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How I Made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 Months!

First off, I would like to make it clear that this post is NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you what’s possible! This is a quick review on how I went from one of my worst years of making money online to my best year, and all it took was one big idea, one web site and several hundred hours of effort along with many sleepless nights. This is “How I Made $860,538.38 Profit in 4 Months!“.

Time and time again, I talk about how you must change your marketing niche every once in a while to continuously make new money online. Over the years I have done everything from content web sites, to sweepstakes and freebie type sites, to running my own affiliate programs and even permission based email marketing. In early 2004 I had one of my best years with making money online, then later on in the year things started to slack off and this continued on through most of 2005. At the time I wasn’t making much money and it was quite depressing. It’s very tough to get back into the groove when you hit a few underachieving projects in a row. In short, I was in a dip… and at the bottom of my latest successful wave. It wasn’t until October 2005 that I came up with my next big idea that would soon bring me my best months and year!

Social networking was just starting to catch fire and for months I knew there was a way to profit from it, but I just hadn’t come up with an idea yet. MySpace had millions of users on their network 24 hours a day, there had to be a way to take advantage of this. Soon enough I realized, instead of trying to sell to all of these users, why not offer them something for free. I ran through some ideas and came up with my own site to provide free content for social network users. To make a long story short, my site and my content went viral extremely fast. Instead of having users upload their own content or have to search around for what they were looking for, I provided everything for free. In no time I was receiving thousands of users to my site daily. At max points I was pushing up to 180,000+ unique visitors per day, while pushing TERABYTES of data bandwidth. Imagine hosting thousands of images, viewed by millions across several different social networks!

Just two months after going live with my new site, I was starting to accumulate some amazing hosting costs. Imagine the cost on hosting thousands of widgets, text applications and images, which are loaded millions of times a day across social networks like MySpace! The only reason why I was able to afford these insane hosting costs, was because of the massive volume of users I was receiving back to my site, not only through social networks, but also from Google and other search engines. You only need a small percentage of a very big number to click on ads, fill out surveys or take any action, to make money. In two short months I went from having a single dedicated server to having over TEN, then with the insane bandwidth costs added in I was paying up to $12,000 a month. At this time I was currently with EV1Servers.net, and leasing all of my servers. Since I’m not a tech/programmer type guy, I also had a server management team watching my servers constantly to make sure they were always running, just being down for a few minutes would have lost $100s of dollars. This server management team was not part of EV1Servers, and cost $1000 a month to manage all of the servers, and keep the servers balancers in place. By the end of the third month, I talked with my server management team and we decided it was time to for me to invest in my own servers and take out the middleman for hosting. I went on to order 17 servers from Dell, which are all held and managed in a data center now.

On average, my site was receiving around 100,000 unique visitors per day, and I was generating most of my ad revenue through Yahoo Publisher Network, ValueClick Media and CasaleMedia. It wasn’t until a year later that I would start testing CPA offers on the site. To my surprise, the CPA offers from networks like NeverBlueAds worked extremely well. Originally I had stayed away from promoting a few of their offers because I thought they were over saturated and wouldn’t convert. I finally took their advice and listed a few on the site and to this day they are still pushing some great earnings through the site.

Back in April, I wrote a post asking the question… “To Sell, or Not to Sell?“… This was a question I had to ask myself when I was approached by a company that wanted to merge/purchase my MySpace resource site. I not only turned down their seven-figure deal, but I was lucky enough to not be one of the many sites screwed by the company, as they tried buying many other sites as well. Once acquired by the company, they would wreck the site with adult-like video content and I heard from several people on how they got screwed out of their owed money and contracts.

Two years, and over seven-figures later… my little site idea that rapidly became one of my most profitable ideas yet, is still running strong. Despite the fact that I really haven’t touched the site in several months, it’s still receiving over 25,000 uniques per day and still making a decent amount of change.


As I mentioned earlier, three of the main initial revenue sources I monetized my site with were ValueClick Media, CasaleMedia and Yahoo Publisher Network. While I did use other programs such as NeverBlueAds and Google Adsense later on, these three programs were heavily used during months of peak traffic. As for promotion costs of the site, during this three month period, there were none. No PPC Advertising either, everything was viral traffic and a couple links off my other sites. This write up focused on how I made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 months. The site is now well over two years old and has since earned over seven figures in profit/earnings.

ValueClick Media is a company that buys your web site advertising space on a CPM basis. From my stats chart below, you can see the monthly increase in revenue went from $243.63 to nearly $30,000 a month.

CasaleMedia provides the same type of service as ValueClick Media, but are more strict with acceptance into their program. They also have higher CPM rates, but usually purchase a smaller percentage of your ad space. Peak earnings with CasaleMedia were around $7,000 a month.

One of the major reasons for my dramatic increase in income, was due to the release of the Yahoo Publisher Network. This program, run by Yahoo, is basically their response to Google Adsense. Like Adsense, you are paid an unknown percentage for each click you send to the contextual advertisements displayed on your site.

It wasn’t til about a year after launching the site, that I would start testing with CPA offers from NeverBlue. To my surprise, the majority of offers I listed on the site performed extremely well. Even though I thought the market was over saturated on these offers, there was still a high demand. With the new revenue generated from NeverBlue, the site was able to pull in another $60,000+.

