a successful affiliate marketer like them?

If you are struggling to boost your affiliate product sales, this post is a treat for you where you will discover five of the best affiliate marketing tips you can use to grow your sales.

Are you curious to find them out? Let’s jump into the details then.


#1. Develop a solid content marketing strategy

Yes, you need more affiliate sales to make money even while you sleep. But sales don’t come easily without having a solid strategy.

You need to have a plan. You need a solid content marketing strategy to boost your affiliate sales.

You may ask, “why do I need strategies for content marketing”.

So, let’s quickly talk about it and then we can talk about how you can lay out a great content marketing strategy to increase your affiliate sales.

Content marketing is all about “attracting more people with your content and then turning them into buyers”. Content marketing is the #1 key for bloggers like Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Brian Clark to grow their online presence and that’s how they have built multi-million dollar online businesses.

That being said, here’s how to lay out a solid content marketing strategy that not only attracts more audience to your sites but also boost your affiliate sales. You can also refer to this affiliate marketing guide for a detailed breakdown of the process as well.

  • Find your target audience first. Figure out their demographics, age, interests, wants and needs. Analyze where do they usually hang out online (forums, social media, groups etc). Gather as much information as possible. You should know more about your target audience than they know about themselves.
  • Brian Dean’s method of using the skyscraper technique to find the most popular content in your niche is one of the best working strategies out there. Then, create content that beats anyone else’s content in your industry. That’s how you grab more attention, social shares, and links.
  • Do email outreach with other bloggers in your niche. Frequently link to their content and let them know whenever you do so. Sooner or later they will also start doing the same which gives you a huge boost in your search rankings.
  • Always do keyword research before creating content. Find long tail keywords that your target audience are searching for. Make sure you are using long tail keywords properly in your titles, meta description, image alt tags, URL and throughout your copy to rank well in search engines.
  • Last but not least, create long form of content. Almost always detailed content (usually over 1500 words) ranks well and outranks short form of content on Google search results.


#2. Answer “what’s in it for them?”

There are a gazillion number of blogs out there. Millions of blogs are going live every single day. Almost every one of them try to sell something to make money.

Then how can you differentiate yourself from your competition?

How can you actually cut the noise and increase your affiliate sales?

Answer what’s in it for them first. Make a list of all the benefits that your target audience will get when they buy something from you.

If they are not getting any benefits, you have to find ways to add benefits to them. You can also give away your own products or services if someone buys your affiliate products. That way you can quickly boost your overall sales.

Make sure you are answering “what’s in it for them” before promoting any affiliate product on your blog to boost your overall sales.

Ask yourself the following questions if you want to increase your affiliate product sales.

  • Am I giving away anything valuable to the people who is buying from me?
  • Am I promoting the right affiliate products that suit my target audience?
  • Am I actually adding value to my audience?


#3. Trust comes first, sales come later

The #1 reason people buy from the most successful affiliate marketer Pat Flynn is “trust”. Pat knows how to build trust online and he also knows how to turn his prospects into buyers.

If you want to boost your affiliate product sales, you need to build trust. Without that, you can’t make more sales. It’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately building trust online is NOT easy. The reason is, online people has less attention span and they don’t care about buying from strangers.

At the same, they are ready to take out their wallets if they like you and trust you. If you are wondering how to build trust online, here are few things to consider.

  • Whenever you add affiliate links to your products, make sure to add the full disclosure. Just by mentioning “all the links using in this page contain affiliate links and when you buy something from the page, I get a commission” can go a long way and it instantly adds trust.
  • Add social proof. If your site got featured on top sites in your industry (either through incoming links or guest posts), make sure to showcase them in your home page or about page.
  • Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Really, positioning is everything in online. Observe any top blogger or marketer in your field and you will notice they positioned themselves as experts in a specific niche. That’s what you exactly need to do if you want to quickly build solid trust online.
  • Try to write as many case studies as you can. Case studies really increase your social proof and it helps you quickly connect with your audience. They also attract a lot of buzz online by giving you more social shares, comments, and backlinks.
  • Walk the talk. Before you say anything, first do it by yourself. Walk the talk. Action always speaks louder than words.


#4. Research your competitors

You can drive incremental affiliate sales and make a lot of money from affiliate marketing if you research your competitors. Find out your top 10 competitors and research every bit about them.

Find out how they are making money by selling or recommending products. Find out what products they are promoting on their blogs.

Figure out which promotion strategies your competitors are using to increase their affiliate product sales. Analyze their content, read their comments section and do everything you need to do to spy on your competitors marketing strategies.

