Help! Is there a WordPress Doctor in the House?

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  • Published on : Mar 25 2011

There are few things that are worse than going to your blog and see that it’s going extremely slow, or even worse… it’s not loading at all! Among other problems, you always have the disasters of coding problems, plugins and database updates leaving you open to malware and security issues. When something like this happens and you don’t know how to fix the problem on your own, you can feel very helpless and vulnerable.

My Disaster with Blog Malware

This is exactly what happened to me on one of my other blogs, which was injected with some nasty malware! I didn’t even see the injected links on my browser as I was ip blocked, but it wasn’t til a few other people told me about the garbage on the site that I would be able to fix it. I tried to get my web host to fix it, but they didn’t know exactly what to do, so they were just making backups and trying to find the latest uninfected version. At first I thought this worked, but it didn’t.

Then Daniel Scocco from recommended I contact After working with the team at Sucuri, I quickly had my blog back in order and running without any problems. It’s very scaring to have something go wrong with a web site or blog, but having a great team of web doctors to work whatever disaster comes up is a great security to have.

Run a Free Malware Security Check

When working with the Sucuri team, the first thing they did was run a security check on their site, which let them know what malware was placed on the blog. The screenshot below was the diagnosis and Sucuri quickly went into action. You can also run a free security scan to see if your web site has any blacklist or malware problems.

Keeping a Web Doctor & Security Team at All Times

I never want to be stuck in the mud again with any of my sites, so I made sure to signup with Sucuri to have them continually monitor all of my sites. Depending on the plan you choose, they will monitor your sites every few hours and work on different amount of cases or problems that you may come up with over the course of the year. I went with the $289.99 “Business” annual package, as you get to monitor 10 sites and receive 5 clean up cases.

A great value in my opinion, and I know who exactly to run to should I have a problem with any of my sites again. If you ever find yourself in a malware situation and need a quick fix, Sucuri also offers one time fixes for $89.99 and have your site cleaned within 4 hours.

When running sites with a platform such as WordPress, make sure you always have backups handy, keep all of your updates in order and always have a backup contact and resource for when things go crazy!

Run a free site check on Sucuri right now.

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  • Roseli A. Bakar

    I had the same problem with one of my niche site and the team at manage to clean the malware within just a few hours. Thumbs up for !
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    • Zac Johnson

      Glad to hear another person vouching for their services.

  • Ivin

    I cannot even imagine what it would be like to lose your blog and content because you didn't back up.
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    • Zac Johnson

      A complete nightmare! Not to mention the possibility of losing a whole business!

  • mitchman3

    Man, that had to be scary. Just asking, but are you running WP Firewall or Limit Login Requests, which can help some?
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  • Sam

    Viruses are huge threat for any online business and you have to prepare for them before starting any online business or blog.
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  • Lian

    Wow I hope this never happens to my blogs. I actually had a malware attack on my computer the other night and was up until dawn trying to fix. Excellent post.
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  • TreeLover

    The link that I have been using to access my blog all of a sudden became a broken link. Do you think a webpress doctor could help or is it just a wordpress issue?

  • Jay

    Sounds like a great service to have in your back pocket Zac. Also a problem no one wants to have, but —- happens as they sayI have written down the name of this service ( Sucuri ) for future reference thanks for the tip.
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  • Marco Lee

    Holy Moly. We really should be aware of this stuff as our blogs are our investment. We've given time and effort on it and it may be gone in just seconds. This is a heads up.
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  • John Ramptong

    Thanks for the post. Really helps us to realize how important locking everything down is