For any of the doubters, or photoshop addicts… Just to prove my legitimacy, take a look at the video below!



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Jim Kukral says

First! Zac, no need to convince me. See you at the summit. See, my video post about you is true, I've known you long enough to know you're the real deal. Now let's win some money in Vegas!


Money Never Sleeps says

This is incredible and a very motivational post! You are a hero! Always be thinking and willing to adapt to change. I just found this site…nice photo of you and Mark Cuban! You aim high Zac! You should release your profit and expenses for this blog, like John Chow does, it would be an interesting read!

Emma says

Wow Zac, I was already convinced, but that was really cool. Thanks for sharing.

MoneyRumour.com says

Just WOOOW !

Keith says

This post is great motivation to keep people like me working at it cause this is one of those days when I just want to give up.


Thanks Zac

Valued Affiliates says

Great inspirational post for everyone that is trying to achieve their dreams with affiliate marketing! Congrats on all your success Zac.

Kris Jones says


One of the coolest affiliate marketing stories I've ever heard – the fact that you earned that kind of money in such a short amount of time without expending anything on PPC traffic or blackhat SEO tricks is outstanding!

Can't wait to hear more about this during ASW next week.


    Zac Johnson says

    Much appreciated. It was quite an amazing task, when you see that it was done without paid promotion through ppc marketing or other unethical tactics. Affiliate Summit will be great! I'm looking forward to meeting all of my blog readers this weekend.

Sucker says


Just kidding, nice job! It's refreshing to see a "real" post about long hours and sleepless nights leading to a big payoff. (Unlike so many of the "hey I started a blog and got rich" hype posts.)

Jason Boom says

Excuse me…don't step there on it. That's my jaw on the floor.

🙂 Good work!

B-Man says

congrats zack, inspirational

Affiliate Confession says

That's a complately insane amount of money to earn in 4 months. Way to go.

Vinny says

Zac- awesome job man! I know one day you will be interviewed on 60 Minutes (like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg was last month)

Question- Did it take you a lot of time to gather / create all the content on your MySpace sites? From visiting them, they are quite massive with content so I was curious how long it took to put them together.


    Zac Johnson says

    Thanks Vinny. I spent so many sleepless nights working on this site, it was definitely my biggest site yet… as much time consuming as well. Although, when you are working so hard on something and seeing results, it's almost more fun than anything else.

      waisi says

      WOW made > $860,000.00 in 4 months, very impressive and motivative!

      Would appreciate if you could let me have the link to the site that enable you to make that impressive figure.

Tom Beaton says

Truly impressive. This is a great success story.

browie says

Very impressive. Another guy that got into one of these hot items at the beginning. That's a big reason you kicked ass. Early on social networks and early on YPN.

Marc Artigas says

Hi Zac! That's awesome good job.




nani says

NICE!!!! i always wonder how u guys do it….. but can u give me a link to your website that you are earingng this much from… thankyou….!!!!!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew says

Thats an insane amount of money

dugg and stumbled

Israel says

wow, thats inspiring. cool man, cool.

Teach Me $$ says

Hi Zac,

Well sometimes you have to step up to the accquistions from other people, and in the process give hope and tips and tricks to many other people.

I also started on neverblueads.com (through your refferal) after reading some posts on how to achieve success on cpa networks.

Keep the knowledge flowing, and do not worry about the 20 something entering in the IM area.


Start Blogging says

Great post Zac. Looking at that check is extremely motivational!

Jeremy Palmer says

Congrats! Way to stay ahead of the curve. I'm sure you're already brewing your next seven figure idea..

All the best,


Richer says

Nice stats, have you had any success since YPN has been acting up, why did it stop at 300,000k? Would you want to continue and make more?

-G-- says

I'm confused. What was the content on the site?

Sportsrmylife says


My question to you is why have you saved those six figure check photos for now? I mean you are in shoemoney territory there. I want to see what happens when word about those pictures get sent around the blogworld. What is your myspace page? I would like to see what you are using there and how it is set up.

    Zac Johnson says

    I thought long and hard about releasing this post. While making a decent amount of money in the quiet is fun, I'm also looking to help others make money online as well. Releasing this info only helps and legitimizes my earnings statements and advice of this blog.

Royal Radande says

Nice stuff Zac. This is definitely an inspiration for all of us.

andrew wee says

Hey Zac,

Cool post.

Why not get wires for payments above $10k?

Seemed like it might be simpler to handle.

    Zac Johnson says

    But being able to post a check is soo much cooler! 🙂 I do mostly wire transfers and direct deposit now.

      andrew wee says

      Good idea.

      I can't stand the idea of having good ol USPS lose a valuable check in the mail!

      Sportsrmylife says

      Showing that check is so much better than saying that you make such and such amount of money. Was this a one time swing in earnings and how much is a steady income now from your myspace page?

        Zac Johnson says

        This was a high point for the site, though it still makes several thousands a month in profit.

Shane says

You may have covered this elsewhere, but why YPN and not AdSense? I've tried YPN on several different sites and never got anywhere near what I was making with AdSense.