Last but not least, focus on using the right affiliate marketing platforms to choose the right products to increase your sales. That being said, here are 3 of the widely known affiliate marketing sites you can use to find and promote affiliate products.

  1. Amazon Associates: The Amazon program is one of the most widely used affiliate marketing platforms used by bloggers around the world. With millions of products, your monetization options are endless.
  2. Commission Junction: This is another incredible network that is used to find and sell a ton of products on many different topics.
  3. ShareASale: Another widely used affiliate network mostly useful for marketing related sites and you can make a lot of commission through their products.

You might be wondering, how can I actually spy on my competitors?

You can use tools like SEMrush to find your competitors best performing keywords, backlink sources, and high traffic blog posts so you can use few of their tactics to increase your own website traffic and sales too.


#5. Write unbiased product reviews

The fastest way to increase your affiliate sales even if you are a beginner is to write product reviews. Not just any random reviews but honest and most unbiased product reviews.

Writing useful reviews about the products you personally use or promote is the surefire way to educate your readers and increase your affiliate sales.

Instead of writing product reviews just for the sake of increasing sales, make them useful. List out all the features and if possible write case studies.

For instance, when I wrote a detailed review of SEMrush, I didn’t just cover how it’s useful for the readers, I actually went in-depth and covered how it has helped me increase my overall website search engine traffic. People actually loved it so much so that my sales went through the roofs.

That’s what I recommend you to do. Use your products first. Get results. Then, share your case studies as product reviews. People will love such kind of in-depth product reviews and they will buy from you (if they find your products useful for them).

Here are few tips for creating affiliate product reviews that sell.

  • Consider creating video reviews about the products you promote. They work like a charm. You can describe in detail and you can also add a personal touch when you are using videos for product reviews.
  • Do a comparison of the products you promote. Find out the similar and relevant products and create product reviews about them. Discuss all the pros and cons and recommend the RIGHT product that suits best to your audience. They can attract more sales.
  • Always spend quality time on crafting the perfect headlines. Headlines are everything. Did you know that 8 out 10 people read your headlines first? They click on your posts only if your headlines are compelling to their needs.
  • Research your competitors. Analyze how they are writing their product reviews. Find out how they are promoting their products and boosting their sales. It gives you a better idea on how to increase your own affiliate product sales.
  • Write case studies about the products you promote. Do videos about them. Do whatever you want to do to educate your audience about your recommended products.


How to Find the Your Eventual Success with Affiliate Marketing

Making a lot of sales from affiliate marketing is not an easy task. If it was, everyone would be doing it. Successful affiliate marketing is an art. If you learn the art of selling, you can easily convince your audience to buy recommended products and services from you.

Another important factor you need to remember while going for affiliate marketing is to build trust. Without building trust, you simply can’t convince people to buy stuff from you.

Read books, marketing blogs and learn how to build trust to boost your affiliate sales. Don’t focus solely on increasing your sales or you will look like a salesman.

Affiliate marketing is here to stay, and those who continue to find the most success are the ones who put in the actionable time and effort using the methods above.


This article was written by Anil Agarwal of

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How Attrace is Changing Affiliate Marketing with Blockchain Technology



Every once in awhile something new hits the industry and it grabs the attention of audiences around the world. In the business of affiliate marketing we all know the importance of technology and crunching the numbers as much as possible to make a profit —  however, the core foundation, basic principles, and how affiliate networks are tracking leads and paying out commissions to affiliates haven’t changed much over the years.

Sure, there are faster payments, more offers, and better tracking technology, but doesn’t it seem like we should be more advanced and have more control over such analytics and data? With so much emphasis on blockchain technology and everyone talking about Bitcoin as being the future of personal and business finance, I think the next question is how blockchain will disrupt the affiliate marketing industry.

That is exactly what Attrace, a decentralized affiliate marketing network, wants to do with their brand new and blockchain technology-driven platform. Today we are going to look at not only how blockchain technology can disrupt the affiliate marketing industry, save merchants money, and also help affiliate marketers earn more than ever before.

The Time for Blockchain Technology is Now

As mentioned earlier, if you’ve heard of the phrase blockchain, you’ve likely heard it associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The reason why blockchain is so popular and gaining so much attention, is because it’s changing the way data is transferred among users, makes only payments and transactions after, and also integrates the power of a decentralized internet in the process.

With so many companies using blockchain to protect their data, make transactions safer, and also keep all sides of the party safe and secure,  it seems like a perfect fit for affiliate marketing as well.

This is where Attrace comes into play.

