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How to Create a Niche Web Site – Webinar Replay

Recently I’ve been writing a lot about case studies and how to create a niche site or blog of your own.

Why? Because it’s a simple and effective way for people to learn how to make money online and get started with their own business.

In my last post titled “Case Study: How to Create a Killer and Profitable Niche Blog in 5 Simple Steps!” I actually broke down the whole process into five easy steps that you can follow and get a site up and running within a few hours.

Finding a Targeted NicheThis five step process was:

  1. Find a profitable niche
  2. Research your offer
  3. Build your blog
  4. Start building content & backlinks
  5. Monitor your site and expand your reach

At the end of the day this is really what it all comes down to.

Last week I also did a live webinar to walk everyone through the process of how to find a niche, perform the necessary research and start a site of their own. You can watch the full replay below.

Best of all… no upselling through out the video, just free content!

Create a Niche Web Site Webinar Replay

You can find many of the services I mention in this video in my resources section, and if you would like to create your first blog or niche site, click here and I can help you with the process.

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TBone says

Great webinar I believe that everyone could benefit from this !
Thanks again for another quality post .
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Jeff says

Zack thanks for the great webinar. Brief but very informative. By the way, do you have a webinar for getting backlink? Like the 2013 way of getting backlinks.
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sandi says

Great webinar, Zack!
A lot of interesting things, I'm sure everyone agrees with me
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Sangram says

Point 3 & 4 are the most important and i am having problem in getting them right. 😉

Nice webinar. Liked it.
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EmitezBoy says

Awesome post here thanks for sharing !
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