    Zac Johnson says

    Yahoo was pulling much better numbers at the time. Several months later I switched back and fourth between the two. Google Adsense earnings from the site were well over $50,000 as well. Best to test both programs on your site and see which converts best with your traffic.

Big Poppa says


Those screenshots are 2 years old? Your not a one hit wonder are you?

    Zac Johnson says

    Ye of little faith… I've been posting earnings from many different programs since this blog went live. Once does not thrive for 11 years in this industry, being a one hit wonder.

Zug LinkBait says

wow……the little affilaite engine that could……..I think i can….i think i can…

Then you find something that works and Cha Ching

Can't you just feel the inspiration in the air. Thanks for sharing!

Zug.com linkbait comedy crew

iantrepreneur says

“super affiliate dollars” I like that catch phrase! damn nice work Zac! See you at the summit! great work!

Steven says

I tried adding up the numbers but they just don't add up. When you say profit, I assume you mean gross minus expenses (ie server costs, any other costs such as PPC if any, etc etc).

And since this was only a "4 month" span, I assume you meant from Jan 06 to April 06 (since your YPN account listed up to April 06). The only thing is your YPN didn't list dollar amount for January and the other screenshots didn't list April's earnings and went beyond the 4 month span.

I mean it's obvious you made a lot and theres no doubt there but I couldn't make it how the income was broken down to be PROFIT. There was no mentioning of expenses vs gross and the exact 4 month period. Could you clarify =]

    Big Poppa says

    Yes very good point Steven, could you clarify how this could possibly all be profit??

      Vinny says

      Don't you think Zac deserves the benefit of the doubt? He's not trying to trick us with his numbers. I wouldn't be so concerned with the actual dollar amount. I for one am brainstorming ideas on how I could possible do something one day this successful!

        Steven says

        I wasn't doubting him. Apparently you failed to read my entire comment. I stated that I don't doubt that he made a lot of money. I just like to make sense of it. I don't care if you are concerned with actual dollar amounts or not, but it's interesting to know (in my opinion). Sometimes, the minor details really do help you see the big picture. In this case knowing what his expenses were can possibly in some way help you better understand how he was able to profit so much.

    Zac Johnson says

    Easy to clarify. On top of the big 3 programs listed, there were also several other programs/ad networks running on the site at the same time, such as Google Adsense, Incentaclick, AdBrite and many other cpa offers. These offers alone, more than covered the cost of server hosting. I could have went into more detail on these, but it would have just flooded the post with way too much information. I focused on the top three revenue sources and made sure the extra revenue from all other sources were able to cover the server costs.

Edgar says

Very impressive,


I use all your tips on all my websites. I am not making big numbers like you but its a start.

Andrew Pavelski says

Nice job there Zac — pretty impressive. Keep up the good work!

Andrew Fashion says

Wow! Awesome! How exactly did you make money from a CPM network such as Casale/ValueClick if you do PPC/CPA? Great job!

Andrew Fashion says

Guess I didn't read the whole thing, you ran a resource site, awesome! What sites do you run?

Thousand Dollar Project says

thanks for posting the proof, nothing inspires me more than seeing the bucks!

Andrew fashion says

Hey Zac, awesome story, are you not going to share your myspace resource sites?

Wai Kei says

I would like to know if you do all the work yourself or get some helpers.


    Zac Johnson says

    All myself on this one. Pretty much the same with all other projects as well. Only thing I don't do is code.

AgentX says


First of all, congratulations on your success – that's what I call major bank :-). What I like so much about this post (outside of that fat YPN check) is your admission to hitting a big slump after your initial success and having the persistence to make another move to change things up. Very inspiring to me personally.

Any chance you will do a super affiliate guide on creating profitable resource sites?

Stubs says

Great revenue – but matey this is 2008 and your refering back to 2006 when Yahoo were fleecing it's customers left right & center …. How are those sites doing now?

    Zac Johnson says

    Sites are still doing well. Keep in mind this blog is less than a year old, it's not like I could have reported on these earnings when they were happening.

YoRapper says

huh? the point of this post?

    Vinny says

    Easy- that anyone can make money online with a good idea and determination.

Andrew fashion says

Like how your replying to everyone but me… Just asked what your social networking site, the market is over saturated in that area anyways.

    Zac Johnson says

    You are not being avoided. Tune in to tomorrow's post for the next part of the story!

Edgar says

I won’t reveal my moneymaker either, you should be happy Zac is given us tip.

Online Furniture Sto says

Wow! Whether you wanted to impress us or not, we are very inpressed!

Bill says

The good ol' days of YPN. You can't make anywhere close to those amounts anymore. I have been in the same niche as you were Zac. I'm pretty close to your site's listing for THAT popular keyword on the SERPs =) Social networking is still profitable but you have to work really really hard to get close to 300k uniques/day. I'm sure you know about the site I'm talking about P****.com. I do IP delivery while running YPN and run Adsense for International users.

    Andrew fashion says

    What site do you run? You talking about the term "myspace layouts"?

      Bill says

      Yes, same niche as myspacenow.com. I’m above your site’s listing Andrew. I’m now ranking higher than you =) I know you were making like $6k/day back in Jan 06 with YPN.

