How PetFlow Turns $200,000 in Facebook Ads into $10 Million in Sales

  • Published on : Mar 14 2013

Some companies just know how to do things right.

Twitter and Facebook took the social world by storm, while MySpace died off over time.

Microsoft was king for decades, now Apple is dominating like never before.

You used to go to the pet store to pick up pet food… now you order through!

Who and what is PetFlow you ask?

In short, they are a pet food delivery service that is completely run through the internet.

They are the first of their kind and have been able to dominate the pet food industry over the past couple of years.

I even use PetFlow for my own dog food orders… and it’s great to have the food delivered every two months without having to head out to my local pet store.

PetFlow Foxy

Foxy always knows when her favorite shipment of pet food comes in the mail!

So how did PetFlow Win in such a Competitive Niche?

When you think of pet food, you probably think of Petco and PetSmart… the two retail chains that dominate the pet industry.

I’d like to say that PetFlow came out of thin air, but that usually doesn’t work.

The concept and company was actually created by the two marketing geniuses behind the once massive and successful ad network Azoogle/Epic Advertising, Alex Zhardanovsky and Joe Speiser.

Once they left Azoogle, it was time for them to focus on something new… which is how PetFlow came about.

PetFlow Founders

Breaking into the pet food industry is nothing easy, especially when so many people are used to buying their own pet food from the stores. However, the concept of discounted food and delivery to your door is a concept that is hard to beat.

Through some aggressive online marketing, postal coupons, viral videos, social marketing and partnerships with some of the biggest name in the pet food industry, PetFlow has been able to establish themselves as one of the biggest players in the pet food space.

How PetFlow Dominates the Social Networking World

How many times have you seen a cute puppy or kitten picture on Facebook and liked it or sent it around to your friends? Probably more than once.

If you are a follower of PetFlow on Facebook, you probably see these types of updates all the time. For PetFlow… they are simply an ATM machine!

In an article from, they had the following to say about PetFlow and advertising on Facebook Ads.

With around a $200,000 investment in targeted ads on Facebook, has built its fan base from around 20,000 in February 2012 to more than 700,000 today. And the e-retailer is benefiting massively from this highly engaged audience, as the merchant directly attributes at least one-third, or $10 million, of its $30 million in sales in 2012 to its social media marketing strategy.

There you have it!… If you aren’t fainted on the floor right now from reading these numbers, be sure to take a look at PetFlow and how they are just destroying the competition in their niche and think about how you can possibly do the same in yours.

Zac Johnson
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