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Jexo Paying 100% Commission to New Affiliates

A new network is quickly making a name for itself in the affiliate marketing world, which is JEXO Network. The network is new, but their online experience isn’t. With a very successful parent company that focuses in online dating and online communities, their latest focus is on expanding through their Jexo affiliate network. While talking with the guys at Jexo, they wanted to know what they could do to make their network stand out from the crowd. So I told them they would have to get creative and stand out from the crowd to bring in new affiliates and get their name out there. Jexo decided they would pay out what they earn per lead, to all affiliates during their first month with the network. If Jexo earns $50 per lead, then you earn $50 per lead. In short, Jexo will not be taking a cut on any affiliate leads during the first month of a new affiliates account.

Jexo Network and Affiliate Support

Why do we need another network… don’t we have enough? Well, the correct question is, how can the networks do i better? As we continue to see more networks come out and evolve, the best ones have been from people that have been in the affiliate game for a while, whether that be just successful affiliates, successful media companies or a mixture of both. That’s what Jexo has done as well. Jexo is made up of successful affiliate marketers and advertisers, who have combined their efforts and expertise to make their own network.

Having a great look and feel to an affiliate network isn’t going to determine the success of a network, but it’s great for the affiliate to have great navigation and reports while in there. Jexo is running off the LinkTrust platform, and you can see a screenshot of their easy to navigate and attractive looking affiliate admin area below. Payments are sent out every two weeks, through Paypal, Check or Wire.

I first got setup through Jexo with one of their affiliate managers, who is continually going out of his way to make sure I have the best offers and anything else I need to stay successful with the network. In addition to keeping me active on the network, we’re continually talking about the affiliate industry and just what’s going on in our day to day lives. It’s always great to meet up with new affiliate managers that aren’t just pulling your chain and trying to make a quick buck. So far I’m really happy with the support and team I’ve met with at Jexo.

What type of offers does Jexo have?

There are currently over 580 different offers available on the Jexo network. Out of the hundreds of offers available, Jexo has a few exclusive campaigns, one of which is for Fotolia.com, which is a royalty free image store that I actually use for images on this blog. The majority of other campaigns on the network consist of dating (30+), email/zip submits (130+) and health / mobile related offers. If you are currently running an offer elsewhere and want to see if Jexo can get a higher payout, just let them know and they will try and get it up as soon as possible.

Meet Jexo at Affiliate Summit!

For anyone who is currently at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by the Jexo booth. Be sure to meet up with the team and setup an account while at their booth so you can start earning top dollar on your affiliate campaigns immediately. Tell them Zac sent ya!

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