Tom says

Great earnings. Waiting to see earnings for year 2008 🙂

Brian Vaughan says

quite an impressive feat, great job

Josh Buckley says

Wow dude! That's impressive..

Rick Lea says

Dude, this is awesome! I am impressed. Shows the value of Web 2.0. Some people still do not get how powerful that is and maybe reading this will help them. My hat goes off to you and those that are successful with SMO.

Chris Austria says

Hard work and ingenuity! Great Job! I hope to learn from you my Master.

Ryan says

As far as the content, images, widgets, and other myspace bling, did you create that yourself? Hire developers/graphic designers? Or just pull it from other sources?

Jeremy Steele says

Great job! Just make sure you don't spend it all on chips and DVDs.

Free Online Games says

Pimp myspace or something keyword got on first page got tons of traffic, exploited YPN, gamed it, parties over I think, but well done.

Geld Lenen says

Wow, really impressive! I wish I would earn this money in 4 years! 😛

Scott Elkin says

That is very well done in doing this, but I find it *interesting* that you are blogging this 2 years after it happened. You would think if that trend continued you would be showing us million dollar checks with "2008" printed on it.

Joy Smith says

Very cool and inspiring.

Shams says

Just Dreaming Man…………………just dreaming :-).

Sam Freedoms Interne says

QUESTION: First, thanks for the info, Zac. Even if, as some say, it is 2 years old, I still see the value in it. Ok, so maybe we'll make $200k in 4 months now and not $800k, boohoo. 😉 My question is… how did you initiate the initial bursts of traffic that helped it go viral… it couldn't possibly be all organic SEO all the way… were there off-page factors, initial joint venture deals, the use of friend adders on various social networking sites.

How did you get that initial burst of traffic that, ultimately, went viral? Thanks.


    Zac Johnson says

    I covered this in the follow up post to this one. Once social networks started grabbing the content, it just went viral…FAST!

Sam Freedoms Interne says

ps. What WAS your bandwidth useage anyways?

    Zac Johnson says

    Push pushing Terabytes of data daily… not sure on exact numbers.

Andrew Galasetti says

Amazing! Congrats on all your success.


Steven says

Congrats Zac,

I understand you worked really hard to make all of that content, but 10,000+ pages seems almost impossible by one person. Can you us some insight on ways we can make our sites that content rich?

Thx and congrats!


    Zac Johnson says

    I would focus on user generated content… much easier on you and more people will use it. You just have to concentrate on monitoring content submitted.

Mariana says

Very motivational post!

Carrie says

All I can say is Wow…you are inspiring!

epats12 says

Wow! This seems like such a great opportunity! Zach you really look like you've got your act together!

Sam Freedoms Interne says

Zac, one more thing, my friend. I have some exceptionally unique content that would be highly desireable for myspace type sites and I've been researching such site scripts. Would you mind telling us, at least, which myspace resource site script you used or recommend? So far, myspacescripts.info and http://myspacepros.com/products/

Can you give any insight? Thanks…

lynsey says

Boy do I wish I had even the tinniest idea what any of that means, its all too technical for me I have tried to understand it but I dont even know where to begin, all I do know is that is a fantastic amount of cash to raise in four months, so if you feel like unloading some I have a Brownie Pack ( think Girl Scouts) here in Engalnd that could always do with a cash donation! other than that congratulations nice to see someone making some cash!



Dinheiro says

This post it's the most inspring one that i'ver read. It make me feel that i shouldn't give up at all and with time and effort the success can come.

Thanks Zac for this superb inspiration

Madhu Jha says

It's okay but can you help me in earning money faster without investing any dime at all. Well I would be ready for working harder and harder to any extent.

james earl cua lee says

ur such a tough guy zac..

eMarketing Chat says

That's a lot of money you made from Myspace related sites!

That's the good thing about internet marketing that sites keep on going even when you not monitor them anymore, because you moved on to new projects.

I still make till today revenue through advertising networks from old projects I started a couple of years ago and don't really do anything with them anymore!

tony gee says

That's pretty awesome Zach, believe me I feel very good in knowing that you too were also where I presently am. Wondering what to do-give in and give up- or mindmap for that awesome hot niche.

Great Work In showing perseverance

Smiley says

yea this shit is the shit. lol good job buddy.

brian says

Awesome bit of motivation, my friend. The key is finding that bit of web gold that will make people come back for more. I am truly inspired by your success – keep up the great work.

Cute Dogs says

Wow..I like this post coz its something i can relate to. You said there was a time when things were low and werent making enough money..that is something i can relate to…but you bounced back and didnt give up…

Thanks for the info


wow says

wow this is amazing!

Brad says

WOW……………. my highest earnings was $614.68 google check.

Simlock verwijderen says

You are lucky with your MySpace Resource site. I don't know if it would work now, I don't think so. But I will search for a good idea and maybe I will profit like you a decent income monthly.

Jonathan Volk says

Impressive post. 🙂 You certainly have some nice looking checks there. 😀

Girish says

Very impressive.

I have been struggling to make 3K…Zac, please help me. I need a guru, I can work hard but need some support..!!

I hope I get an email back from you.

wisdom says

Thats so much money is soo little time that I just can't believe it..

Travian cheats says

Hey thats just too much in 4 months. Congrats.

