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How to UnFollow Everyone on Twitter

A while back I signed up to TweetLater, which is now socialoomph.com. One of the features of having an account is “autofollowing” everyone that follows you, and another is “auto DMing”. This seemed like a decent feature at the time, and I’ve been meaning to go in a deactivate it, but I didn’t get around to it until now. My DMs were always full and I never even bothered to look at them since it was all auto crap. SocialOomph also has a page on how to can opt out of receiving automated welcome DMs from people you start to follow. If you want to build up your web site twitter account, autofollow might be a good idea… how ever it isn’t if you are actually going to use your Twitter acount to respond and monitor what others are saying.

I only had around 5,000 accounts I was following, but a good amount of them were bots, and users that just didn’t have any relevant tweets or content. So I just decided to unfollow everyone and start from scratch.

To unfollow everyone, it was pretty simple and actually took only around an hour. This will vary depending on how many accounts you are following. I used a combination of two sites scripts running at the same time. TwitterFollower.com has a mass unfollow option, and CloudAppears will just unfollow everyone. I filled out both forms and just let them run til I was back at zero. (I also just came across UnFollow All as a solution too)

Now I will manually go through and add everyone again that I am interested in following. Twitter is all about interacting and keeping in touch with those around you. As a blog reader., feel free to leave your twitter account url in the comments section and I’ll be sure to follow you back.

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