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John Chow Blogger Dinner

The last night of BlogWorld Expo, we went out with a bang and celebrated the first “John Chow Blogger Dinner“. I talked to Nate Whitehill before the end of BlogWorld and he mentioned their was going to be a dinner get together, so I was pretty excited. Once BlogWorld ended we all met up at Benihanna Japanese Steak House in the Hilton Hotel. John Chow, Reena and I were the first to arrive. Once everyone arrived we had an awesome power house of bloggers.

The Benihanna was lucky enough to have the following bloggers at the restaurant that night: John Chow, Egontron, Darrin Carter, Gary Lee, Ms. Danielle, Mad Whips, Neil Patel, Nate Whitehill and his Unique Blog Design entourage. Shoemoney was planning to attend, but was only able to stop by and say hello. It was really awesome to be able to pull together 15 great bloggers and people for this event.

In addition to a show of all our food being made and put together, one of the major highlights from the dinner was John Chow messing with the camera lady. At first everyone at our table was taking out their cameras and taking pictures of the food, spoofing John Chow’s “Fine Dining” posts. So then Darin Carter realized we all had Canon Cameras and we were joking how it was the “Blogger’s Choice” for camera. Benihanna’s official camera lady came over to our table and asked if we would like to get our picture taken. John Chow then asked what type of camera it was, she smiled and happily said “Nikon”. Then John yells “Nikon! Go Away!“… haha, it was the funniest thing ever and we never saw the lady again all night!

It was a great dinner and I thank John again for pulling everything together. I will definitely be looking forward to attending John’s next Blogger Dinner!

Be sure to check out John’s write up of the night, as well as more pictures.

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Iantrepreneur says

nice jacket again! what brand is that? your the only guy flossing Zac! mad its over already? looks like you had a lot of fin there

Anthony says

Zac, it was nice to finally meet you in Vegas!

Hope you had a blast like all the rest of us.


Vik Dulat says

Just out of curiosity, what was the total bill? John is having a contest and the person who can guess the total bill the closest, wins. Any help Zac?

    Zac Johnson says

    Somewhere in between $0 and $2000. Haha, now that wouldn't be fair… as much as I wouldn't mind winning a signed copy of the book up for grabs.

      Vik Dulat says

      I'm guessing it has to be between $1500-$2000. Thanks anyways. Let's wait and see.

John Chow says

Hey Zac, it was great to finally meet you in person. I had a great time. Hope you can make it to my CES party in January. And I believe I told the camera girl to "Go Away!" LOL

    Zac Johnson says

    Same here John, meeting up with you was worth it enough to attend the event. Telling the camera lady to go away was priceless!

John Motson says


I wish I was able to attend the blogger expo.

The whole experience must have been amazing. I envy you :).

The dinner with John Chow and co looks great too.

I am living and working in Europe at the moment, but one day I look forward to attending a Blogger expo :).

Good luck with your future ventures.


Etienne Teo says

It was very interesting to see you guys gather and nice pictures from john and you.

Chris Burdick says

Hey Zac, the dinner was a blast, how was the swordfish? It was good to finally meet you in person, hope to see you at the next BlogWorld 🙂

Gary Lee says

Great to have at least met you after the dinner Zac! Hopefully we can chat with you soon about the Pink Deals project I am working on with Danielle

Ricardo says

Hey Zac, the pics look amazing. And your jacket does it too 😛

Dave C. says

Ok, I love this blog. I read it daily, but as much as I appreciate what you provide here, I just got to say something.

That jacket is just bad, bad, bad.

I say this out of love and respect.

Bernard Griffiths says

I wish I could have gone to Blog World!

Mike C says

Haha that's pretty funny. I had no idea there was a camera of choice for bloggers. Funny story.

cheks900 says

I did not even know there was even a BlogWorld Expo!

SEO Tricks says

Lol, I never came to know about it

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