Futon-Matt says

Wow, this is a very impressive post. Congrats.

Articles For Affiliate Marketing Beginners says

Great post. Full of motivation. I guess the main message here is it is possible to make a good income from online marketing. All you really have to do is work hard at it.

My online income is nowhere nearly as large as yours but i too can vouch for the possibilities in affiliate marketing

WebDiggin says

Inspirational. Motivational… but, I'm confused. And I'll tell you why.

My first thoughts were wow, that's awesome. Congrats to you, in both the scale of your rewards and the tenacity of your efforts.

My second thoughts were what do I learn from this. And that's where I'm caught up. I'm new to the game. I'm making coffee change with affiliate marketing through PPC advertising. And I'm not quite sure the business model on this one.

You ran a… my space forum? You were providing content, people were leaving comments, and you were moderating the comments for appropriate content… and the monetization occured through ad revenue? What's the address of this money-maker? My eyes are blurring and I couldn't find it, or perhaps you haven't released it.

Anyways, I appreciate your insights (and patience) with the new guy.

    Zac Johnson says

    This was a resource web site, not a forum. The massive amount of traffic was monetized enough to keep generating a large amount of revenue/profit.

Mike says

Wow that's some amazing profit. Congratulations and nice work!

Maria Ozawa says

I showed this post to a friend and he said you and shoemoney are on the same level. 🙂

eBay Business says

That is very impressive. I would cry like a little girl if I earned that much in less than a year. Keep up the great work with that.

Vista Sidebar Gadget says

Yes, impressive indeed. An actual profit of 860000$ (after expenses) is amazing. This is the stuff that keeps me going through the rough times.

Heffy Colious says

wow. This is so inspiring.

Question? Who did you use for your server management?

Syed Balkhi says

That check looks pretty sweet Zac … Where is all the money going ?? Buying you those nice suits you have been wearing to the summits ? :p

amar says


i'm new in affiliate. to known some one like you zak it's very motivated me.

and i don't how i can made thats much ….

please some body help me to begin in affiliate

Leon says

Zac – aren't you worried that the check could bring the wrong type of attention? I see you are mentioned in this article: http://nerdd.net/2008/04/01/affiliate-marketer-ex

Mike says

Are those dollar amounts from this site alone?

funky south says

That is Motivation ! Invest it ! Save it !

Jeff says

Man, just one of those, just once, please God ?

I'm thinking about publishing a post I've had in draft form that's similar to yours.

'How I lost $380.00 to AdWords in less than (3) weeks!!'

(That's a lot of money for me)


Net Covered says

Posts like this always inspire me and drive me to work harder at my projects… Thanks 🙂

Shannon says

What am I doing wrong I have had my yahoo account for like 2 years and the most I have made is this month I just honestly dont make much. how can i boost this up to a profit after my bills 😉 please and thanks

Big Dave says

Very Very cool..just gettign into the biz. I'm reading and soaking in as much infromation as I can…keep up teh good work and the sharing 😉

Tristan Bull says

Congrats Zac,

Seriously awesome stuff dude.

Keep it up.


Niche Traffic says

Way to go mate. Just to say to the rest of us who are not making this stupendous amount of income, Damn!

Millionaire Mindset says

Great post! WOW.. always so inspiring to see others succeed in this online world. Ill post up some checks like that in a couple of months maybe, at least Ill try 😉

Jamie says

That is amazing!!

Blog Or Not To Blog says

Cool stuff! Congrats mate, I wasnt far away from your earnings and I just love it.

anthony dinh says

Zac, first, I’d like to say your content is great and I’ve subscribed! Secondly, thanks for sharing your success with us, it’s truly inspiring. Oh, and the only people doubting your legitimacy are haterz! I’ll admit, I’m a little envious…ok, I’m A LOT envious haha, but I give credit where it’s due. This only serves as motivation for me to reach my goals!

Mr Slim says

hi Zac,

this is one of amazing post that i've ever seen

Thanks for sharing your sucess story with us!

Nick Throlson says

Nice i cant wait till all my hard work pays off thanks for the tips

XLOR says

Fantastical, Zac. Nothing to add. Thanx for your expirience.

Dan H says

Amazing work…

Very inspirational.

redleaffly says

I'll make more..

Roberto Bandini says

You are the best 🙂

B Jones says

I could only hope to emulate your success

Monica Livingstone says

Many thanks! But I have to say that make money online it is not easy. It is very difficult. me for example, I don't have made any dollar with adsense until now!

But money is not everything!!

Ramanlive says


Very good earning. Thanx to sharing this info. Mine highest cheque was just $3200

Hope I will make more than you.. lolz…

Its motivates me too much… towards my target.


bob says

I'm guessing his site might be this one?


web design says

Very interesting earnings and a great source of inspiration for many. Would you mind sharing a few tips with us 😉

See here says

Yesterday marked the third day in a…

Where to make money online says

Wow that’s i call massive amount of cash ! well done….

ok says

so what was your site? url?

Business says

That is very impress post and revenue .. I just got into the online / home business / affiliate marketing scene two years ago so I think I missed the big picture on social networking but hope to find a way to cash in like this someday!

Amazing stuff here!

internet business da says

wow…great job. i need to come up with one great idea now.

