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How to Make $1,000,000 Online $5 at a Time!

When it comes to making money online everything thinks it comes so easy. If you were already successful with an online business and you tell someone that you “make money online” or have an “online business”, they will usually think you are doing porn or have already made a ton of “easy” money.

The truth is that the success stories will always be the big news, but no one really talks about all the failures. Mark Zuckerberg has made BILLIONS from starting Facebook and many others are becoming millionaires daily by selling their online start-ups to huge power players like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Yahoo.

Again… this TRUTH IS this likely won’t happen for the majority of us.

However this doesn’t mean that you should be discouraged. The internet and world of online marketing offers us what no other business can… and that is endless customers and time.

Five Dollars Per Day

This $5 a day mentality is something I’ve been using ever since I started making money online over 15 years ago. It’s nothing special or amazing… but it works.

Before we jump into the formula, let’s first talk about real world jobs and how they can limit your earnings potential.

First of all, if you have a job that is paying on an hourly basis you are already screwed. Even if you are making $100 an hour, you still max out around 10 hours per day… which is still $1000 a day, but again it’s still maxed out.

Now if you have a very high salary based job, you are still working on some form of time basis. If you are making $400,000 a year and working 50 hour weeks… don’t expect to be making $400k one year and get a huge bonus the next year. Again, you are limited on how much you can make.

When it comes to internet business there are no boundaries for your earnings… only you are blocking your full potential.

Whenever I start a new web site, business or ad campaign I like to think of everything on a TIMES 365 basis.

Here’s what I’m trying to stress.

Just $5 a dayIf I can get a new ad campaign to make $5 a day profit… then I’m potentially looking at $1,825 a year in profit!

Now what if I can double that make it $10 a day… now we are at $3,650 a year.

Making $5 and $10 a day is not that hard… when you start pushing serious numbers like $100 a day, then you are looking at “real world” job salaries at $36,000 range.

The point is, the internet is working 24 hours a day every day!

If you can create new web sites, social fan pages, media buying and ad campaigns that continually work for you and can be scaled out… your potential earnings are limitless.

This isn’t brain surgery here, but one of the biggest problems with making money online is that people want to make a ton of money fast and quit when they don’t find success. Start out small and try to scale your earnings $5 at a time and you will find success!

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