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How to Setup SubID Tracking URLs

I frequently get emails from new affiliates asking how to setup tracking urls for different advertising campaigns. The easiest way to do this, without any outside scripts or software, is to run through the network directly. Many networks are running off the DirectTrack network platform, including MarketLeverage, Copeac, CPAEmpire, Rextopia and Ads4Dough to name a few. Through this walk through for setting up SubID tracking, I will use MarketLeverage as an example, but the same process applies to all previous affiliate networks listed.

– Step 1: Login to MarketLeverage and Select an Offer
No matter what offers you select on MarketLeverage or any of the other DirectTrack powered networks, you can setup an unlimited amount of SubID tracking urls.

– Step 2: Setup SubID Tracking URLs
Once you have selected your offer, you should be looking at the page with all of the creatives and banners. Find the email or banner creative that you want to use, then click on the [Add] link in that creative field.

After clicking [Add], five new text forms will open for you to place your subid tags in there. These can be any type of terms you want to use. For my example I threw in a couple tags which would be recognized for search marketing through Google, Yahoo and MSN. You can use whatever text or terms you like.

Once you place your subid terms, click “Update Click Code“, you will be given a new tracking url like the following:


The area in RED is your subid tag that you just created to track campaign performance.

– Step 3: SubID Tracking & Stats
Now that you have your subid tracking urls setup and running, you will want to check their individual stats. To do this, all you need to do is go to your stats page as you usually do, but this time instead of clicking “Display Stats“, you should click the “Get SubID Stats” link on the bottom section. You will then be sent to the reports page for performance on your subid tracking urls.

– Additional Campaign Tracking Options
In addition to the SubID tracking setup above, you also have the option to simply setup a “Name Creative for Deployment“, which is how I usually setup campaigns. To do this, you follow the same process as step 1 above, to find your offer. Skip step 2 above with the [Add] and just look for the form (shown below) at the bottom of each creative. Just place your creative name tag in the form and click “Deploy Creative”. The next page will provide you with your new tracking url. For stats tracking, follow the same process shown above in step 3, but instead of clicking “Get SubID Stats”, you should click “Get Stats for Deployed Creative”.

This SubID tracking process will work with any of the following networks: MarketLeverage, Copeac, CPAEmpire, Rextopia and Ads4Dough. I will follow up to this post with more ways on how to setup tracking ids through other networks, setting up your own tracking scripts, or using another outside service. Feel free to comment with any recommend scripts or services you have used.

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