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Internet Marketing – The Industry of Millionaire Teenagers and Young Adults

Throw away your business suits, rip up your diploma, and drop out of ivy league school while you still can! This is the industry of affiliate marketing and none of the “real world” business ethics applies. Well, kinda… In all seriousness, there will always be a need for higher education, but the internet marketing industry has changed the game. Million dollar companies are being created out of basements, high school students are making thousands of dollars a day, and younger entrepreneurs are paving the way for how the world uses the internet.

Check out this video of Mark Zuckerberg back when they were first starting out. I first came across this video from Tim Sykes’ blog and thought it would be a great share.

Mark goes into detail on how Facebook was first started, went viral and quickly opened up Facebook to more schools and just watched as everything quickly exploded. It’s funny to hear about how they would visit different college parties and internet cafes and seeing people starting to use Facebook.

Who would have thought these guys “fooling” around and drinking in this small room would soon change the whole world and how people use the internet!

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