XLOR says

Unbelievable result..

Voice Of Dingchao says

Wow! That's not bad, for me, I can make about $10,000 per month. What a shame!

Stefano says

Great post…great source of inspiration for many people like me!

Hope I will make more than you… but I think that for an italian blog is impossible…

But never surrender!!!


jimmy says

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Absolutely astonishing!!!

Erik says

You make a lot of money….

great concept and great website


Dawn says

Hey Zac do you think there is still any money to be made now that the market is so overloaded or if we have a myspace site should we just give up?

DigitalWebTalk says

Wow amazing man!! but sad that yahoo publishers dont accept any other country except USA :9 hope they will accept other countries soon

CooperOil says

Awesome post, an inspiration!

BlogSavvy.net says

Zac, Holly Crap Batman! Thats alot of money. I'll try and beat you, someday.

Internet Shopping US says

First of all congrats, and this is only just because of hardwork, you earned this much.

kerja sambilan says

offer people free stuff & this will bring more traffic and put PPC ads..wow!! thats a brilliant idea i ever heard..

thanks for sharing..really appreciate it…

Peter Morrow says

This is incredibly inspiring. Love the blog, keep it up. Sometimes I find hearing this kind of news frustrating because I'm so far off of these kind of earnings, but you need to stay focussed on your own job. Can't go wrong like that.

Dilson Decano says

very high unique visitors per day, amazing revenue. thanks for sharing

Webmaster Resources says

Phew.. I’m tired Mr.Zac, reading about your earnings…. such huge profits really possible!?!? And me being an Indian, when i convert these to rupees, well i’m lost in figures!! 😐

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Ways To Earn Online says

This is a lot of money you have made and you provide proof. Those checks look nice. Hard work and dedication pays off big. Congrats and much more success to you.

Mark says

Hi Zac,

I noticed you deleted my comments from this post. Why? The questions were very fair and deserved an answer. Someone claimed you did something and you haven't responded except to either ignore or delete the comments relating to it.

If you are going to put something out there, be prepared to discuss it.

My questions agin were:

[1] Where did the testimonials come from?

[2] Same question regarding the "Before and After" pictures

[3] Nickycakes claims the landing page design in your post and most of it's content were "stolen" (his words) from one of his associates. He makes a compelling post on his blog. How do you respond? Nickycakes blog post: http://is.gd/2zyi

I only learned of you last night from a tweet by Shoemoney. And I learned of Nickycakes by reading the comments in this post (comments that have since been removed).

Thank you.

    Jeff says

    Hi Zac,

    I would also appreciate your comments on this as I learned about it a while ago. I've been following your blog as I'm trying to get started in Affiliate Marketing. I try to not jump to conclusions, but I'd like to hear what you have to say.

    I've read a lot of bad press on affiliate marketing and I'd like to think a 'Super Affiliate' wouldn't resort to this type of conduct.



    Mark says

    User error on my part. I thought I was posting under the "Create Killer Landing Pages" post. I see that my original post is still under the comments section of that post.


    If I were able, I'd delete my comments under this post since they are wrongly filed.

pluu says

This is one example of success, but the yield of successful sites from your stack of ideas is very low.

I think streamlining and accelerating the website development process would be of greater value tool. This way, you could come up with an idea, and put it out there. idea after idea. Or alternatively, a way of filtering out your bad concepts, that way you only spend your valuable time on the good ideas.

Might sound rudimentary, but when I come up with a way to make this easier, you'll be reading my post on how much I made. Until then, I'll keep brainstorming.

Great work Zac

Zeca says

Making money is not difficult, just knowing what the market needs and willpower. In my case only lack discover what the market needs. Congratulations on huge turnover.

Surveys says

Inspirational and motivational, thanks for posting this.

It seems to me if you want to make the big money online you just need to put in the time and find an un-tapped idea. The 'million dollar web page' (the selling pixel thing) really epitomizes this; he really did make a million dollars, and now there hundreds of others trying to do the same, but they'll never succeed as its already been done.

BTW I don't think its sounds like you bragging at all, I think you should post monthly about your earnings, I enjoy reading about how much others are earning online!

Colin Klinkert says

Always are people with 'tall poppy syndrome', good on ya Zac, I read this post when it was published, but followed back to it with your latest post on CPM advertising, which was a good one too 😉

Web Development says

I just visited JohnChow, and Neil told me about you and him.

He had earned lot $40k/month… and you made $860 K / 4 Months.

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kris says


Danny Cooper says

I know this post is around eight months old but I still feel the need to comment as its an absolute inspirations to people who are just getting their feet wet in affiliate marketing such as myself!

online slacker says

I did missed this one. Had a great read here. Very inspiring. thank you sir. 🙂

From now on, ill be visiting your blog once in awhile.



geld lenen says

$ 860,538.38?? Like wow…Maybe one day I will be that smart lol

Downloadic says

Thta is very very nice, keep going….

Whateverebay says

Awesome! No doubt you know what you are doing! Of course this would rightfully so…be the most Popular post 🙂 THANK YOU for sharing your story

David says

Wow this is invaluable information and very encouraging at the same time, congrats on your success and thanks for sharing!

