Increase Conversions by Using Live Drawings in Pre-Sell Videos

  • Published on : Jan 31 2012

A growing trend I’ve been seeing over the past few weeks, is an increase in landing pages that are using cartoon drawings while using a pre-sell video for a product or service. It’s really quite amazing and intelligent. No longer are you just looking at boring text, and listening to someone talk about how great their product is, but not you get a live action short movie that entertains you during the process.

The result… people stick around and watch your videos longer! I don’t know the conversions from these two landing page examples below, but I know I ended up watching them a bit longer, just because I was drawn in by the cartoons and talent behind them.

Take a look at the two landing pages and let me know what you think.

I’m not recommending or pushing either of these products, just making examples of their landing page sales process.

When it comes to landing pages, this is about as simple as it gets… and the cartoon work isn’t phenomenal, but it tells the story and keeps you interested. TruthAboutAbs is one of the top selling weight loss products out there, and they are always split testing new ways to improve their landing pages.

Mobile Money Bandit

This is a new sales page I just came across and it’s really high quality, and the artist does an amazing job through out the video. Any comic book fans will really enjoy this pre-sales video, but it will also engage nearly all readers.

It’s always great to see the fun and exciting new ways companies are getting creative with their landing pages. Let me know what you think.

Zac Johnson
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