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Juice Up Your Facebook Ads Campaigns by Targeting Top TV Shows

With Facebook Ads cracking down on affiliate offers and limiting what they are approving, it’s important to always come up with new ways to promote offers. One of the largest groups of “interests” in Facebook, is television shows and movies. What’s also great about this target audience, is that if you are going to post a show as your interest, it’s likely you are pretty passionate about the show, and anything relating to it would catch your eye.

Here’s a list on some of the top TV shows and their target audience size.

TV Shows (Interest) Fans
Family Guy 5,351,572
South Park 4,595,997
House 4,847,081
The Office 2,515,347
Lost 2,972,203
Gossip Girl 2,747,198
Scrubs 2,819,834
Two and a Half Men 2,439,330
Prison Break 2,067,752
Desperate Housewives 1,235,169
CSI: Miami 1,153,105
Seinfeld 1,036,278

As you can see, these are some pretty serious numbers, and that’s only a handful of TV shows to choose from. InsideFacebook wrote a post today about how TV shows dominate Facebook interests, and gives even more detail on the growth of these interests over a weekly basis. If you click any of the interest names above, you will also be sent to the InsideFacebook stats page for that individual interest, where you can see a growth chart of fans and view the office fan page.

So what’s the big deal about targeting TV shows anyway, it’s not like you can make money off telling people to go watch the show on TV? While that’s true, and the idea of trying to sell DVD sets to users for a small commission also won’t work… it does leave a lot of room for creativity. If you were a company like Blockbuster or NetFlix, you could target this audience and send them to a relative landing page with their specific shows of interest and try to convert them into the member. I’ve tried this with their affiliate offers and the conversions were low, but there was clicks and a lot of interest.

Another option is to build your creatives or landing pages around an offer. Several times I have seen a completely irrelevant offer being advertised, but with a Homer Simpson or South Park cartoon. It wasn’t relevant, but it did catch my eye… this is also something that can be played with.

It’s time to get creative with your advertising. How many TV shows do you have in your Facebook interests, and is anyone targeting ads in your direction?

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