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It's so amazing. I'm just dream of to make my first 1K 🙁

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Very inspritions and amazing.

I just make 3k every month, so i need more ideas to make my profit more and more.

Haruyoshi says

Zac, you are so great!

konsultan pajak says

very encouraging

i start affiliate just now, meet much problem..

but it's for sure giving back my motivation

thx zac

Autoverzekering says

Interesting post and thanks for sharing. That’s a complately insane amount of money to earn in 4 months.

lauren stephens says

argh! im kicking myself for quitting affiliate marketing! this was all i needed to see to get me back into it! glad i found you again 🙂 and say hi to shawn collins for me! he is still around – amazing!

Matt Helphrey says

Wowie wow! I love hearing success stories and that is one of the best ones I have heard.


Mitch says

I can't believe I hadn't noticed this story until now. Very inspirational indeed, and it gives me courage to know that it can be done if I come up with just the right idea. Way to go; thanks for sharing.

samso says

Before surprise, I lost my vision for a while. Really it is the gift of your plan of motivation that you believed in strongly. I like all your other post also. I book mark your site for deep study. I wiill be here again! Thank you!!

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Rediculous man, I'm trying this out myself for sure. Congrats

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WOW.. very amazing.. inspiring me so much..

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Люди в таких вот случаях так говорят – Без капусты животы пусты. 😉

perde says

thank you very much

Justen says

I'm just wondering why you've evaded mentioning that website you said you've made a lot of money from. I want to check out said website.

Brandon says

Posts like this are great! I'm fairly new to affiliate marketing, but ive been into building websites for a long time. I'm making a couple hundred dollars a month on various networks, I can't wait to hit that golden niche!

Terry says

OMG.. $860,538.00 in 4 months? Thats so much money is soo little time that I just can’t believe it.

Hi Zac, thanks for sharing your affiliate story. Great inspirational post for me.

btw. I just "found" your site from DP.

Regards and Happy New Year!

Funny Crap says

Wow, that's extremely impressive earnings. Any thoughts on what to spend all that money on (besides investments, bills, etc etc)?

Gennaro says

Congratulations, that's quite the accomplishment.

evolinterchanged says

hello i love your story it inspires me profoundly favorably but i was wondering if u could at all tell me of possibly where i could start 2 like sell some of my ideas 2 some co.,people or sort that would listen and not try and mess over me and i am a very creative person but everybody probably thinks that but could u perhaps get me going in the rite direction thank u sir.

Classifieds says

Wow that is an insane amount of money, congratulations on those earnings

Anthony says

Very impressive numbers….thats a lot of money to be made in just 4 month. Many mom and pop store not even making nothing near those numbers.

Mike says

One year later, this is still my all-time favorite post! Your wicked Zac, you really know how to engage your readers!

Clyda says

One of the coolest affiliate marketing stories I’ve ever heard – the fact that you earned that kind of money in such a short amount of time without expending anything on PPC traffic or blackhat SEO tricks is outstanding!

Ryan says

Very informative post. I'd be curious what you think of some of the new tools that claim to be able to optimize across the multiple channels such as adsense, ypn etc. In other words they display from different ones and optimize for you based on the results…

David Allred says

Congratulations on your success man! Out of curiosity, how many websites do you have going right now?

Web Design says

Well i must say that is a heck of a lot of money to be sent as a cheque, i am quite interested to know what you spent it on!

I am a very keen Web Designer, and am looking for new fresh ideas, something that no-one has thought of before. Maybe one day i will be as Rich as you!

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Great article, thank you for sharing.

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Wow !! so you have some plan ??

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wow, wow, wow. that's all i can say – simply amazing!

Keg of Wisdom says

HOLY CRAP! That is insane!

Premium Wordpress Th says

What a huge income!

Hip Hop Videos says

Zac, this is an incredibly inspiring and amazing story! It just goes to show how creativity, determination, and hard work can spur success.

John says

If I were you I would've just kept my mouth shut about that. It's definitely an interesting post, but there was a ton of sketchy stuff going on with myspace sites:

using copyrighted content

manipulating ypn to display car insurance ads instead of low cpc ads

using images next to ads to increase click thru rates.

I've always wondered if anybody got sued for their Myspace sites.

Kai Lo says

I can't say you are a fake anymore after watching that video. Those numbers are huge!

Novian says

oh, yeah, i'll try to understand how to make money online.

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Used Tires says

I would be happy earning just half of that amount in one year, that is super impressive Zac, and that's awesome for your achievements! I will get there one day. It just might take a long… long time, lol.

Till then,


The Single Black Wom says

Hmmm…I often see the super-bloggers and affiliates talk about how much they make or have made and it still seems quite unattainabl…not impossible but unattainable.

I've read your blog before…first time commenting however…even you (as well as a few others) would make a good case study to see if your methods really work or if it's a combination of hard work and a lot of luck.

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Franck Silvestre says

Wow Zac, that's too good to be true! You are a living example that with working online, the income possibilities are but endless. I mean, whoever can generate money that fast offline these days? Congratulations and may you continue to share your 'make money' tactics with us. 🙂

<abbr>Franck Silvestre’s last blog post..How To Market Your Online Business With Videos</abbr>

Simon says

oh please master, teach me 🙂

Juhani Tontti says

It all depends on a one good idea. Your results from this viral marketing campaign are really good. Funny, that you monetized ONLY with ad-clicks, not with affiliate links.