Attrace Affiliate Network and Features

With so many opportunities in the world of affiliate marketing, every once in awhile you will come across a new network or tracking platform that takes advantage of the technology around it, and makes a solution that’s better for everyone. Today we can look at a trace and see that they are building a platform with the future in mind, while also catering to the affiliate and advertiser alike.

When you look at the impact of affiliate marketing around the world and see that billions of dollars are generated every year, it’s also important to realize there are hundreds of millions of dollars being paid to affiliate networks in transaction fees. With these basic concepts and financial figures in mind, it would make perfect sense for someone to develop a decentralized platform with minimum transaction costs to the advertisers, and making the withdrawal and payment process to affiliates more seamless.

That is exactly what Attrace has focused their efforts on creating, which we can see through the short explainer video below.

For anyone that has ever signed up to an affiliate network as an advertiser or merchant, you know there are several costs involved —  such as the initial setup fee, integration, program management and of course the ongoing transaction costs. If you are paying out several thousands of dollars to your affiliates, you will likely be paying thousands and transaction fees as well.

It’s not just on the merchant or advertiser side that you will find new improvements, features, and benefits, Attrace has built their network with the affiliate marketer in mind as well. As more people continue to use mobile devices and different types of browsers and ways to access the internet, it’s always a question of how well your leads and sales are actually being tracked. Just the smallest percentage of leads getting lost or scraped can be the difference between a successful campaign, or a failed one.

All of these elements and focus points are a top priority for Attrace, while also focusing on the following areas:

  • Very low fees
    Affiliate Networks charge 10-25% commission. Attrace reduces this to ~0.5%.
  • Faster Real Value payments
    Instant commission payout instead of waiting for weeks if not months, based on very precise definitions and dynamic scaling.
  • Fraud detection
    Smart contracts attached to every click/referral cannot be manipulated resulting in all statistics being the absolute truth.
  • No more tracking problems
    Every individual click/referral will have a unique ID, resulting in the fully reliable tracking of the Publishers’ performance.
  • Direct connection between Publishers and Merchants
    The Attrace platform enables direct communication between Publishers and Merchants via the advanced messaging board.
  • No Merchant restrictions
    Long Tail and Emerging Markets acceptance will be based on reputation, not at the discretion of Affiliate Network.

With so many features and benefits in place, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the floodgates open for advertisers and affiliates to join a new platform like Attrace. At the same time, with so many elements in play and the technicalities of the blockchain, this will likely be a transition and work in progress for months and years to come. You can actually see how all of this will come together through the timeline created by Attrace, while also seeing their projections and goals over the next year.

How to Get Started with Attrace Affiliate Network

There are two ways to get started with Attrace affiliate network —  the first is to sign up through their telegram group or to take part in their upcoming ICO token sale — which is also featured on their main page.

No matter which of the methods you decide to go after, it will be quite interesting to see how blockchain technology continues to change the way we all use the internet and especially in the world of affiliate marketing.

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GDPR Rules, Fines and Compliance – What You Need to Know



As most business people know, taking care of sensitive and personal data of customers is of the utmost importance. Failing to do this could see you getting on the wrong side of your customers and the wrong side of the law – and the penalties can be severe. In the past, the Data Protection Act has provided regulations and guidelines to help businesses to implement data protection policies. However, this is now changing with the introduction of the GDPR.

How will this affect your current business and email marketing efforts?

The biggest question is always what needs to be done next to make sure you are compliant. iContact answers this easy enough with the following statement from the site:

The good news is, if you are already following email marketing best practices and asking your subscribers for permission to join your email lists via a subscription form on your website or requiring the subscriber to tick a box on your ecommerce site (and you can prove this ), you are well on your way to GDPR compliance.

Just like CAN-SPAM came out several years ago, and caused a big fuss, GDPR will likely do the same but everyone (and all of the major solution providers) will make compliance process quite simple and direct.

In order to ensure you do not end up being penalized as a result of failing to implement these new regulations properly, it is important to keep up with the latest developments. Businesses that do not follow these new regulations, which are due to come into play within a matter of weeks, could find themselves facing serious consequences. These regulations are all linked to how data is handled by businesses and it is important for all businesses, large and small, to get to grips with them.

Just like any new laws and regulations that are about to go into place, they have some hefty fines lined up for anyone looking to be made an example of. Imperva has a nice write-up and infographic on the new laws, and their associated fines as well. As you will see from the infographic below, the fines associated with the GDPR are quite high… with maximum fines hitting the $22 million range! In short, prepare your business now, or pay the price later on!

