How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Google Ads Campaigns

  • Published on : Aug 15 2011

There are plenty of services out there that promise you the tools you need to get ahead in the internet marketing game, but few can even compare themselves to the power of  MixRank, and what it is capable of. In short, MixRank is a spy tool for gaining detailed information about advertisers using the Google Adsense platform. With a few clicks, you can gain access to advertiser creatives, ad copy, traffic sources and more.

Let’s jump right into this and show you how it works.

The first step is to head over to and perform a search for any web site that you would like to research. In this example we will use a broad web site, such as Even before getting started, you can see MixRank working for you. As you start to type in the domain of your choice, MixRank will show relevant domains and how many ads they currently have in the system.

After submitting the competitor domain name of your choice, the next page will provide you with everything about their advertiser campaign and creatives. The first set of information is your ad copy and how it breaks down across ad reach, best performing ad copy, keywords and more. Some of these features are currently being worked on, as MixRank is still in beta release.

When you are looking up well known and authority web sites like, you know they are continually testing their ad copy and only keeping the ones that perform best. In the screen shot below you can see a variation of your text ads, along with extremely useful information such as how long the ad has been running (frequency), and the average position they are listed in the advertising results.

Everyone knows Google Adsense is a lot more than just text advertising, so no successful campaign would be complete with some banner advertising in there as well. The next detailed report from MixRank will show all of the banners that a specific domain url or advertising is using in the Google advertising platform. This can be extremely useful if you are currently promoting the same offer through another affiliate network and looking for some new banners to use. Through MixRank, you can download all of the banners being used by an advertiser on Google.

Lastly, the traffic sources of a successful ad campaign are just as important as the foundation and ad copy that goes along with it. MixRank wouldn’t want to leave you hanging, so they made sure to include a list of all the sites currently promoting an advertising url, along with their reach and the best traffic sources. In the screen shot below, you can see which partner sites are sending the most unique traffic to, while also seeing how many times their ads were displayed on the sites and in what position.

How Does MixRank Work?

This is some amazing information, so how the heck can MixRank possibly pull this information together? TechCrunch dives into the specifics behind MixRank, but does a great job in explaining the magic behind the web site as “To make this possible, MixRank has effectively created a search engine for AdSense that crawls pages running Google ads, and since Google sorts these ads by effectiveness, MixRank indexes this data and estimates ad performance. After crawling these pages, MixRank takes into account Google’s sorting of the ads by effectiveness, then uses this data to serve essential performance analytics.“.

As you can see, MixRank is an extremely powerful and useful tool for any internet marketer. The goal behind the service isn’t for you to try and copy ad campaigns, but instead look them over and see where and how you can improve your ad campaigns and learn from others. MixRank does the work for you in showing on the most relevant and top converting ad copy.

This resource also isn’t limited to those who are doing pay per click advertising, but also other marketing as well, such as PPV advertising. Since MixRank can show you all of the sites advertisers are paying to get exposure on in a CPC model, you can be sure a PPV pop under campaign will yield great results within the same niche audience. To do this, you would simply sort the list of “traffic resources” by volume, then import into your PPV network choice, then just start checking conversions and weed out the non performing sites.

Now you have no excuses for ever losing money on a ppc campaign again!

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