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IzeaFest First Day Sessions

Right after ShoeMoney’s keynote, the regular sessions started. I stuck around for most of the sessions and here’s how they went.

Susie Gardner was the first speaker and had a session on “Improving Your Content“… which covered vasts areas of how to improve your blog and writing skills. Susie is also the author of “Blogging for Dummies” (Ver. 2).

The next session “Big Money Bloggers“, was a panel and featured many big name bloggers, John Chow, Stephanie Agresta, Neil Patel and Jeremy Shoemoney and Ben Spark as the Moderator. Not only was this a collection of some very well know people, but some of the questions were quite funny and told us a few things we didn’t know about these bloggers already.

Big Name Bloggers All on the Same Panel

After the the “Big Name Bloggers” panel, another panel covering “Growing Blog Traffic” took place. The speakers on this panel were Tony Hung, Lea Alcantara, Brian Clark, Alex Schel, Steve Spalding and Tamar Weinberg. While some of the bloggers on this panel spent a lot of time talking, Tony Hung (the moderator) wanted to try and make this panel the most informative and best yet… without the panel members saying the usual “continued efforts” and “passions towards blogging” rants. The panel ended up covering a lot of different areas from a bunch of different perspectives.

Growing a Blog Panel Speakers

I missed the last session which was on “What Advertisers Want“… but I made sure to get back for the ending “IZEA Innovations” session with Ted Murphy. Not only did Ted talk and answer questions for an hour, but he also went over new projects over at Izea, such as Social Spark and CloudShout. Look forward to a future post on these new areas and what Izea is working on.

Always a “Funny Face” with Ted Murphy!

Even if you didn’t get to make it to IzeaFest, you can still follow all of the sessions live on uStream. Tomorrow’s keynote is by Merlin Mann and since I don’t know too much about him, it should be interesting. Tomorrow will also be the final day of IzeaFest and will include a IzeaHunt and the notorious CakePlow!

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Amanda (DrifterMama) says

I really wanted to go to Izea… It's actually close enough that we could have drove and it was fairly inexpensive, but everything else cost kept us from going 🙁

Tim Jones says

It was good seeing you, again and grabbing some lunch. Some interesting stuff, yesterday — now let's win that IZEAFest scavenger hunt, today!

ways to earn online says

its great seeing all the popular bloggers together on one panel. Looks like a great event I should of attended but live too far away.

vlo says

Really useless…

    Tushar Dhoot says

    What do you mean? That panel had some really good content in there bud.

ZK@WebTrafficROI says

Izea seemed to be amazing for new bloggers, thanks for sharing this

Nicole Price says

Wish i was there, could really benefit from some of teh sessions such as “Improving Your Content“ and “Big Money Bloggers“, and all the rest.

    Tushar Dhoot says

    Great thing about IzeaFest is that a lot of the sessions are also available online. Search online, you'll probably find them.

Steve Spalding says

Great post! I think the link you were looking for was http://www.howtosplitanatom.com, though hottosplitanatom probably leads somewhere interesting. 😉

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