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How Getting Banned from Google Adsense Can Be a Good Thing

It’s been a few weeks since I first wrote about Google Adsense banning my account and graciously taking the money that I was earning in my account. It wasn’t much, but money is money and it’s always nice to have…. however that isn’t the topic for this post. Instead we will discuss how getting banned from Google Adsense can be a good thing.

It’s important to note that I really hadn’t been using Google Adsense for the past several years to generate any significant income. The sad part is that my account was super aged and had more personal meaning than anything else. It was one of my first big money accounts, with over six figures in earnings over the past decade and was loaded with tons of great stats and memories… nonetheless… we move on. Instead of sulking and being sad, as internet marketers, web site owners and people in general… there is a gold lining it nearly everything, which is the end focus of this post.

How Getting Banned from Google Adsense Can Be a GOOD Thing!

Granted… there is nothing good about getting banned from anything, especially if you had owed money in your account and that also gets taken away. However, with more and more internet marketers and site owners coming out with their own stories every day about how they are getting banned from Google Adsense, it an lead to some improvements in your every day business life. Instead of looking at the negatives of getting banned from Google Adsense and potentially looking at just giving up, here’s a complete spin on the concept…

Share Your Stories and Become a Voice

Since going live with my first post a few weeks back, I’ve had a lot of people email me and even link back to the site from several articles across the web. Heck, I was even listed on Problogger today as a result of the story. I’ll gladly take that type of exposure any day. Back to what I was getting at… the accounts getting banned from Google Adsense is nothing new, and many people wouldn’t know this unless people were making this public and sharing their stories. Spencer Haws was another well known name who was doing a nice amount of volume with Google Adsense, then had his account banned as well. Behind just the few of us, there is a long tail of names going through the same experience with Google.

Remove the Clutter, Increase the Gain

I must admit… For years I’ve had a massive amount of domain names and niche web sites floating around the internet. This would result in most of the Google Adsense revenue that would trickle in, but it would also result in hundreds to thousands of dollars every month to renew all of the domain names. Once my Google Adsense account was banned, I simply said “Screw it!”… I no longer wanted to waste time with all the little sites and ideas I had over the years, and if there wasn’t any PageRank associated with the domain names, I simply let them expire. The result? A lot less headaches and annoyance, while also allowing me to focus on the projects that matter.

Better Monetization and New Partnership

This one goes out to the many other people who were running Google Adsense, or still are. There are plenty of ways to monetize Google Adsense, and if you are willing to lose your traffic for just a few pennies, you really need to learn about better ways to monetize your traffic and site content. As mentioned, since I was banned from Google Adsense I also removed a ton of the clutter and smaller sites I had laying around. This allows me to focus on bigger long term monetization, such as product build and working with direct advertising and branding.

Life After Google Adsense…

As the terms and conditions say, once you are banned from Google Adsense you are pretty much banned for life. IF you have a serious business and were chugging out mega money with their platform, you have two different options. The first is to create a new company name and business, then sign up for a new account… but don’t associate it with your sites in your banned account. The other option is to move on (like I did), and just forget about Google Adsense and find better options that allow for better profits and growth for your sites.

The bottom line is, Google Adsense is going to make millions of dollars every day for millions of people around the world… and their business is legitimate and makes it EXTREMELY easy for any web site to start making money without any marketing knowledge. With that said, there is a reason why Google Adsense is so stupidly easy to use, and that is because they are taking a huge chunk of the profits. It’s up to you to decide how you will monetize your sites and if you would rather be lazy and make a few dollars with your current ad system in place, or put in the time and work to make more money and grow your web sites and business to new levels.

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