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Increase Conversions by Using Live Drawings in Pre-Sell Videos

A growing trend I’ve been seeing over the past few weeks, is an increase in landing pages that are using cartoon drawings while using a pre-sell video for a product or service. It’s really quite amazing and intelligent. No longer are you just looking at boring text, and listening to someone talk about how great their product is, but not you get a live action short movie that entertains you during the process.

The result… people stick around and watch your videos longer! I don’t know the conversions from these two landing page examples below, but I know I ended up watching them a bit longer, just because I was drawn in by the cartoons and talent behind them.

Take a look at the two landing pages and let me know what you think.

I’m not recommending or pushing either of these products, just making examples of their landing page sales process.


When it comes to landing pages, this is about as simple as it gets… and the cartoon work isn’t phenomenal, but it tells the story and keeps you interested. TruthAboutAbs is one of the top selling weight loss products out there, and they are always split testing new ways to improve their landing pages.

Mobile Money Bandit

This is a new sales page I just came across and it’s really high quality, and the artist does an amazing job through out the video. Any comic book fans will really enjoy this pre-sales video, but it will also engage nearly all readers.

It’s always great to see the fun and exciting new ways companies are getting creative with their landing pages. Let me know what you think.

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11 responses to “Increase Conversions by Using Live Drawings in Pre-Sell Videos”

  1. Kevin says:

    So strange I was just looking to find artists or companies who did these this morning and then came across this post this afternoon haha weird.

    Does anybody know of a good place to get them done relatively cheap? First place I went cost $7k per minute.
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  2. Jay says:

    Salespage on mobile money bandit is really top notch I would have to agree with you Zac. One of the best I have seen.
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  3. coldboy166 says:

    Mobile money bandit is very Exciting and useful. This is a very new and very good way, maybe I'll have to hire someone to do another clip. Thanks for your great post!
    My recent post Make Money Online By Upload – Now Has Not Legit!

  4. Akil says:

    Amazing stuff and of course your right. New style of preselling is great and keep your attention as well. I notice someone on facebook asking for someone who knows how to do cartoon drawing so its going to become more popular like infograhics post.

    Great informative post Zac, looking forward to reading the rest on your site.


  5. Hi, this is a great way to keep visitors to your page, people these days gets bored when they see a web page with just boring text and few low quality images. Using these types of techniques can help visitor better understand your products and services.

    Here is a link great live drawing video I found on a Internet Marker Blog: http://www.askolivertausend.com/2011/12/school-ki

    It's amazing isn't it.

    Thanks for sharing this great post, keep it up.

  6. Hi, this is a great way to keep visitors to your page, people these days gets bored when they see a web page with just boring text and few low quality images. Using these types of techniques can help visitor better understand your products and services.

  7. mbelk says:

    I think people do get bored with your text but people are missing out on some good content if they judge your site by looks. I write for the people and I do not like loud sites.
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  8. Judy Caroll says:

    That was cool! It's really good to see companies getting more creative about their landing pages. We know that if we want to get something more specific and engaging across, we need to put a little more into our presentations. We need to find a way to say what we want in a way that gets everyone's attention. Thanks for this.
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  9. Edgar says:

    That bandit video was awesome!! I want one

  10. adsensetips says:

    I quite agree with you zac, i am trying it right away. thanks for confirming what i had been thinking.

  11. mbelk says:

    I watched and they do some pretty good artwork. Thanks for sharing.

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