But in the end of the day, who cares where the money comes from. Your traffic figures were awesome. Congrats!

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Budi says

Wow..it's very amazing strory and tricky. I wish someday i would be like you..Mr.Zac..! But, remember, inspite of making money, don't forget to Donate your money.. :=) May God Bless You..!

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Man , You are earning a lot of money 😉

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Just came across your post… let me honestly tell you that I really appreciated the sentence "…this post is NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you what’s possible! " I am REALLY impressed seeing what is possible and wonder if I ever will have 1/100 of your success! Thanks for sharing this kind information.

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I have heard of such a method of earning. However, to earn 860 thousand for 4 months, it's just fantastic!

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Tempe Furniture Stor says

Still a good one!

Make Money Company says

Congrats my man, just stumbled upon your blog and after watching the video will defo have to digg deeper into your archives.

Also great to see you proofing your earnings with a video and not a screenshot which as we all know can easily be fabricated!


Internet Marketing Coach says

Congrats on your success. Keep working and keep growing. Wishing you the best.

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Very good earning. Thanks to sharing this info.

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Good earning , Happy For you 🙂

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Everytime I am visiting your site i am looking at this paper 🙂

Great work

Kenn says

Very nice ideas, useful information. Thanks!

Online Marketing Suc says

That is intense. That is really good too. I have been doing this for about 4 months and I have only made $17 lol. I am trying many different ideas and maybe one of them will do something pleasant. Who knows. All I can do is try eh..

Fast List Building B says

Wow, that's amazing. Good for you Zac, really impressive earning. I take it as inspiration. Congrats!!!

Amateurfoam says

I enjoyed your video, very inspirational

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those are some impressive numbers, thanks for the read

kolorowanki says

Wow no comment…Zac:)

kolorowanki says

Wow no comment….Zac:)

shutters says

This is a really useful post – i am going to bookmark it and come back when I have more time.

La Digue says

To make so much profits in just 4 months is simply mindblowing. This so rightly demonstrate that the Internet can really make you rich. But, the idea needs to be there. Not any idea will do. It needs to be a brilliant idea as seen. Hard work pays. I will follow on your footsteps Zac.

inoor92 says

congratulation on this great success.

Werbetechnik says

Wow that is truely amazing.

I love people that keep their dreams alive 🙂

Kristina says

Wow! That sure is a hefty sum of money.

FitJerk Blog says

Insane. You know you've made it when you own 17 of your own damn servers. Good stuff.

Canggu Villas says

WOW!!! You must be a very rich person right now huh?

Irena says

Oh really wonderful, It's amazing to see your screen shot of income directly with your video.

$860,538.38 is pure/net profit, rigth ?


Dear Zac!

I just come up to this amazing site and I can honestly say it already CHANGED my WAY OF THINKING about internet marketing !!!

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Amazing Zac, you are amazing

love poems and quote says

Very impressive amount of money indeed! Congratulations man!

Inner Game says

Really inspirational. I've been playing around with only one foot in for a while, thinking that it wasn't possible for me to make it but you've shown me that it's possible.

Thank you.

Jude Requiz says

OMG….that's really big thing.

mma pound for pound says

congrats man, that's really cool and marvelous.

Ovi says

There is no doubt that you are one of the online guru and I am not amazed by see this figure.

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its been 2 years and still get attention, great.

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I hope this story is true and i hope some of affilates you prepare will help me with money making 🙂

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Impressive … thank you so much for sharing. Not many people share their revenue with such details as you did. I really appreciate this post. btw, Do you still own this website?

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Thats Insanly Great.!

I keep my targets low and try to achieve them.

Thanks for the great inspirational share.

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Wow! I lost my sleep seeing you payment history..very interesting article….

Rajesh Kanuri says

Amazing stats.. This is the first time I am visiting ur site.. Thank God I foudn your site I learnt lots of new things and had subscribed to ur feeds instantly.. Kudos zac johnson..

Arton says

Have you made these only with this blog or you have another website…

Just a simple question…

Richard says

Inspirational zac. Thanks for your tips.

EstateYard.com says

This is just amazing! And c’mon, you know you posted this to brag just a little bit! =)

Florists Doncaster says

i am very new in this business. i hope this article and this blog helpful lot to me.

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I will encourage my friends to visit your wonderful blog.

James Mason says

Hi Zac,

Do You use Jeff Walkers 'Product Launch Formula' and if so … do you recommend it?


James Mason

The Co-Op Medcine Club, Owner

Zac Johnson says

Hey James,

I have not used this program, but have seen it promoted all over the place.


medbuoy says

Thanks for good article. And useful

jackie says

@Money Never Sleeps:

I sleep while the coming keep coming in. Rolling rolling rolling….all those coins are rolling into my account.

It is possible to make 1 million dollars immediately, if you just focus.

elsa | stop snoring says

My God, another inspiration for me! Thanks for sharing it Zac!

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That is such a big money. I wonder if you can share some to me. =)

I will share your blog to my friends who are also newbies in blogging and earning online. You are really great! Thanks for the share….