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How Much Do You Make Per Hour?

One of the most pondered and sacred questions you may have about your friends, family or co-workers… is “how much do they make per hour?”. This post will tie back into my “Your Job Sucks? Six Reasons to Be Your Own Boss Now!” post, as it relates to working a “regular 9-5 job”, vs. working for yourself or being an online marketer.

When someone asks the question, “How much do you make per hour?“, the average person would think about how many hours they actually work at their job, and divide it out by their salary. When you talk to an online marketer, who is working for themselves, they have a completely different mindset. An online marketer is not limited to how many hours they work, but how much money they can make. Instead of looking at their day as a set number of worked hours, everything is on a scale of 24 hours. If you are a self employed affiliate marketer and making $100,000 a year… you are essentially making $11.42 per hour. (8,760 hours in a year X $11.42 = $100,000).

When you are working for someone else, or a company, you are instantly limited by how much you can make. You can only get so many promotions, and work so many hours in a day. Even doctors or lawyers that have their own firms have these same limitation.

The power of making money online is phenomenal. Next time you are looking for your next job, would it be better for you to make $15 an hour working for someone else, or making $3.57 every hour, every day online. The current minimum wage in the US is $6.55 per hour, if you were able to maintain that minimum wage per hour working for yourself online, you would be making over $57,000 per year! ($6.55 x 24 hours a day)

Try not to look at the big picture of $100,000 a year, but how you can start making $5 to $20 a day online consistently and automated. Remember, making money online is 24 hours a day, 365 days per year! There are NO limitations!

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