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How to Make Money Online with Little Investment

When it comes to making money online you have a lot of options, but each of them is special in their own way. Some will take more money to get started, others will take time and some will require you to learn processes and know what methods work and which don’t.

Before we just into a method (and three part series) that you can start using to earn your first few dollars online with a very small investment, let’s take a look at some of the most popular online business models right now.

  • How to Make Money BloggingPay per click marketing – You will need to have money to spend on search advertising and click costs can range anywhere from .05 to $100 depending on what keywords you will select. This method may also require the use of landing pages and advanced tracking features.
  • Media buying – This is a great method to get a lot of exposure across thousands of web sites very fast, but again it will require you to spend a lot of money in the process since you will be buying ad space on other sites. You will also need to know how to setup ad campaigns and do pixel tracking to monitor your results.
  • Email marketing – I used to be very big in email marketing and it’s one of the most profitable and high response ways to make money online, but it’s definitely going to cost money to acquire emails and send out all of those mailings.
  • eCommerce – Another great way to make money online is to sell products… of course you are going to need to have a product to sell and a way to track all of your sales and customers. This can be done through the use of a shopping cart system, which won’t cost much… but you will also need to factor in advertising costs.
  • Facebook ads – With over a billion users on Facebook, how could you not take advantage of their advertising platform. Well, if you don’t have any advertising dollars to spend, then you are probably going to miss out.

I’m sure may of you are saying “ENOUGH! I already know about these methods for making money online, but I don’t have any money to spend to start my own business or web site… what else can I do?”

The important thing to know that online businesses are serious and they should be treated the same way as any other business. Fortunately in the world of online business you don’t need to have a staff, pay for rental space or many of the other “real world” costs.

Here is a winning model for anyone who has a few dollars to start their own business online and wants to learn the ropes of internet marketing, but don’t have enough money or time to jump right into the more advanced and costly methods of the techniques about.

Make Money OnlineI’m not trying to sell you… but here is the process and what you will need. If you have any questions on how to set this up or who I use for hosting and domain names, just shoot me an email.

  • Domain Name = $10 year
  • Web Hosting = $7 month
  • WordPress = Free
  • Site Content = Free (Time)

That’s it!… really, for less than $200 a year you can be up and running with your own internet business!

Of course that isn’t all you are going to need. You will need a business plan, site content and getting ranked in the search results, which is what we are going to be talking about next in part 2 of this three part series.

Start Making Money Online with Little Investment – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Harry says

Awesome Post I was waiting for this from long time the gunshot methods to make money online . i am Waiting for your next post . i hope the next post is more interesting than this .

Sunday says

Well Zac, your readers sure expect the best contents and guides from you. Hopefully, the next part of this article would be interesting as well.

Many people want to make money online but they are discouraged by the prospect of having to spend more money doing so.

However, if these people are provided with the option of making little or no investment, they would be delighted to accept it.

Thanks for taking time to write and share this post. I am sure many intending online business owners would find the details very helpful!

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Sunday – Kingged.com contributor

Jay says

All good advertising methods.

I would like to add paid classified ads to your list.

Some good ones I use are USfreeads premium membership, warriorforum classifieds, or Backpage sponsored classifieds where you can post ads in multiple cities, states, or countries.

Pretty cheap but effective when done right.
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EmitezBoy says

That's great informations brother thanks a lot for sharing have a great day ahead !
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Kumar Suhas says

Hi Zac,
Useful post ! I believe that making money on the web is not very difficult if the focus stays. Thanks for this post.
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Olatunji Femi says

Hello Zacjohson,
These are all good Business model to consider when starting online. i think i really like that of email marketing as it could be used with affiliate marketing.
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Tony Nguyen says

Hi there Zac, thanks for another informative and useful post for me as a newbiel. This is simple and easy to understand for me. I will be keep reading other parts for more amazing information from you.
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Bostjan says

Very simple and easy to explain how you can earn through the internet!
Useful article especially for beginners … Good Luck!
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Mike says

Little investment?

These are some good strategies to lose a LOT of money if you don't know what you are doing!

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