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How John Chow Makes $83,320.59 in a Month with his Blog

Have you ever wondered how John Chow makes so much money online? The core business and attraction to his blog is simply that he is “John Chow”. What first started off as food / techie blog is now an online resource for anyone looking to make money online and John’s personal ATM machine.

Whenever John Chow needs to make an extra few thousands dollars, all he does is write a new post or send out a mailing to his list. The funny thing is that NOTHING is wrong with this, and that is why John has all of the attention he has!

People love and hate John Chow… and no matter what side of the fence you are on, John keeps laughing all the way to the bank and enjoying life in the process. Just take a look at his Facebook, Twitter and blog followers and you will see his following is well over 250,000 active daily visitors and readers.

John Chow Dot Com Blog

While I feel like I’ve known John forever, I actually just started following him around late 2006, right before I went live with this blog. Since then we are always in contact with each other online and usually speak at a few conferences each year and sometimes on the same panel. We just recently spoke at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas with John Rampon and Syed Balkhi (thanks for the pic!) while discussing “The Secrets of Six Figure Blogging“.

John Chow and Zac Johnson Panel

How John Chow Makes Money and What He Has That You Don’t?

There are plenty of things that John Chow does well that makes him the center of attention online no matter where he goes. Besides being one of the tallest Asians you’ll likely ever meet, John is also a funny guy and knows how to monetize the heck out of anything… after all, the tagline of his blog is “I Make Money Showing You How I Make Money” — and it’s the truth! The more ways John figures out how to make money, the more people that follow in his footsteps.

The important thing to realize here is that John’s experience is really no special or different than anyone else, except that he has been able to massive explode his personal brand over the last several years. John Chow even accomplished all of this after getting tossed from the Google search engine for while. That’s right, his site didn’t even come up when you searched for “John Chow” in the search results. Google has since let John’s site rank again at the top for his name, but this is just another achievement to add to his arsenal of business tactics and accomplishments.

Here’s a list of what John Chow has, but can be replicated by anyone else as well:

  • Brand – When someone says “John Chow”, there is no doubt who they are talking about.
  • Blog – A simple WordPress blog that has generated millions for John, which goes live with 1-2 new posts daily.
  • Videos – John loves making videos for his YouTube channel. Once a new video goes live, it will continue to get thousands of new views forever.
  • Newsletter – Not only does John use Aweber to power his mailing list, he has makes thousands off of their affiliate program each and every month. John also uses his free guide to drive more leads and signups to his recommended programs, while also building his newsletter at the same time.
  • Social Exposure – Well over 100,000 social followers across Twitter and Facebook. Extremely easy, cheap and effective for promoting new posts and revenue opportunities.
  • Revenue Sources – Google Adsense was the start, then affiliate marketing, to creating his own products and selling ad spots on his site… to now promoting MOBE and making $80,000+ a month in the process.

While many of us will be in awe with each of these items above, all of these goals and numbers are attainable if you continue to grow your blog and brand over time. Keep in mind John Chow has been growing his site, traffic and brand for the best several years, while also learning how to monetize his audience more and more along the way.

But sitting at home and making a blog and building an audience just isn’t enough. John Chow also makes sure he is active in the industry as well. In addition to speaking at various events like Affiliate Summit and Blog World, John also holds his own weekly Dot Com Pho events and meets up with local bloggers in his area as well. Thanks to the addition and success of MOBE, he’s also very active in attending their events as well. All of this compiles everything he has worked on building and just continues to expand his reach.

People like John Chow who has been in the industry for years – but uses his blog and other traffic sources to promote MTTB… He has made over $623,000 in commissions with MTTB… most of which has come in on auto-pilot. – MTTB

John Chow Earnings with MOBE

What is MOBE and How Does It Make Money?

Now let’s start talking about MOBE; more importantly what it is, how it works and how John Chow continues to earn more and more money each month through the program.

As mentioned earlier, anything John Chow touches turns to gold and his recent success with MOBE is definitely one of his best partnerships yet. With less than a year of promotion under his belt, John has already earned over a million dollars through his MOBE account.

John Chow first came across MOBE when his friend Matt Lloyd did a webinar on how he scaled his business (MOBE) from $700 a month to over $300,000 a month in less than 18 months. The rest is history…

John Chow Mobe Check

Not only does John make an amazing amount of money through is MOBE signups and referrals, but he also gets to attend and speak at various MOBE events around the world, and he also got a $120,000 Mercedes-Benz SL550 for free for being one of the top referrals during a recent promotion!

John Chow Car from MOBE

Here’s what you need to know about MOBE.

There are two ways to get started with MOBE. You can sign up for the “Ultimate Business in a Box” program at the cost of $1997 or you can get started with the My Top Tier Business program for only a fraction of the cost at $49.

Mobe Training Program

The most realistic solution for the majority of people is to start with the MTTB program, which has a very low cost of entry at $49, which is where we will focus the rest of this article on. When you go through the sign up process you will even see John Chow’s video featured on the order form page!

As a member of the My Top Tier Business program you will have access to all of the following. There is also no hidden fees and each purchase comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Worst case scenario, you jump over to their landing page, check out what they have to say and sign up for their free video tutorials and newsletter.

Mobe Training System Includes

Just like all business and opportunities, not everyone will make millions of dollars like John Chow, but MOBE has been around for quite a while now and if you can only replicate the smallest fraction of a percent of what John has done in such a short period of time, you will likely also find success with the program. I highly recommend you follow the same business and brand building model that has made him get to where he is today. Shoot me an email and I can point you in the right direction if you have any questions on how to get started.

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wwstewart says

MOBE sounds like a total package deal that the $1997 price…which is still cheaper than FortuneBuilders, although their seminars are amazing. Zac, is the $49 a one time fee, or recurring?

    Zac Johnson says

    I believe it’s a one time fee. They do have other plans that are billed monthly, so check which you end up applying for.

Guy Overboard says

Great article!

Ryan Biddulph says

I love John Chow Zac! I emulate him in many ways; the bankroll bit simply annoys broke people, or people who admire his success but express their admiration in a funny way.

He is a dynamo, and a branding machine. I dig his style.


    Zac Johnson says

    Haha yea, seeing someone complain about the smallest things like a transaction fee when seeing a $600,000 balance is quite silly!

      apple says

      Couldn’t have said it better my self!! Very well said!

Robert Connor says

Thanks for the tip Zac! Looks like a lot for only 49 bucks!

Walt says

Beast post, loving it. John Chow always been top of the game.

    Zac Johnson says

    John’s always finding new and interesting ways to make money online.

Onuora Amobi says

Hey Zac, just an FYI but your affil links arent working. At least right now…

AffiliateSection says

I hate John Chow. Because he’s so damn good at what he does:)

satish says

Inspirative person for online earners.Thank you Zac Johnson for this share

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