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  • Published on : Mar 30 2012

Everyone is talking about the recent changes with Google Panda and how they are killing off the major link building networks and changing the way links reflect on listings in search engines. While a lot of focus is on Google Panda updates and what link building methods will be acceptable and worth pursing in the coming months, the way we link to our web sites and the anchor text we use will also be important.

While looking around at the latest comments and blog posts on these topics, yesterday I came across some useful videos that talk bout the future of link building, understanding the latest Google Panda updates and everything in between.

Everything You Need to Know About Panda 3.3 Video

The video below is from THE HOTH, who we’ve done multiple link building campaigns and interviews with. It’s a very long and detailed webinar that goes into some great detail on the following:

  • What EXACTLY is Panda 3.3 and, more impor­tantly, what is it not?
  • The step-by-step guide to build­ing your very own blog net­work in 1 after­noon (and why you shouldn’t).
  • The 5 changes we’re mak­ing at The HOTH to give you safer, more effec­tive links.
  • The 8 action items to stay on Panda 3.3’s good side.
  • The 3 SEO strate­gies that’ll make you stronger than ever going forward.

Beyond Exact Match Anchor Text Links Video

Another great video I came across, is one from Cyrus of the SEOMOZ team. This is a short 5 minute video but it’s a good one. Cyrus goes into detail on how the old days of building text anchor links with the same key phrases are no longer as effective as they used to be, and you now have to spread our your anchor text and bring a variety to it. This is the future of search rankings, as the search engines are now becoming more humanized and less of a ranking system.

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    I would try to link them to inner pages. But as long as you don't over-do it, linking them all to the home page wont hurt you and depending on the source of the back link you may get credit.

  • Liposonix

    Google panda’ and ‘Google+’ have launched recently. These are developed by major search engine companies in the UK, have changed the face of online marketing.