Fortunately, the government has already put a lot of information online about the GDPR, so those with lack of understanding can make sure they do their research to find out what needs to be done. Furthermore, specialist experts from specific industries are being taken on so that businesses can turn to someone with expertise in their specific industry in order to ensure they are following the new regulations to the letter.

One thing to remember is that your business does not have to be located within the EU in order to be tied to these regulations. The regulations also apply to businesses that are not in the EU but that sell products and services to others that are in the EU. Therefore, make sure you do not ignore these regulations just because of the location of your business, as you may find that they also apply to you because of the location of your customers.

How to Prepare for the GDPR Going Live on May 25th, 2018

As fun as it is to read up on all of these new laws and legal jargon, it’s much more exciting to watch a short video that breaks it all down. Not only will you learn more about what GDPR is, but you will also discover eleven things you need to make sure you have in place before May 25th hits and the law goes into effect.

An even better and more detailed resource on how to keep your business safe and compliant is this Forbes article on how the GDPR will affect advertising and e-commerce. With nearly all websites, blogs, and online businesses collecting emails, data, or placing cookies on their visitor’s computers, this is something we all need to be aware of.

How to Stay Up to Date with the Latest GDPR News

Since the new regulations are only just coming in, there may be some teething problems to begin with. This means that there is a chance there could be some changes and adaptations to begin with. In order to ensure you continue to implement the regulations properly, you should keep on top of any chances and developments. You can also hire the services of experts to help you get to grips with the GDPR as well as to help keep you informed as and when any changes are made.

With the introduction of the new regulations, all countries within the EU can benefit from the same data protection laws, which can help to make things much fairer and far easier to understand. Having different sets of rules from one EU country to another could be confusing and frustrating for both customers and businesses. Experts believe that these new regulations will help make things far easier to manage and understand as well as ensuring fairness across all EU countries.

However… only time will tell, and it will be interesting to see how the next few months play out after GDPR goes into affect.

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Affiliate Marketing in Asia – $1 Trillion Up for Grabs



Affiliate marketing has completely changed the way advertising and business are done on the internet today. What started out as a simple referral-based monetization platform from Amazon, and then soon adopted by Google, quickly spread throughout the industry and is now used by millions of businesses and brands around the internet today. At the same time, affiliate marketing first got its start in the United States, but soon found itself making its way around the world over the years.

One of the most common things United States-based affiliate marketers and brands neglect to focus on is the power of affiliate marketing and targeting towards other countries around the world. Just because you are living in a specific country or region, it doesn’t mean that you should be focusing all of your advertising and online marketing efforts there. This is especially true when you factor in the amazing demographic and geographic targeting options available online today. At the same time, language and translation barriers are really no excuse as well — there are plenty of low-cost services out there that this can be outsourced to.

Affiliate marketing in the U.S. is expected to be worth $6.8 billion over the next five years; in the UK alone it is already worth $1.6 billion. With these two markets already in demand and quite saturated, it might be best to start focusing your efforts on Asia. It was also pointed out that “Asia’s e-commerce spending hit US$1 trillion in 2016 alone”. (source)

With all of this in mind, today we are going to take a look at affiliate marketing in Asia, and why it simply can’t be ignored. Special thanks to Leadbit, an industry leading direct advertiser and affiliate network, for providing the infographic visuals and stats on each of these breakdowns.

Affiliate Marketing in India

Of all the countries and regions in the world today, India is growing at one of the fastest rates — both with people and their technology. More people are getting online than ever before, and with a population of more than 1.3 billion, this market is huge enough for any business or affiliate marketer to see huge results from. At the same time, of those 1.3 billion, less than half of them have access to the internet (whether it be through the internet or mobile devices).

When it comes to internet usage, most Indians are spending their time watching online video and using social networking platforms — both of which offer amazing demographic targeting and advertising options. It’s also important to consider your language usage and targeting as well. While English is one of the main languages in India, it’s just one of many.

As for promoting offers in India, this is something that many affiliate marketers and brands might struggle with, as traffic to individuals with India is usually pretty cheap, but the conversion rate on any type of credit card or payment offer is usually low. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find success. Evergreen offers like weight loss, health supplements, and anything else that everyday people need on a daily basis is well worth a test in this region.

Affiliate Marketing in Thailand

While India is one of the largest world markets that many brands and affiliate marketers are taking advantage of right now, Thailand is also making its way onto the radar. With a population of around 70 million, and more than half having access to the internet, this demographic is quickly getting online and looking to take advantage of what the internet has to offer.

Just like with promoting offers in India, it will be tough to find winners, but again… traffic costs are also at a fraction of what you would expect to pay to target countries like the United States, Germany, New Zealand and others.

