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Grow Your Twitter Following with Twiends

Have you ever wondered how some people on Twitter have so many followers? It’s quite easy for a celebrity or well known figure to get millions of followers on Twitter, but what about everyone else that isn’t so well known?

Sure, you could go out and buy a ton of followers through a garbage service… but that is only going to cause you a bunch of headaches and provide you with a fake number on your account. Most “buy Twitter followers” services are selling fake and bot accounts that don’t even see and respond to your message.

So what’s the best way to legitimately grow your following on Twitter and have a real audience? Twiends.com has been one of the best services out there for attracting new users to your Twitter account and best of all it’s free and “interest based”.

How Does Twiends Work?

The best way to explain how Twiends work is for you to watch the short video below.  The important thing to note is that Twiends Does Not Sell Twitter Followers.

You can sign up for a free account using your Twitter account. All you need to do is visit the Twiends site and click on “Sign In with Twitter“. This will allow you to automatically sync up your Twitter account and you can start earning seeds, follow other people through the site and also increase your following in the process. (Twiends also now works with Instagram)

The whole system is based off “seeds” which is the Twiends method for tracking who you follow and gaining new followers. In the screenshot below you will see what it looks like when you login to your Twiends account.

On the left side you will see the latest people to join Twiends and also how many seeds you will get for following them. Most people are offering 1-5 seeds per new follow. On the right side of the page you will see how many seeds you have in your account. You can increase this number by following other people through Twiends or buying more seeds through their system.

Twiends Welcome Screen

How to Get More Seeds?

Of course we all want as many followers as we can get on Twitter, but this will usually come at a cost of have it’s limited. Twiends is a great way to find other people on Twitter that share the same interests as you, while also giving you a way to earn seeds and get more followers in the process. But what if you want to get more seeds and followers faster?

You can always login to Twiends and follow as many people as you like until you hit the daily Twitter cap. This will allow you to earn a couple hundred seeds for the day.

The next best option is to simply buy seeds. As mentioned, most people are offering anywhere between 1-5 seeds per follower. The more seeds you offer, the more (and faster) followers you will get.

I’ve listed the seed buying packages below. The more you buy the cheaper they are per seed.

Twiends Seeds

Who is Using Twiends?

There are currently over 3 million members on Twiends and one of the best things that separates their site from other Twitter following services is that they have a full directory of users that you can find and follow based off their interests. You can see an example of Twiends users in the “affiliate marketing” category below. For anyone in the blogging and online marketing space, you will no doubt find that a lot of the well known names and top bloggers you hear and read about every day are already using Twiends to grow their social following.

Affiliate Marketers on Twiends

Grow Your Following with Twiends

We all want to grow our social following while building a brand that others can trust and one of the best ways to do this is through Twitter and having real people following your account. Twiends is one of the best solutions out there for reaching the right people and not having to worry about a bunch of fake and bot accounts inflating your numbers.

As mentioned, it’s free to join and over 3,000 new Twitter accounts are signing up daily. Get active on Twiends.com now.

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