How to Start a Web Hosting Company with Residual Earnings

  • Published on : Jan 11 2013

As affiliate marketers we understand that we only make money when the advertiser makes money.

But what about all of those times when you send the advertiser leads and break even, or even lose money!

Stop Playing a Percentage GameYes, that’s right! The advertiser is still making on every lead even though you are doing all of the work.

Every time you send a new lead to a business you are growing their long term business, while just earning a few dollars for yours.

Granted, there is definitely good money to be made when you do occasionally find those golden campaigns that bring in a few thousand dollars… but wouldn’t it be nice to be on the other side of the business for once?

In 2013 you need to start thinking about how you can grow your business on an ongoing basis and continually growth your recurring income month after month.


Let’s take web hosting affiliate programs for example.

Yes, they do pay out nicely… some in the $150-$200 range, but why is that? They know that the average customer to their site is going to make them a lot more money month after month so they can pay a lot of money up front.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could earn a nice recurring income on those referrals instead.

That is exactly what the new concept is at All Phase Hosting. They aren’t interested in affiliate partners, just real business partners looking for long term growth!

Here’s how to get started.

All Phase Hosting Partner ProgramVisit their partner program and get in touch with someone from their team who will walk you through the process of setting up your own hosting company.

Once setup you will have your own completely custom-made dashboard that will have you up and running in no time.

Next you will have complete control over your brand and customer experience, by creating your own sales funnel, price points and support team.

From a marketing and business stand point, you will also have full access to real-time revenue, reporting, customizable analytics and customer data.

In short… you are the hosting company, with out the massive funding and research needed to start one from scratch!

Of course you aren’t expected to just be setup with a web site and run things on your own. You will also be setup with your own dedicated account manager that will always be accessible and help you grow your business. After all, All Phase Hosting only succeeds if their business partners succeed.

Are you excited yet?

The thought of running your own hosting business and being able to grow your customer base and revenue month after month is a killer concept and one I’m currently working on with All Phase Hosting.

It’s a lot to take in, so I would like to extend you a special invite from to an exclusive “All Phase Hosting” Las Vegas Motor Speedway event during Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas.

This is a serious contest and not anyone will have access to this invite only event.

If YOU ARE ATTENDING Affiliate Summit West next week in Las Vegas and would like to attend the racing event, leave a comment below on why you would like to start your own hosting company, or shoot me a message through my contact form, and you will be entered to win the contest. This isn’t a random contest, but one based off your efforts and ideas to run and promote your new hosting company.

Here’s what you need to know.

All Phase Hosting is exhibiting at Affiliate Summit West in Booth #400

– Track Day Contest:

  • Las Vegas Motor SpeedwaySunday, 1/13, 3pm-6pm @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
  • During this 3 hour event, participants, keynote speakers and big names in the industry will be speaking about traffic, conversions, SEO and much more, in addition to driving 15 luxury cars around the track!
  • Attendees will be able to be driving, 5 a time, 15 cars in total, while others are networking and learning how to grow their business.
  • Full catering with food and drinks in speaker conference rooms.
  • Two famous fighters are also coming! Martin Kampmann, veteran UFC fighter, and Robert Drysdale, 5 time world champion in Brazilian ju jitsu. Meet these guys in person and hang out with them in between races!
  • 1 lucky winner from will get a ticket to this event and will get to actually participate as a driver!

Don’t forget to visit All Phase Hosting’s partner page and get in touch with someone from their business team.

Zac Johnson
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