Internet usage in Thailand is mainly focused on search engines, social networks and shopping online. Thailand residents who have access to the internet, are getting online nearly every day.

Affiliate Marketing in Vietnam

The common theme that we are seeing with affiliate marketing across Asia, is that the traffic sources are cheap, and the monetization and affiliate offers are slim. The benefit here is that the competition is low, but if you can master the art of finding success with one offer in an Asian country, you can likely replicate it with others as well.

Next, on the list, we have Vietnam. With a population of almost 100 million people and nearly half of them being online, this market is just waiting to earn affiliate marketers millions of dollars. Like many other countries on this list, social media and search engines are the best ways to reach such audiences.

When it comes to social media in Vietnam, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google+ Lead the way — which is quite different from what you might be used to seeing in US and English-based markets.

Affiliate Marketing in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most well-known and recognized names in the world, yet they only have a population of around 6 million people, which more than half of them already being online. With an average daily internet usage of seven hours, most users are spending their time in the search results, social networks and watching online videos.

One of the key takeaways to remember about targeting an audience in Singapore, is that 91% of the people in the country are accessing the internet daily. Even though there are less than 10 million people in the country, almost all of them are accessible online.

Affiliate Marketing in Indonesia

As we move away from the small population of Singapore, we jump over the massive population of Indonesia, which is around 262 million. With more than half of the country already having access to the internet, it’s yet another country on our list that will offer an amazing opportunity with demographic and geographic targeting, while also offering low-cost traffic in the process.

Something to consider when marketing to Indonesia, is that Islam is the main religion of the country. Considerations here shouldn’t be just on the language and religion factors, but also what type of offers might better apply to them as well.

Like many other countries, Indonesia is very social media hungry — with more than 106 million people accessing social networks regularly. With Facebook being the number one social platform of choice, it also paves the way for great demographic advertising through the Facebook Ads platform.

Affiliate Marketing in Taiwan

Taiwan is another big name in Asia, and there are currently has more than 23 million people living in the country. What makes this country stand out from others in it’s surrounding areas, is that there is a heavy demand for Facebook, and a great majority of people in the country already have access to the internet.

With more than seven hours of internet browsing taking place daily, most of this time is spent on search engines and social media, while some shopping and emailing, of course, takes place as well.

Affiliate Marketing in Hong Kong

Another well-known name, yet small in population, is Hong Kong. With nearly all of their population already having access to the internet, if you can find a profitable way to market to this audience, you could find some big success.

More than 97% of residents within the country are accessing the internet daily, mostly to use search engines and social networks — while also spending 6 hours a day online in the process. The one demographic stat to point out here is that 38% of the population falls into the 25-34 age range, which is perfect for selling products, services and offers to. However, it’s simply a matter of finding the right offer to promote and squeezing enough profit out in the process.

Affiliate Marketing in China

Last but not least… we have the massive population of China, which currently sits at 1.4 billion. With so many different factors at play, China can be one of the most profitable, yet frustrating, markets to master. Not only will affiliates and brands have to master the art of language and translation, they will also need to cater to a whole new world of regulation, censorship, and limitations that Chinese users have to deal with on a daily basis.

Of all the countries mentioned in our list, China has a steady structure of what users are doing when they get online — which consists of mostly shopping online, checking the weather, communicating through social media and downloading photos online. Something interesting you will also notice is that none of the major social networks are in play here either. (as they are mostly all blocked)

China is a massive multi-billion dollar market, but also one of the most confusing to master. There is also a lot of focus on how affiliate marketing is bringing new brands and businesses into the Chinese market right now as well. Since this method has worked so well in other countries, there is no reason why we shouldn’t continue to see the same success as more brands make their way into China.

How to Find the Best Affiliate Offers to Promote in Asia

While we tried to cover the many different ways affiliate marketing can play a role in Asia, it’s actually more about how to best understand, target, and monetize the audiences around you. With so many traffic sources and demographic targeting options available today, it’s quite easy to run an ad campaign to any of the countries listed below, and also doing a quick split test.

The other factor in play here is to find an affiliate network that provides access to offers for each of these countries. When doing so, be sure to keep an eye out for different ad copy, creatives, and landing pages that are already pre-built to the specifications of each country (ie: in their own language and style).

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, special thanks to Leadbit for the visuals and stats to make this post possible. Affiliate marketing is changing all of the time, and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to start expanding your campaigns to new areas of the world.

Leadbit currently has affiliate offers for all of the countries listed above. Be sure to check out their ad network and explore your options with affiliate marketing in Asia today.

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